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eAudiobook Help Guide

Our eAudiobook vendor has provided helpful guides to using their OneClickdigital desktop and mobile apps. Tap or click the link below for online support.

Note: As of July 13, 2015, Microsoft will no longer be supporting DRM (digital rights management) for WMA files for eAudiobooks. Anyone that currently downloads encrypted WMA titles using the OneClickdigital Media Manger or downloads encrypted eAudio manually (as .ZIP files) will no longer be able to do so as of July 13th. Please note, although this issue affects all WMA files, only patrons who utilize the Media Manager will be impacted by the change. All eAudiobook titles in the Library's collection, including the previously indicated WMA files, will continue to be available through streaming on the OneClickdigital site and for downloading through all versions of the OneClickdigital app. Again, this impact of the Microsoft refusal to support encrypted WMA files will only impact the patrons who are attempting to download with the Media Manager or through manual transfer.

How to Use the New OneClickdigital app

OneClickdigital Support