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Mechanics' Championship Quads - Pilot

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Mechanics' Championship Quads

Open for players at all ages and level

Pilot date: February 8


Start time: 3PM

Rounds: on a rolling schedule.
End time: approximately 6PM


Format: 3RR G/30;d5

Players registered online and onsite will be grouped in fours, from highest rated to down to the lowest rated. In case last group is not an even 4, we'll make that a mini-swiss tournament.
We encourage players at all levels - Higher rated will be in higher category quads, if we have any scholastic player join us, they'll be grouped together for scholastic quads!


Entry Fee: $30

Prize Fund: $60 for 1st place in each quads. (50% payout for mini-swiss.)



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