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Since 1854 the Mechanics' Institute has been supported by its membership, in the form of both dues and donations. Membership dues have never covered the full cost of operations. Member donations (cash, stocks, books, and bequests), have always provided the extra resources that allow the Institute to be a cultural treasure in downtown San Francisco. To learn more about making a donation to the Institute, select one of the links to the right.

If you are considering making a donation, call 415-393-0117 to speak to Ralph Lewin, Executive Director, or contact him using this web form.

Our official identification:
Mechanics' Institute, 57 Post Street, San Francisco CA
We are an IRS Section 501 (C)(3) corporation - Tax ID # 94-1254644.

Reasons to donate 

Membership dues cover only 15% of the cost of operating the Institute; the building rents and the investment portfolio cover the next 66% of the annual expenses. Therefore the Institute needs the support of its members’ donations to maintain the level of service excellence it has provided since 1854.