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WIM Ruth Haring Girls Scholarship


Made possible by the generous donation from Ramu Ganesan and his wife, Vasantha Ganesan.

General Description

This scholarship was established to encourage girls to regularly participate in uscf rated tournaments.

Scholarship is awared to several girls from each of the following rating groups: under500, under1200 and 1200+.

It will be applied applicable for a 6 months time-period, offering the girls a total of 3 free scholastic tournament entries (or equal EF value regular tournaments.)
All other applicants, who did not get the scholarship, will be given one free tournament entry of their choice.

A printed certificate will also be given to each winner.

Apply through Google Form


Ongoing applications - scholarship good for 6 months or total of 3 scholastic tournaments.

Scoring rubric

Some of the rubrics the commitee is looking for:

  • Contributing to Chess (volunteering, writing articles, creating puzzles, bringing a "buddy" to a tournament, encouraging girls to get involved/play chess.)
  • Tournament activity (how often, and how many rated games in the past month/quarter/half-year, "warrior" of chess - playing in at least 6 tournaments in the past 6 months, "adventurous" player - playing at least one out of state touranment in the last 6 months.)
  • Anything else we might want to know about the candidate?

Awarding committee

Ganesan Ramu, donor
Judit Sztaray, Senior TD, 2017 Organizer of the year by US Chess
Abel Talamantez, Director of the Chess Club at Mechanics' Institute


2019 Fall scholarship winners:
Ananya A.  - 3rd grade
Logeshwari C.  - 8th grade
Arielle H. - 1st grade
Rhianna L. - 5th grade
Swagatha S. - 3rd grade
Inca S. - 6th grade
Omya V. - 4th grade

About WIM Ruth Haring
We have named this scholarship after WIM Ruth Haring, becuase of the enormous impact she has made in chess, and her dedication of women's and girl's chess.
She had an amazing career in chess, and worked diligently and tirelessly for US Chess and Northern California Chess.
Read her bio on wikipedia.
Read Mike Klein's article on Ruth's live on chess.com.
Read the New York Times arbituray on her.





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