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1st Irving Chernev Memorial Tournament (G/75)

Saturday, January 25, 2020


3 Round Swiss — One Day G/75; d5


$720 - based on 40 paid entries. 
2 Sections:
1800+: $240, $120, $85
under1800: $150, $65, $60


$40 for MI members, $45 for non-members.

Family discount: entry fee is $20 for each additional player besides the first (plus late fee if applicable).

Make checks payable to: Mechanics' Institute. All prizes will be mailed — please provide a mailing address.




10AM, 1PM, 4PM


G/75; d5

All bye requests must be made before the start of Round Two.


For more information, contact us at 415-393-0110 or chessroom@milibrary.org.

*** Special Update - Brilliancy Prizes ***
We will be offering 2 monthly brilliancy prizes, and these can be games from any event in that month provided that it be a rated event and that there is a complete notation of the game.
These prizes will come in the form of choice of book from our in office chess library and we will publish the games in our newsletter with annotations by GM Nick de Firmian.
If you would like to submit a game for consideration, please turn in the scoresheet to us and mark "brilliancy" on top of the coresheet, that way we know it is submitted for consideration. You may also send it in an email, please indicate Brilliancy Prize in the subject.
Games from any rated tournament at Mechanics' in January will count for the January prize. We will also be making reminder announcements at upcoming events.



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