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Chess Room Newsletter #413

Gens Una Sumus!

Newsletter #413, 9/4/2008
"You are not going to lose this game like an idiot. Try to pull yourself together."

~ Magnus Carlsen, From an article in the New York Times on August 31, 2008
( ...But Magnus stands out for more than just his age. His style of play and sang-froid are unusual. Since he began playing at the age of 8, he has favored tactically complicated positions, creating situations in which he is comfortable, and his opponents, even the best ones, often wilt. He is also mentally tough. He said that sometimes during games he loses his concentration, but then he silently scolds himself, saying:)

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
2) Sam Shankland 2008 Northern California Champion by Michael Aigner
3) Americans Abroad
4) Here and There

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
Five rounds into the Irving Chernev Memorial Tuesday Night Marathon NM Michael Pearson and Expert William Gray of Scotland are tied for first with 4.5 points. Tied for third in the 59-player-field at 4 are IM Ricardo DeGuzman (2 half point byes), Expert Oleg Shakhnazrov and Class A player Dante Argishti.

IM Ricardo DeGuzman, a three-time member of the Philippines Olympiad team, scored a overwhelming victory in the Alan Benson IM Norm tournament held August 16-31 at the Mechanics' Institute. Sam Shankland and Daniel Naroditsky were in the running for IM norms in the Category 3 (2322 average) event but a late draw to each other stopped the teenagers from reaching the necessary 6.5 points.
Final Standings

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