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Inbox Zero

This class covers the concept of Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero email management system, including theory, guidelines, and practices to help attendees use email effectively without allowing this communication tool to take up more of their time and attention than they'd like it to.


Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero Resources


Applying Inbox Rules


Gmail: using labels & filters


Outlook: inbox rules


Yahoo: using filters & rules


iCloud: setting up filters


Thunderbird: organizing emails


Apps to Consider

Mailstrom batches emails so you can deal with them as a group rather than one by one.

Taper allows only five emails at a time into your inbox—emails that don’t get through are held until you’ve handled the new mail. You can set VIP designations for specific senders that should always get through first.

Inbox Pause is a gmail tool that puts incoming email into a holding location until you’re ready to tackle it; you can also set automatic messages to let senders know you’re away from your inbox.

SmallCubed is a tool that helps you organize, process, and monitor your email.

Boomerang is a gmail tool allowing you to schedule when you send and receive email messages—moves emails out of your inbox but lets you set notices for keeping track of follow-ups and sending email at specific times.

Mail Pilot is in development for its second iteration, and will let you set up reminders and add emails to lists which encourages you to use email like a to-do list. It basically automates the Inbox Zero concept.

Unroll me lets you see what email subscription lists you’re on and unsubscribe from the emails you don’t want with one click.


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