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Audio Book Selections: National Poetry Month

This month, National Poetry Month, we celebrate poets and their work. Some might say that this craft is more difficult than longer forms of writing, such as novels and essays, because poetry usually has a shorter format and cadence.  The audio book selections for this month, which are displayed in the 2nd floor Library, feature well known poets whose work is music to the ears.

The Voices of Love   (CD 808.81 V889)

This collection of poems about love and the range of emotions it inspires--longing, despair, joy—are performed by ten actors and include timeless works from poets such as Robert Burns, John Keats and E.E. Cummings.

From Shakespeare with Love   (CD 821.3 S527)

The Bard of Avon, as Shakespeare was often styled, was the author of some of the most well known love poetry ever written. This collection includes 80 of his best sonnets and is performed by top actors, with David Tennant (of British TV series Doctor Who) leading.

A  Midsummer Night’s Dream   (CD 822 S521mia)

One of Shakespeare’s lighter plays, this lively comedy about four lovers’ romp in a midsummer wood and the ensuing chaos brought by meddling fairies is brought to life in this fully dramatized performance. “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Poetry for the Beat Generation   (CD 818 K39 v.1)

Jack Kerouac performs to Steve Allen’s piano accompaniment in this album originally released in 1959.

The Voice of the Poet: Adrienne Rich   (CD 811 R498c)

Adrienne Rich’s work was first published in the 1950’s but the subject matter--politics, identity, feminism—remains relevant to this day. Read by Adrienne Rich herself and accompanied with a text.

The Voice of the Poet: Langston Hughes   (CD 811 H889vc)

Langston Hughes’ work spanned a wide range, from fiction to plays to essays, but his poetry is what he is most well known for.  Read by Langston Hughes himself and accompanied with a text.

The Caedmon poetry collection   (CD 808.81 C12)

Featuring 35 authors, this collection of poems are read by the authors themselves with rare recordings by William Butler Yeats.

Posted on Apr. 17, 2017 by Sou Phetsomphou