The 22nd Century Librarian is a Digital Librarian

How can librarians become pioneers in the technological revolution? Join Michelle Zaffino, digital librarian, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of mobile app In the Stacks for a talk that addresses how librarians can take the initiative in changing the perceptions of librarians and libraries in society at large and position themselves at the forefront of digital innovation. By introducing new technology to the public, partnering with tech companies and helping to transform the "traditional library" into a place to learn coding, incubate talent and conduct trials of new technology products, librarians can establish new careers as information scientists, computer developers, data scientists, and digital publishing experts. Michelle will draw upon her experience as a start-up founder and her career evolution as a digital librarian.


Michelle Zaffino, Digital Librarian, Author, Founder of In the Stacks



Michelle Zaffino