Memorial Games

John Grefe (1947–2013)

John was one of the strongest players to compete at the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club on a regular basis for several decades. He first came to the M.I. in the late 1960s, rated in the high 2100s. Within less than five years (1973) he tied for first in the U.S. Championship with Lubosh Kavalek. Although he never duplicated this performance, John did have several excellent results in other US Championships, including tying for third in 1977.

Even though John never fully realized his potential as a player, he is remembered for his creativity and analytical abilities, which can be seen in this collection of games, which have been collected from many sources (John was not a record keeper).

Peter Grey (1935–2016)

The Tuesday Night Marathon is the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club’s signature tournament, and no player has been more closely identified with this event than Peter. He played in the very first TMN in the early 1970s, and missed only a handful of games in over forty years of weekly competition.

Peter was respected by his fellow M.I. members not only for his playing strength, which ranged from low Master to strong Expert for most of his career, but also for his pleasant personality and modest demeanor.

A real scholar of the game, Peter kept detailed opening records on 3×5 index cards in pre-computer days, eventually filling several filing cabinets. He made a seamless transition from paper to electronic data in his seventh decade. While he did not succeed in entering all of his games, a large percentage (many with annotations) are available in this database.

Thanks, Peter.