Louisa Yates

Dr. Louisa Yates is Director of Collections and Research at Gladstone’s Library, a post she has held since its inception in 2012. Louisa combines her post at Gladstone’s Library with a role as Visiting Lecturer in English at the University of Chester. Alongside Peter Francis, Louisa is Festival Director of the Library’s major and micro festivals, Gladfest and Hearth, and is on the longlisting panel for the Library’s successful Writer in Residence programme.

Louisa has spoken at conferences across the UK and in the US and continues to publish original research. Her committed belief that scholarship and research should not be confined to the university leads her to a variety of places. As Director of Collections, she is currently involved in the Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium, helping to develop a digitisation platform that will share the written archives of key nineteenth-century figures with the public. Perhaps her weirdest – but most wonderful – moment was persuading the audience of London’s School of Thought of the literary merit of the collected oeuvre of Jilly Cooper.


Louisa Yates, Director of Collections and Research, Gladstone’s Library, Visiting Lecturer in English, University of Chester

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Louisa Yates