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All Non-Fiction eBooks New Titles List for the Week of November 16

Alice Marie Johnson After life: my journey from incarceration to freedom
David Byrne American utopia
Robert M Rosenberg Around the corner to around the world: a dozen lessons I learned running Dunkin' Donuts
Climate change: the insights you need from Harvard Business Review.
Ying Tan Don't push too many trolleys: and other tips from navigating life and business
Danielle Steel Expect a miracle: quotations to live and love by
Adam Baratta The great devaluation: how to embrace, prepare, and profit from the coming global monetary reset
Gary Noy Hellacious California!: tales of rascality! revelry! dissipation! and depravity! and the birth of the Golden State
Sam Wasson Improv nation: how we made a great American art
Erika Thomas Max Factor and Hollywood: a glamorous history
Christopher Voss Never split the difference: negotiating as if your life depended on it
Daniel Yergin The new map: energy, climate, and the clash of nations
Joshua Gans The pandemic information gap: the brutal economics of COVID-19
Alfred Mill Personal finance 101: from saving and investing to taxes and loans, an essential primer on personal finance
Benjamin Lorr The secret life of groceries: the dark miracle of the American supermarket
Vincent Brown Tacky's revolt: the story of an Atlantic slave war
Martin Roth Top stocks 2021: a sharebuyer's guide to leading Australian companies
Daisy Luther The ultimate guide to frugal living: save money, plan ahead, pay off debt & live well
Robert D Putnam The upswing: how America came together a century ago and how we can do it again
Value investing: from Graham to Buffet and beyond

Posted on Nov. 25, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang