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Various Chess Classes
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Monday, November 30, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Class Schedule for Adults & Advanced Scholastic players
Day & Time Class
Monday 4:00 - 5:30PM PT Chess Cafe
Monday 6:30 - 8:00PM PT The Art of Attack in Chess by FM Paul Whitehead
Wednesday 5:00-6:00PM PT Free Adult Beginner Class for Mechanics' Members
Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00PM PT Online Class by FM Paul Whitehead
Sunday 10:00AM - 12:00PM PT Free Women's Class by Sophie Adams


Classes are 90 minutes long and conducted via zoom meeting. Details ofthe class are sent via email.
If registering for multiple classes, registration can be used anytime within the next 2 months.


1) Mondays 4:00-5:30PM PT --- Chess Cafe
Ongoing starting from November 9

Casual meeting to talk about chess, life and everything. Join 3-time US Champion GM Nick de Firmian and FM Paul Whitehead as they give a lecture and class in a fun casual atmosphere where you can discuss games, learn strategy, discuss chess current events and interact in a fun casual atmosphere. Enter our Monday chess café for the pure love of the game. Class suitable for ALL level of players and FREE for MI members.

FREE for Mechanics' members. $5 for non-members. -- Registration is needed to receive the zoom link.

More information:



2) Mondays 6:30-8PM - The Art of Attack in Chess by FM Paul Whitehead
Course Dates: 11/16 through 12/21 (6 classes)

Learn to attack the king in this six-week class using Vladimir Vukovic's book, The Art of Attack in Chess (1963 revised 1993 by GM John Nunn)as our text.
We will take lessons from chapters such as "The classic bishop sacrifice", "The attack against the uncastled king", "Focal-points" and "The attack on the king as an integral part of the game".
Vukovic also talks about mating patterns, defense, and much more.
Join us in an investigation into one of the greatest chess books ever written, a classic enjoyed by chess players around the world.

Registration Fee: $20/class for Mechanics' member, $25/class for non-member

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Register at:


3) Wednesdays 5-PM - Free Adult Beginner Class for Mechanics' Members
Ongoing starting from November 18

Are you an adult who wants to put learning chess on top of your New Year's resolution! Get a head start with us at the Mechanics' Institute! This virtual class is open to any MI member who has no knowledge of the game or who knows the very basics and wants to improve. Taught by MI Chess Director Abel Talamantez along with Judit Sztaray and other MI staff, we will patiently walk through all the basics at a pace suitable for our class. Our goal is to teach piece movement basics, checkmate patterns, importance of development, and general strategy. We will also show students how to play online so they may practice. The goal of the class is to open a new world of fun and joy through the magic and beauty of chess, from one of the oldest and proudest chess clubs in the world. 

Registration: Free for MI members. Members will have to register online to secure their spot and to receive an email confirming the Zoom link.

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4) Wednesdays 6:30-8PM - Online class with FM Paul Whitehead for Club players

This class is designed to help players who are 1000+ in learning how to think and what to look for in games after the opening all the way through the endgame. Modeled after his own style of coaching, Paul will use games of students and current and historical games to discuss what players should be thinking about in order to get their chess to the next level. This class is dynamic and encourages student participation and discussion. The goal is for students to understand the thinking involved in chess games so they can apply what is learned to their own games.

Students will need a Zoom account, and Paul will use an interactive board to conduct the class online. This will be a live class; it is not pre-recorded. While this class is aimed at the active tournament player looking to rise in rating, it is suitable for everyone that wants to improve their chess by learning how a master thinks and sees games. Paul is a former U.S. Junior Champion and commentator on our Mechanics' broadcasts.

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Register at:


5) Free Women's Online Chess Class by FIDE trainer Sophie Adams
Sundays 10AM - 12PM

Come join us on Sundays starting September 13 as we start offering a free class for women from 10am-12pm(noon) online.
Coached by FIDE Trainer Sophie Adams, this class is for women and girls looking to develop their chess skills with a community of women. Knowledge of piece movements and mates is expected. Registration is required so we may send the links for players to join. Zoom will be required to participate, and we will include optional links to participate in online platforms like if players would like to play with each other online.

The 2 hours will be structured the following way:

  • 10AM-11AM - class geared towards the beginners: review some basic principles, easier games, and fun puzzles.  Advanced players are encouraged to play games on
  • 11AM-12PM - class geared toward the advanced players: mostly game review, and review of the harder concepts. Beginners are encouraged to play games on

Be sure to be a part of the Mechanics' Women's Chess Club on

If you haven't already joined, please click request to JOIN and please put your full name when requesting.
If you are not yet part of the club, you can also choose to send your username to us, and we can send you an invite.

We are proud to offer this opportunity to bring communities together through chess. 

More information:

Class is free, but must register to receive class information:





Members may join free or for a registration fee.
Most are open for public for a registration fee.

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