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New Titles List for the Week of September 9


K. Sello Duiker Thirteen cents
Tupelo Hassman Gods with a little g
Michelle Ruiz Keil All of us with wings
Elias Khoury Children of the ghetto: my name is Adam
Stéphane Larue The dishwasher
Geovani Martins The sun on my head
Alix Ohlin Dual citizens

Historical Fiction
Patrice Nganang When the plums are ripe

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Elizabeth Daly And dangerous to know
Elizabeth Daly Arrow pointing nowhere
Elizabeth Daly Deadly nightshade
Elizabeth Daly Night walk
Elizabeth Daly Nothing can rescue me
Elizabeth Daly The book of the lion
Elizabeth Daly The house without the door
Elizabeth Daly Unexpected Night

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
C.D. Kerr City bird song: a fable
Kimi Eisele The lightest object in the universe

Short Stories
Etgar Keret Fly already
Elise Levine This wicked tongue
Kimberly King Parsons Black light
Gregory Spatz What could be saved: bookmatched

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Gina Rippon Gender & our brains: how new neuroscience explodes the myths of the male & female minds 612.82 R486

Biography & Genealogy
Tom Segev A state at any cost: the life of David Ben-Gurion 92 B456s

Business & Economics
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr. Openness to creative destruction: sustaining innovative dynamism 658 D537
April Dunford Obv!ously awesome: how to nail product positioning so customers get it, buy it, love it 658.82 D915
John Mullins The customer-funded business: start, finance, or grow your company with your customers' cash 658.152 M917
William S. Young Scary business: investing the sudden large lump sum 332.6 Y681

Milos Perunovic The modernized Benko 794.1225 A57 P47

Julia Blackburn Time song: journeys in search of a submerged land 909 B62
Daniel Burnham & Frederick Law Olmstead: The Two Architects Behind the Success of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago 606 B821
Mike Thomson Syria's secret library: reading & redemption in a town under siege 956.91 T382
Marie Arana Silver, sword & stone: three crucibles in the Latin American story 980 A141

Home & Family Management
Sarah Archer The midcentury kitchen: America's favorite room: from workspace to dreamscape, 1940s-1970s 643.3 A23

Ian Urbina The outlaw ocean: journeys across the last untamed frontier 387.5 U19

Literature & Writing
Carl Boon Places & names 811 B724
Shapes of Native nonfiction: collected essays by contemporary writers 814 S221
Duncan White Cold warriors: writers who waged the literary cold war 809.04 W582

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Adrian Tinniswood The Royal Society: & the invention of modern science 506.041 T591r

Performing Arts & Music
Dayton Duncan Country music: an illustrated history 781.642 D91

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Donald Hoffman The case against reality: why evolution hid the truth from our eyes 121.34 H699
Andrea S. Kramer It's not you, it's the workplace: women's conflict at work & the bias that built it 158.2 K860
Bina Venkataraman The optimist's telescope: thinking ahead in a reckless age 153.83 V559

Politics & Government
Kyle Burke Revolutionaries for the right: anticommunist internationalism & paramilitary warfare in the Cold War 324.13 B917
Peter Kagel Advice, trials & tribulations of a country lawyer: Calistoga, California, 1973-1983 979.405 K119

Social Sciences & Current Events
Susan Ashline Without a prayer: the death of Lucas Leonard & how one church became a cult 364.152 A359
Billy Jensen Chase darkness with me: how one true-crime writer started solving murders 363.259 J453
Joanna Jolly Red River girl: the life & death of Tina Fontaine 364.152 J685
Maria McGrath Food for dissent: natural foods & the consumer counterculture since the 1960s 394.12 M178

Travel & Geography
Anna Sherman The bells of old Tokyo: meditations on time & a city 915.2 S551

* * * * *


The Lion King 2: Simba's pride DVD Children's

* * * * *


Foreign Language
Goodbye to language DVD French

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Alita: battle angel

The unruly mystic: John Muir, prophet, author, poet, radical, conservationist, mystic DVD 92 M953

Posted on Sep. 13, 2019 by Cherilyn Banson

New Titles for the Week of September 2


Jonathan Coe Middle England
Elyssa Friedland The floating Feldmans
Bryn Greenwood The reckless oath we made
James Gregor Going Dutch
Joshilyn Jackson Never have I ever

Historical Fiction
Philippa Gregory Tidelands
Christy Lefteri The beekeeper of Aleppo
E.R. Ramzipoor The ventriloquists

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Colin Cotterill The second biggest nothing
Alex North The whisper man
Louise Penny A better man
Hank Phillippi Ryan The murder list
Andrew Shaffer Hope rides again
Daniel Silva The new girl
Karin Slaughter The last widow
Fred Vargas This poison will remain
Reba White Williams Bloody royal prints
Jorge Zepeda Patterson The black jersey
Becky Masterman We were killers once

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Alix E. Harrow The ten thousand doors of January

Short Stories
Edwidge Danticat Everything inside

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Jacky Colliss Harvey The animal's companion: people & their pets, a 26,000-year love story 636.088 H262

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Yoko Hatta Japanese knitting stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio: a dictionary of 200 stitch patterns 746.43 H288
Lewis Achenbach Hear this book: Achenbach in Chicagoland, documentary drawings 2012-2014 743.89 A177
Heather Sandy Hebert The new architecture of wine: 25 spectacular California wineries 720.9794 H354
Sue Roe In Montparnasse: the emergence of surrealism in Paris, from Duchamp to Dali 709.44 R699i

Biography & Genealogy
Ursula Buchan Beyond the thirty-nine steps: a life of John Buchan 92 B917be
Anthony Everitt Alexander the Great: his life & his mysterious death 92 A374e

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Leah Price What we talk about when we talk about books: the history & future of reading 028 P945w

Business & Economics
Nely Galán Self made: becoming empowered, self-reliant & rich in every way 650.1 G146
Robert Kiyosaki Fake: fake money, fake teachers, fake assets: how lies are making the poor & middle class poorer 332.024 K628f
Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad's cashflow quadrant: guide to financial freedom 332.024 K628c
Alexandra Levit Humanity works: merging technologies & people for the workforce of the future 658.4 L66
Joseph A. McCartin Collision course: Ronald Reagan, the air traffic controllers & the strike that changed America 331.89 M127
Dasarte Yarnway Pay me in equity: a millennial guide for understanding equity compensation 332.024 Y28

Sasha Chapin All the wrong moves: a memoir about chess, love & ruining everything 794.1092 C365
Richard Pert Playing the Ragozin: a dynamic repertoire 794.1225 D38 P468
Vladimir Barsky The Ragozin complex: a guide for White & Black 794.1225 D38 B282
Alexey Bezgodov The extreme Caro-Kann: attacking black with 3.f3 794.1225 B12 B574
Ruslan Scherbakov The Triangle system: Noteboom, Marshall gambit & other Semi-Slav Triangle lines 794.1225 D44 S326
Evgeny Sveshnikov Sveshnikov vs. the anti-Sicilians : a complete repertoire for black 794.1225 B20 S968

Computer Science
Nicole Hennig Power searching the Internet: the librarian's quick guide 025.04 H516p
Kristen Meinzer So you want to start a podcast: finding your voice, telling your story & building a community that will listen 006.5 M478

Food & Drink
José Andrés Vegetables unleashed: a cookbook 641.65 A256
Peter Reinhart Perfect pan pizza: square pies to make at home, from Roman, Sicilian & Detroit, to grandma pies & focaccia 641.82 R275
Alysa Levene Cake: a slice of history 641.8653 L576

Health & Medicine
Katherine Eban Bottle of lies: the inside story of the generic drug boom 615.1 E14
Ramon Resa Out of the fields: my journey from farmworker boy to pediatrician 610.92 R311

Robert W. Black Yank & rebel rangers: special operations in the American civil war 973.74 B561

Dean A. Strang Keep the wretches in order: America's biggest mass trial, the rise of the Justice Department & the fall of the IWW 345.7302 S816

Literature & Writing
Anne Boyer Garments against women 811 B791g

Performing Arts & Music
Steve Aoki Blue: the color of noise 780.92 A43

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
M.R. O'Connor Wayfinding: the science & mystery of how humans navigate the world 153.75 O187

Politics & Government
Peter Kagel Advice, trials & tribulations of a country lawyer: Calistoga, California, 1973-1983 979.405 K119

Social Sciences & Current Events
Oliver Bullough Moneyland: the inside story of the crooks & kleptocrats who rule the world 364.132 B938
Daryl Johnson Hateland: a long, hard look at America's extremist heart 303.484 J630
R. J. Maratea Killing with prejudice: institutionalized racism in American capital punishment 364.66 M326
Cameron McWhirter Red summer: the summer of 1919 & the awakening of Black America 305.8 M257
Rachel Monroe Savage appetites: four true stories of women, crime & obsession 364.152 M757
Tom Nealon Food fights & culture wars: a secret history of taste 394.12 N26
Jen Schradie The revolution that wasn't: how digital activism favors conservatives 302.23 S693
Paul Warde The environment: a history of the idea 304.2 W219
Harriet A. Washington A terrible thing to waste: environmental racism & its assault on the American mind 363.73 W31
Perrin Selcer The postwar origins of the global environment: how the United Nations built Spaceship Earth 363.7 S481

Travel & Geography
Richard Kreitner Booked: a traveler's guide to literary locations around the world 910.4 K877
Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei 915.95 L847
Declan Lyons Cycling the Canal de la Garonne: from Bordeaux to Toulouse 914.47 L995

* * * * *


The secret life of pets 2 DVD Children's

* * * * *


Robert Greenberg The life & operas of Verdi 4 volumes CD 782.1 V48

* * * * *

Marie Arana Silver, Sword & Stone: Three Crucibles in the Latin American Story
Andrea S. Kramer It's Not You It's the Workplace: Women's Conflict at Work & the Bias That Built It

* * * * *


At eternity's gate
Hotel Mumbai
To walk invisible: the Brontë sisters

Foreign Language
Tokyo fiancée DVD Japanese

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Godzilla King of the monsters

Posted on Sep. 6, 2019 by Cherilyn Banson

New Titles List for the Week of August 26


Fleur Jaeggy Sweet days of discipline
Lisa Lutz The swallows
Téa Obreht Inland
Mia Kirsi Stageberg Landlords

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Carlo Bonini The night of Rome
C.J. Box The bitterroots
Kalisha Buckhanon Speaking of summer
Georgette Heyer They found him dead
T. Jefferson Parker The last good guy
James Runcie The road to Grantchester
Michael Theurillat Death in summer
Olga Tokarczuk Drive your plow over the bones of the dead
Stuart Woods Contraband

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Isaac Asimov I, robot

* * * * *


Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Manuel Felguérez Public works = Obra pública 709.2 F334

Biography & Genealogy
Alexandra Popoff Vasily Grossman & the Soviet century 92 G878
Adam Sisman (editor) Patrick Leigh Fermor: a life in letters 92 F361p

Business & Economics
William D. Cohan Why Wall Street matters 332.642 C678
Christopher Leonard Kochland: the secret history of Koch Industries & corporate power in America 338.766 L581k
Matt Sheehan The transpacific experiment: how China & California collaborate & compete for our future 337.73 S353

Vassilios Kotronias Beating the Anti-Sicilians 794.1225 B20 K875
Christof Sielecki Nimzo & Bogo Indian: opening repertoire 794.1225 E10 S571
Simon Williams The killer Dutch 794.1225 A80 W721

Health & Medicine
Robert Bennett Pill 615.78 B439

William D. Cohan Four friends: promising lives cut short 973.92 C678
Kristin L. Hoganson The heartland: an American history 977 H678
Michael Schmitz Roman conquests: the Danube frontier 939.8 S566
Alastair Bellany The murder of King James I 941.061 B414
Alexander Bevilacqua The republic of Arabic letters: Islam & the European Enlightenment 909.097 B468
John J. Michalczyk (editor) Confront!: resistance in Nazi Germany 943.086 C760
David Welch Persuading the people: British propaganda in World War II 940.5488 W43

Languages & Linguistics
Gyles Brandreth Have you eaten grandma?: or, the life-saving importance of correct punctuation, grammar & good English 428 B81

Karen Abbott The ghosts of Eden Park: the bootleg king, the women who pursued him & the murder that shocked jazz- age America 345.771 A132
Emily Bazelon Charged: the new movement to transform American prosecution & end mass incarceration 345.73 B347

Literature & Writing
Joe Moran First you write a sentence: the elements of reading, writing...and life 808.04 M793
Naomi Shihab Nye The tiny journalist 811.54 N982
George Meredith Modern love & poems of the English roadside, with poems & ballads 821.8 M559

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Catherine Whitlock 10 women who changed science & the world 509.2 W590

Performing Arts & Music
Matthew Brown Debussy redux: the impact of his music on popular culture 780.92 D28b
David Schiff The Ellington century 781.65 S325
Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Robert L. Weber The spirituality of age: a seeker's guide to growing older 155.67 W388

Politics & Government
Caroline Fredrickson The democracy fix: how to win the fight for fair rules, fair courts & fair elections 320.973 F852
Adam Gopnik A thousand small sanities: the moral adventure of liberalism 320.51 G659
P.E. Moskowitz The case against free speech: the First Amendment, fascism & the future of dissent 323.44 M853
Alexandra Minna Stern Proud boys & the white ethnostate: how the alt-right is warping the American imagination 320.53 S455

Social Sciences & Current Events
Jordanna Bailkin Unsettled: refugee camps & the making of multicultural Britain 362.87 B156
Sady Doyle Dead blondes & bad mothers: monstrosity, patriarchy & the fear of female power 305.42 D772
Carrie Goldberg Nobody's victim: fighting psychos, stalkers, pervs & trolls 305.42 G564
Charles King Gods of the upper air: how a circle of renegade anthropologists reinvented race, sex & gender in the twentieth century 301.092 K580
Amanda Montell Wordslut: a feminist guide to taking back the English language 306.44 M764
Charles Postel Equality: an American dilemma, 1866-1896 305.5 P845
Ben Railton We the people: the 500-year battle over who is American 305.8 R132
Richard V. Reeves Dream hoarders: how the American upper middle class is leaving everyone else in the dust, why that is a problem & what to do about it 305.55 R259
Raquel Rolnik Urban warfare: housing under the empire of finance 307.3 R659
Tatiana Schlossberg Inconspicuous consumption: the environmental impact you don't know you have 363.7 S396
Samuel Stein Capital city: gentrification & the real estate state 307.116 S341
Rachel DeLoache Williams My friend Anna: the true story of the fake heiress who conned me & half of New York City 364.163 W670

* * * * *

Kate Atkinson Big sky CD Fic Atkinson

Faith G. Harper Unfuck your intimacy: using science for better relationships, sex & dating CD 158.2 H231
Adam Savage Every tool's a hammer: life is what you make it CD 680.92 S921
Robert Greenberg Beethoven's piano sonatas CD 786.41 B41

* * * * *

Steve Cavanagh Thirteen
Ellen Hart Twisted at the root
David Baldacci One good deed
Elizabeth Blake Pride, prejudice & poison
Andrew Blum The weather machine: a journey inside the forecast
C.J. Box The bitterroots
Gyles Brandreth Have you eaten grandma?: or, the life-saving importance of correct punctuation, grammar & good English
Pierce Brown Dark age
Richard A. Clarke The fifth domain: defending our country, our companies & ourselves in the age of cyber threats
Catherine Coulter Labyrinth
Robert Crais A dangerous man
Daniel R. Day Dapper Dan: made in Harlem: a memoir
JP Delaney The perfect wife
Norman Demarais America's first ally: France in the Revolutionary War
Sady Doyle Dead blondes & bad mothers: monstrosity, patriarchy & the fear of female power
Steven Greenhouse Beaten down, worked up: the past, present & future of American labor
James Gregor Going Dutch
Guy Halsall Barbarian migrations & the Roman West, 376-568
Rob Hart The warehouse
Kristan Higgins Life & Other Inconveniences
Elin Hilderbrand Summer of '69
Ben Howe The immoral majority: why evangelicals chose political power over Christian values
Neil Irwin How to win in a winner-take-all world: the definitive guide to adapting & succeeding in high-performance careers
Lisa Lutz The swallows
Debbie Macomber Window on the bay
John C. McManus Fire & fortitude: the US Army in the Pacific War, 1941-1943
Alex Michaelides The silent patient
Alex North The Whisper Man
Téa Obreht Inland
Yoko Ogawa The memory police
Sarah Parcak Archaeology from space: how the future shapes our past
Charles Postel Equality: an American dilemma, 1866-1896
David Robson The intelligence trap: why smart people make dumb mistakes
Bill Schutt The Darwin strain
Daniel Silva The new girl
Karin Slaughter The Last Widow
Sam Staggs Finding Zsa Zsa: the Gabors behind the legend
Matthew Stanley Einstein's war: how relativity triumphed amid the vicious nationalism of World War I
A.M. Stuart Singapore Sapphire
Olga Tokarczuk Drive your plow over the bones of the dead
Alia Trabucco Zerán The remainder
Fred Vargas This Poison Will Remain
Colson Whitehead The nickel boys
Martyn Whittock Mayflower lives: Pilgrims in a new world & the early American experience
Susan Wiggs The Oysterville Sewing Circle
Juli Zeh Empty hearts

Posted on Aug. 29, 2019 by Cherilyn Banson

New Titles List for the Week of August 19


Charles Brockden Brown Edgar Huntly, or, Memoirs of a sleep-walker
Philip Caputo Hunter's moon
Kristan Higgins Life & other inconveniences
Regina Porter The travelers
Natasha Stagg Surveys
Susan Wiggs The Oysterville sewing circle
John Wray Godsend

Historical Fiction
Caitlin Horrocks The vexations

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Haylen Beck Lost you
Rhys Bowen Love & death among the cheetahs
Robert Crais A dangerous man
JP Delaney The perfect wife
Hallie Ephron Careful what you wish for
Karin Fossum The whisperer
Robert Pobi City of windows
A. M. Stuart Singapore sapphire
Ruth Ware The turn of the key
Pierre Lemaitre Three days & a life

Short Stories
Lawrence Block (editor) In sunlight or in shadow: stories inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper SS I11

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Darby Conley Blueprint for disaster: a Get fuzzy collection 741.5 C761b comics
Darby Conley Fuzzy logic 741.5 C761f comics
Darby Conley The dog is not a toy: house rule #4 741.5 C761 comics
Darby Conley The Get fuzzy experience: are you bucksperienced 741.5 C761g comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Douglas Brinkley American moonshot: John F. Kennedy & the great space race 629.409 B858

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Robert Rauschenberg: an oral history 700.95 R248ro
Karin Breuer Japanesque: the Japanese print in the era of Impressionism 769.952 B846j

Biography & Genealogy
Paul Strathern The Borgias: power & fortune 92 B7345s

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Zahra Hankir (editor) Our women on the ground: essays by Arab women reporting from the Arab world 070.4 O71

Business & Economics
Marc Effron 8 steps to high performance: focus on what you can change (ignore the rest) 650.1 E49
Sir John Hargrave Blockchain for everyone: how I learned the secrets of the new millionaire class (and you can, too) 332.178 H223
Kai-Fu Lee AI superpowers: China, Silicon Valley & the new world order 338.47 L510
Jess Ponce III Everyday Celebrity: A Personal Branding Guide from a Hollywood Media Coach 650.1 P792

Food & Drink
Jordan Michelman The new rules for coffee: a modern guide for everyone 641.637 M582

Health & Medicine
Theodore Dalrymple False positive: a year of error, omission & political correctness in the New England journal of medicine 610.7 D151
Andreas Michalsen The nature cure: a doctor's guide to the science of natural medicine 615.5 M582
Danielle Ofri What patients say, what doctors hear 610.696 O33w

Sam Dagher Assad or we burn the country: how one family's lust for power destroyed Syria 956.91 D133
Kapka Kassabova Border: a journey to the edge of Europe 949.903 K154
Liao Yiwu Bullets & opium: real-life stories of China after the Tiananmen Square Massacre 951.058 L693b
Jia Tolentino Trick mirror: reflections on self-delusion 973.93 T575
Martyn Whittock Mayflower lives: Pilgrims in a new world & the early American experience 974.4 W619
Emma Southon Agrippina: the most extraordinary woman of the Roman world 937 S889

Home & Family Management
Gary Chapman The five love languages: how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate 646.78 C366
Jamie Glowacki Oh crap! I have a toddler: tackling these crazy awesome years--no time outs needed 649.123 G519
Esther Wojcicki How to raise successful people: simple lessons for radical results 649.1 W829

Haben Girma Haben: the Deafblind woman who conquered Harvard Law 340.092 G443
Martha S. Jones Birthright citizens: a history of race & rights in antebellum America 342.7308 J710

Literature & Writing
Anne Boyer A handbook of disappointed fate 814.6 B791
Questioning minds: the letters of Guy Davenport & Hugh Kenner 816 Q385

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Maggie Aderin-Pocock The book of the moon: a guide to our closest neighbor 523.3 A35
John Clayton Natural rivals: John Muir, Gifford Pinchot & the creation of America's public lands 508.092 C579

Performing Arts & Music
Alan Paul Texas flood: the inside story of Stevie Ray Vaughan 780.92 V369

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Jennifer Dumpert Liminal dreaming: exploring consciousness at the edges of sleep 135 D899
Laurence Scott Picnic comma lightning: the experience of reality in the twenty-first century 128 S832
Ayaz Virji Love thy neighbor: a Muslim doctor's struggle for home in rural America 297.092 V819

Social Sciences & Current Events
Theodore Dalrymple Spoilt rotten: the toxic cult of sentimentality 305.23 D151
Ryan Leigh Dostie Formation: a woman's memoir of stepping out of line 364.153 D742
Nicole Weisensee Egan Chasing Cosby: the downfall of America's dad 364.153 E13
Steven Greenhouse Beaten down, worked up: the past, present & future of American labor 331.88 G81b
Saidiya Hartman Wayward lives, beautiful experiments: intimate histories of social upheaval 305.48 H33
Ibram X. Kendi How to be an antiracist 305.8 K335h
Jill Margaret Shulman College admissions cracked: saving your kid (and yourself) from the madness 378.16 S925
Sarah Valentine When I was white 305.48 V234
Natalie Wexler The knowledge gap: the hidden cause of America's broken education system--and how to fix it 372.6 W54

* * * * *


Liberty Circus Liberty Circus CD Pop Liberty

Posted on Aug. 22, 2019 by Cherilyn Banson

New Titles for the Week August 12


Linda Holmes Evvie Drake starts over
Harry Mulisch The procedure
Richard Russo Chances are...
Gabriele Tergit Käsebier takes Berlin
Neil Bartlett The house on Brooke Street
David R. Gillham Annelies
Guy Gunaratne In our mad & furious city
Madhuri Vijay The far field

Historical Fiction
Fiona Davis The Chelsea girls

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Lindsey Davis A capitol death
Megan Goldin The escape room
Stephen Hunter Game of snipers
Shannon Kirk Gretchen
Julie McElwain Betrayal in time
Candice Fox Crimson Lake
Barbara Hambly The shirt on his back
Joe Ide Wrecked

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
John Shirley Demons

Short Stories
Contemporary Taiwanese women writers: an anthology SS C767
McSweeney's. 56 SS M175
Leila Aboulela Elsewhere, home Fic Aboulela
Laura Adamczyk Hardly children Fic Adamczyk

* * * * *


Biography & Genealogy
Bill Geist Lake of the Ozarks: my surreal summers in a vanishing America 92 G31
Mark Abbott Stern Beyond the tunnel: the second life of Adolph Sutro 92 S966st
Lawrence Weschler And how are you, Dr. Sacks?: a biographical memoir of Oliver Sacks 616.8 S12w
Stephen Dando-Collins Caligula: the mad Emperor of Rome 92 C153d

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Sarah Ostman Book club reboot: 71 creative twists 025.5 O77

Maxim Chetverik Alekhine Defense: A complete guide 794.1225 B02 C526
Gary Kasparov Sicilian--e6 and--d6 systems 794.1225 B20 K197

Health & Medicine
Matt McCarthy Superbugs: the race to stop an epidemic 616.9 M459

John C. McManus Fire & fortitude: the US Army in the Pacific War, 1941-1943 940.542 M167
Alev Scott Ottoman odyssey: travels through a lost empire 956.01 S832
Brandon Shimoda The grave on the wall 973.0495 S628

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Gordon L. Dillow Fire in the sky: cosmic collisions, killer asteroids & the race to defend Earth 523.44 D587
Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson Buzz, sting, bite: why we need insects 595.7 S26

Performing Arts & Music
Craig Ferguson Riding the elephant: a memoir of altercations, humiliations, hallucinations & observations 791.45 F381

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Asma T. Uddin When Islam is not a religion: inside America's fight for religious freedom 297.0973 U2

Social Sciences & Current Events
Anthony M. DeStefano Gotti's boys: the Mafia crew that killed for John Gotti 364.106 D476g
Thomas Erikson Surrounded by idiots: the four types of human behavior & how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life) 302.2 E46
Clementine Ford Boys will be boys: power, patriarchy & toxic masculinity 305.31 F75
Gerald Horne Jazz & justice: racism & the political economy of the music 306.4842 H815j
Stanisław Lem Summa technologiae 306 L54
Daniel Pauly Vanishing fish: shifting baselines & the future of global fisheries 338.3727 P286
Sarah T. Roberts Behind the screen: content moderation in the shadows of social media 302.23 R541
Thomas M. Siebel Digital transformation: survive & thrive in an era of mass extinction 303.4833 S151

Sports & Games
Mark Kram, Jr. Smokin' Joe: the life of Joe Frazier 796.83 F869k
Ruud Gullit How to watch soccer 796.334 G951

Travel & Geography
Insight Guides Pocket Israel 915.694 I59
Niccolò Rinaldi Secret Florence 914.55 R47

* * * * *

Mary Abbajay Managing up how to move up, win at work & succeed with any type of boss
Scott Amyx Strive how doing the things most uncomfortable leads to success
Charlie Jane Anders The city in the middle of the night
Bree Baker No good tea goes unpunished
Michael Bar-Eli Boost! how the psychology of sports can enhance your performance in management & work
Russell L. Blaylock Natural strategies for cancer patients
Ray Bradbury Driving blind
Ray Bradbury The cat's pajamas
Rita Mae Brown Hotspur
Eugene Burger Creating business magic how the power of magic can inspire, innovate & revolutionize your business
Italo Calvino The baron in the trees
Elizabeth Camden A desperate hope
Albert Camus The fall
Carlos Castaneda The art of dreaming
Ron Corbett Cape Diamond
Diney Costeloe The new neighbours
Jacek Dehnel Lala
Nadine Dorries Hide her name
Rachel Dylan Breach of trust
Anne Emery Though the heavens fall
Eva Hagberg Fisher How to be loved a memoir of lifesaving friendship
Suzanne Woods Fisher Mending fences
Christopher Fowler Hall of mirrors
Laura Garnett Genius habit how one habit can radically change your work & your life
Ross Gay The book of delights
Elizabeth Goddard Never let go
Leslie Gould A faithful gathering
Jason Green Optimizing growth predictive & profitable strategies to understand demand & outsmart your competitors
Amy S. Greenberg Lady first the world of First Lady Sarah Polk
Claire Hajaj The water thief
Micah Dean Hicks Break the bodies, haunt the bones
W. Daniel Hillis The pattern on the stone the simple ideas that make computers work
John Jantunen No quarter
John Andrew Karr Detonation event
Elmer Kelton Honor at daybreak
Laurie R. King Mary's Christmas
Derek Kunsken The quantum magician
Mona Love Carl Weber presents full figured 13
Steve Luxenberg Separate the story of Plessy v. Ferguson & America's journey from slavery to segregation
Nancy L. Mace The 36-hour day, 6th edition a family guide to caring for people who have alzheimer's disease, related dementias & memory loss
Burton G. Malkiel A random walk down Wall Street the time tested strategy for successful investing
Evie Manieri Strife's bane
Benjamin Markovits A weekend in New York
Eric McCormack The paradise motel
Jurgen Meffert Digital @ scale the playbook you need to transform your company
Barbara Mitchell The manager's answer book powerful tools to build trust & teams, maximize your impact & influence & respond to challenges
Hunter Muller The CEO of technology lead, reimagine & reinvent to drive growth & create value in unprecedented times
William D. Nordhaus The climate casino risk, uncertainty & economics for a warming world
Priscilla Oliveras Their perfect melody
Kate Pearce The rancher
Dusty Richards Deadly is the night
Jonathan Sposato Better together 8 ways working with women leads to extraordinary products & profits
John Straley Death & the language of happiness
John E. Triantis Project finance for business development
Lynne Truss A shot in the dark
Geoff Tuff Detonate why - & how - corporations must blow up best practices (and bring a beginner's mind) to survive
Helene Tursten Hunting game
Nick Westergaard Brand now how to stand out in a crowded, distracted world

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New Titles for the Week of August 5


Jaclyn Moriarty Gravity is the thing
J. Ryan Stradal The lager queen of Minnesota
Lara Williams Supper club

Historical Fiction
Dominic Smith The electric hotel

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Anthony Boucher Rocket to the morgue
Allen Eskens The life we bury
Kate Morton The clockmaker's daughter
Michael Robotham Good girl, bad girl

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Naomi Booth Sealed
Mike Hembury New Clone City
H. G. Parry The unlikely escape of Uriah Heep

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
B. Mure Terrible means 741.5 M942 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Bob Orkand Misfire: the tragic failure of the M16 in Vietnam 623.44 O49

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Vladimir Belogolovsky Architectural guide New York: a critic's guide to 100 iconic buildings in New York from 1999 to 2020 724.6 B418
Hearts of our people: native women artists 704.0397 H351

Biography & Genealogy
Elizabeth Kleinhenz Germaine: the life of Germaine Greer 92 G816k

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Matthew Budman Book collecting now: the value of print in a digital age 002.075 B859

Business & Economics
Neil Irwin How to win in a winner-take-all world: the definitive guide to adapting & succeeding in high-performance careers 650.1 I91
James Rickards Aftermath: seven secrets of wealth preservation in the coming chaos 332.042 R539a
James Grant Bagehot: the life & times of the greatest Victorian 330.092 B14g

Computer Science
Amy Webb The Big Nine: how the tech titans & their thinking machines could warp humanity 006.3 W365

Health & Medicine
Richard Preston Crisis in the red zone: the story of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history & of the outbreaks to come 614.5 P939
Marin Sardy The edge of every day: sketches of schizophrenia 616.898 S72

Walter R. Borneman Brothers down: Pearl Harbor & the fate of the many brothers aboard the USS Arizona 940.542 B736
Linda M. Clemmons Dakota in exile: the untold stories of captives in the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota war 973.7 C591
Manuel G. Gonzales Mexicanos: a history of Mexicans in the United States 973.0468 G589
James Lacey The Washington war: FDR's inner circle & the politics of power that won World War II 973.917 L116
Ray Locker Haig's coup: how Richard Nixon's closest aide forced him from office 973.924 L815h
Thomas Lockley African samurai: the true story of Yasuke, a legendary black warrior in feudal Japan 952 L812
Sarah Parcak Archaeology from space: how the future shapes our past 930.1 P213
Guy Halsall Barbarian migrations & the Roman West, 376-568 937.09 H196b
Jean Edward Smith The liberation of Paris: how Eisenhower, de Gaulle & von Choltitz saved the City of Light 940.542 S511
Cita Stelzer Working with Winston: the unsung women behind Britain's greatest statesman 941.084 S39w

Languages & Linguistics
Cecelia Watson Semicolon: the past, present & future of a misunderstood mark 428.2 W331

Literature & Writing
Lisa Duggan Mean girl: Ayn Rand & the culture of greed 813.52 R186d
Andrew Gallix (editor) We'll never have Paris 820.8 W458
Daniel Smith The Ardlamont mystery: the real-life story behind the creation of Sherlock Holmes 823.8 S511a

Performing Arts & Music
Brian Raftery how 1999 blew up the big screen 791.43 R125
Gary Sinise Grateful American: a journey from self to service 792.092 S65
Sam Staggs Finding Zsa Zsa: the Gabors behind the legend 792.092 G116s
Irwin Winkler A life in movies: stories from 50 years in Hollywood 791.43 W729

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Todd May A decent life: morality for the rest of us 170.44 M451
David Robson The intelligence trap: why smart people make dumb mistakes 153.9 R576
Scott Samuelson Seven ways of looking at pointless suffering: what philosophy can tell us about the hardest mystery of all 204.42 S193

Politics & Government
Michael Bennet The land of flickering lights: restoring America in an age of broken politics 320.973 B439

Social Sciences & Current Events
Lara Bazelon Rectify: the power of restorative justice after wrongful conviction 364.6 B347
Daniel Brook The accident of color: a story of race in Reconstruction 305.8 B871a
Meaghan O'Connell And now we have everything: on motherhood before I was ready 306.8743 O51
Tom O'Neill Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA & the secret history of the sixties 364.152 O26

Travel & Geography
Eyewitness Japan 915.2 E97
Eyewitness Lisbon 914.694 E975
Eyewitness Poland 914.38 E97
EyewitnessSan Francisco & the Bay Area 917.946 E97

* * * * *

Richard Russo Chances are CD Fic Russo

Liao Yiwu Bullets & opium: real-life stories of China after the Tiananmen Square massacre CD 951.058 L693b

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New Titles List for the Week of August 1


G.V. Desani All about H. Hatterr

Historical Fiction
Rebecca Rosenberg Gold digger: the remarkable Baby Doe Tabor

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Laura Lippman Lady in the lake
Chanelle Benz The gone dead

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Samantha Heuwagen Fading starlight
Richard Kadrey The grand dark
Kirk Kjeldsen East

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Travis Dandro King of King Court 362.2913 D197 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
David Ewing Duncan Talking to robots: tales from our human-robot futures 629.89 D91
Charles Fishman One giant leap: the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon 629.454 F53

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Daniel R. Day Dapper Dan: made in Harlem 746.92 D330

Business & Economics
Carol Coye Benson Payments systems in the U.S.: a guide for the payments professional 332.178 B443
Marissa Orr Lean out: the truth about women, power & the workplace 658.4 O72
J. David Placek Brand names that sell 658.827 P697
Brandon Turner The book on rental property investing: how to create wealth & passive Income through smart buy & hold real estate investing 332.6324 T851
Vanessa S. Williamson Read my lips: why Americans are proud to pay taxes 336.2 W676

Gawain Jones How to beat the Sicilian defence: an anti-Sicilian repertoire for white 794.1225 B20 J77
Cyrus Lakdawala Bird's opening: move by move 794.122 A02 L192b
Cyrus Lakdawala The Nimzo-Larsen attack: move by move 794.122 L192n
Viktor Moskalenko The even more flexible French: strategic ideas & powerful weapons 794.1225 C00 M911
Milos Pavlovic New weapons in the King's Indian 794.1225 A48 P338
Anatoly Karpov Complete guide to the Queen's pawn opening 794.1225 A40 K18

Food & Drink
Hugh Amano Let's make ramen!: a comic book cookbook 641.822 A134
America's Test KitchenMulticooker perfection: cook it fast or cook it slow--you decide 641.587 A512m
Jeanne Besser What to eat during cancer treatment 641.5631 B464
Adam Chandler Drive-thru dreams: a journey through the heart of America's fast-food kingdom 647.9573 C361
Jeanine Donofrio Love & lemons every day: more than 100 bright, plant-forward recipes for every meal 641.5636 D719
Brian Polcyn Pâté, confit, rillette: recipes from the craft of charcuterie 641.66 P757

Health & Medicine
Jennifer Block Everything below the waist: why health care needs a feminist revolution 613.0424 B651
Oliver Sacks Everything in its place: first loves & last tales 616.8 S12e
Rachel Louise Snyder No visible bruises: what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us 362.82 S921
Ron Sunog Eat the eight: preventing food allergy with food & the imperfect art of medicine 616.97 S958

Svetlana Alexievich Last witnesses: an oral history of the children of World War II 940.5347 A366L
Ethan Carr The greatest beach: a history of Cape Cod National Seashore 974.4 C230
Norman Demarais America's first ally: France in the Revolutionary War 973.3 D463
Joseph M. Marshall Crazy Horse weeps: the challenge of being Lakota in white America 970.3 M36
Kenneth Lapatin (editor) Buried by Vesuvius: the Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum 937.7 B916

Languages & Linguistics
Gretchen McCulloch Because internet: understanding the new rules of language 400 M459

Literature & Writing
Stephanie Burt Don't read poetry: a book about how to read poems 808.1 B973
Paul Kincaid Iain M. Banks 809.38 B226k

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Andrew Blum The weather machine: a journey inside the forecast 551.63 B658
Robert Macfarlane Underland: a deep time journey 551.44 M143
Oliver Morton The moon: a history for the future 523.3 M891
Matthew Stanley Einstein's war: how relativity triumphed amid the vicious nationalism of World War I 530.11 S251

Performing Arts & Music
Steve Dahl Disco Demolition: the night disco died 781.66 D137
Miles Marshall Lewis There's a riot goin' on 780.2 S91
Mike McGonigal Loveless 780.2 M990m
Richard Zoglin Elvis in Vegas: how the King reinvented the Las Vegas show 780.92 P934z

Politics & Government
National party conventions, 1831-2008 329.02 N27
Jonathan Rodden Why cities lose: the deep roots of the urban-rural political divide 324.973 R612

Social Sciences & Current Events
Ruben Andersson No go world: how fear is redrawing our maps & infecting our politics 306.2 A246
Herb Childress The adjunct underclass: how America's colleges betrayed their faculty, their students & their mission 378.12 C536
Richard A. Clarke The fifth domain: defending our country, our companies & ourselves in the age of cyber threats 363.325 C59
Patrisse Khan-Cullors When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir 305.896 K527
Josh Levin The Queen: the forgotten life behind an American myth 364.163 L578
Angela Saini Superior: the return of race science 305.8 S218
Lewis Spence The myths of the North American Indians 398.297 S744m

Sports & Games
Alva Noë Infinite baseball: notes from a philosopher at the ballpark 796.357 N763
Pete Rose Play hungry: the making of a baseball player 796.357 R797p

Travel & Geography
Héctor García A geek in Japan 915.204 G216

* * * * *


Elizabeth Zunon Grandpa Cacao: a tale of chocolate, from farm to family Child Zunon

* * * * *

Chandler Baker Whisper network
Clive Cussler Celtic empire
Clive Cussler The oracle: a Sam & Remi Fargo adventure
Robin DiAngelo White fragility: why it's so hard to talk to white people about racism
Jeanine Donofrio Love & Lemons Every Day: More Than 100 Bright, Plant-Forward Recipes for Every Meal
Orlando Figes The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia
Elizabeth Gilbert City of girls
John Glatt The Family Next Door: The Heartbreaking Imprisonment of the Thirteen Turpin Siblings & Their Extraordinary Rescue
Lori Gottlieb Maybe you should talk to someone: a therapist, her therapist & our lives revealed
Mollie Hemingway Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation & the Future of the Supreme Court
Linda Holmes Evvie Drake starts over
Tony Juniper Rainforest: Dispatches from Earth's Most Vital Frontlines
Elizabeth Kleinhenz Germaine: The Life of Germaine Greer
Mike Maden Tom Clancy, enemy contact
Jo Nesbø Knife
Jeremy Paxman The English: A Portrait of a People
Helen Phillips The need
Nora Roberts Under currents
David Santiuste Edward IV & the Wars of the Roses
Danielle Steel Lost & found
Neal Stephenson Fall; or, Dodge in hell
Lisa Taddeo Three women
The Mueller report
Brad Thor Backlash: a thriller
Paul Tremblay Growing Things
Ocean Vuong On earth we're briefly gorgeous
Jennifer Weiner Mrs. Everything
Lara Williams Supper Club
Stuart Woods Skin game

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New Titles List for the Week of July 22


Ingeborg Bachmann Malina
Chandler Baker Whisper network
Madeline ffitch Stay & fight
Adam Foulds Dream sequence
Dorothea Benton Frank Queen bee
Natalia Ginzburg Happiness, as such
Mark Haddon The porpoise
Bruce Holsinger The gifted school
Mat Johnson Loving day
Herman Koch The ditch
Clare Mackintosh After the end
Meg Mitchell Moore The islanders
Lila Savage Say say say
Colson Whitehead The Nickel boys

Historical Fiction
Karl Marlantes Deep river
Heather Morris The tattooist of Auschwitz
Beatriz Williams The golden hour

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Adrian McKinty The Chain
Jo Nesbø Knife
Ragnar Jónasson The island
Martin Walker The body in the castle well: a Bruno, chief of police novel
Ovidia Yu The frangipani tree mystery
Kate Atkinson Big sky
Martin Clark The substitution order
Caz Frear Stone cold heart

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Tom Miller The philosopher's war
Michael Swanwick The iron dragon's mother
Harry Turtledove Alpha & omega
Jane Yolen The last tsar's dragons

Short Stories
Jeff VanderMeer (editor) The big book of classic fantasy: the ultimate collection SS B480

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Yuhki Kamatani Our dreams at dusk = Shimanami tasogare. 2 741.5 K127 comics
Ulli Lust How I tried to be a good person 741.5 L972h comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Susan Hockfield The age of living machines: how biology will build the next technology revolution 660.6 H659

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Beatriz Colomina X-Ray architecture 720.1 C718
Ann Coxon (editor) Anni Albers 746.092 A141
David Gebhard An architectural guidebook to Los Angeles 720.9794 G264

Biography & Genealogy
James McGrath Morris The ambulance drivers: Hemingway, Dos Passos & a friendship made & lost in war 920 M831
Christopher Benfey If: the untold story of Kipling's American years 92 K57be

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Robert Darnton A literary tour de France: the world of books on the eve of the French Revolution 070.5094 D223

Business & Economics
Marsha Collier eBay business all-in-one for dummies 381.17 C699
David Greene Buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat: the BRRRR rental property investment strategy made simple 332.6324 G830
Emily Guendelsberger On the clock: what low-wage work did to me & how it drives America insane 331.0973 G935
Scott Kupor Secrets of Sand Hill Road: venture capital & how to get it 658.152 K965
Margaret O'Mara The Code: Silicon Valley & the remaking of America 338.7 O17

Maxim Chetverik Strategic plans: 75 modern battles 794.12 C526
Romain Edouard My magic years with Topalov 794.15 T673e
Mikhail Golubev Understanding the sicilian 794.122 G62un
Gata Kamsky Gata Kamsky: chess gamer. Volume 1: Awakening (1989-1996) 794.15 K159
Sally Landau Checkmate!: the love story of Mikhail Tal & Sally Landau 794.1092 T137L
Nicolai V. Pedersen Play the Benko gambit 794.122 P341

Health & Medicine
Giles Yeo Gene eating: the science of obesity & the truth about dieting 613.25 Y4g

Sam Kean The bastard brigade: the true story of the renegade scientists & spies who sabotaged the Nazi atomic bomb 355.8 K25
Christian B. Keller The great partnership: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson & the fate of the Confederacy 973.742 K281
Joy-Ann Reid The man who sold America: Trump & the unraveling of the American story 973.933 R356m
Allen Salkin & Aaron Short The method to the madness: Donald Trump's ascent as told by those who were hired, fired, inspired--and inaugurated 973.933 S167
Rob Schmitz Street of eternal happiness: big city dreams along a Shanghai road 951.132 S566
David Wolman Aloha rodeo: three Hawaiian cowboys, the world's greatest rodeo & a hidden history of the American West 978.7 W836
Lorri Ungaretti Legendary locals of San Francisco's Richmond, Sunset & Golden Gate Park, California 979.461 U57L

Mollie Hemingway Justice on trial: the Kavanaugh confirmation & the future of the Supreme Court 347.732 H373
Carl Hulse Confirmation bias: inside Washington's war over the Supreme Court, from Scalia's death to Justice Kavanaugh 347.732 H879
Neil Weinstock Netanel Copyright: what everyone needs to know 346.048 N469c

Literature & Writing
Eve Ensler The apology 818.54 E59
Alison Lurie Words & worlds: from autobiography to zippers 814.54 L96
Dorian Lynskey The ministry of truth: the biography of George Orwell's 1984 823 O79L
Charles Simic Come closer & listen: new poems 811 S589c
Helen Vendler Poems, poets, poetry: an introduction & anthology 809.1 V45p

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Lee McIntyre The scientific attitude: defending science from denial, fraud & pseudoscience 501 M459
William Poundstone The doomsday calculation: how an equation that predicts the future is transforming everything we know about life & the universe 519.5 P87

Performing Arts & Music
Seth Bovey Five years ahead of my time: garage rock from the 1950s to the present 781.66 B669
Bruce Conforth Up jumped the devil: the real life of Robert Johnson 780.92 J68c
Casey Rae William S. Burroughs & the cult of rock 'n' roll 781.66 R12

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Lewis Hyde A primer for forgetting: getting past the past 153.12 H995
Christopher McIntosh Beyond the north wind: the fall & rise of the mystic north 293 M459

Politics & Government
Stacey Abrams Lead from the outside: how to build your future & make real change 328.73 A834
Bhaskar Sunkara The socialist manifesto: the case for radical politics in an era of extreme inequality 320.531 S73

Social Sciences & Current Events
ACT prep 2020 378.1662 A81
Mark Arax The dreamt land: chasing water & dust across California 333.91 A663
Maureen Callahan American predator: the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century 364.152 C156
Lucy Jones The big ones: how natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do about them) 363.34 J710
Obi Kaufmann The state of water: understanding California's most precious resource 333.91 K214
Frank Langfitt The Shanghai free taxi: journeys with the hustlers & rebels of the new China 306.0951 L263
Isha Sesay Beneath the tamarind tree: a story of courage, family & the lost schoolgirls of Boko Haram 363.325 S71
Susan Stryker Transgender history: the roots of today's revolution 306.76 S92t

Sports & Games
C.R. Stecyk III Dogtown: the legend of the Z-Boys 796.22 S318
Marcus Thompson II KD: Kevin Durant's relentless pursuit to be the greatest 796.3 D932

Travel & Geography
Michelin green guide San Francisco 917.9461 M623g

* * * * *

Janet Allen There's room for me here literacy workshop in the middle school
Catherine Anderson Strawberry Hill
Karen Armstrong Muhammad a prophet for our time
A'zayler Heart of the hustle
David Ball Ironfire
Maya Banks A contract engagement
Erin Bartels We hope for better things
Colin Bateman Orpheus rising
Gregory Benford Timescape
Maeve Binchy Scarlet feather
Michael Blake Dances with wolves
Ernle Bradford Hannibal
Rita Mae Brown Outfoxed
Jane Brox Silence a social history of one of the least understood elements of our lives
Octavia E. Butler Parable of the sower
Bebe Moore Campbell What you owe me
John Carlin Invictus Nelson Mandela & the game that made a nation
Tracy Chevalier Girl with a pearl earring
Margaret Craven I heard the owl call my name
Joan Criddle To destroy you is no loss the Odyssey of a Cambodian family
Stephanie L. Derrick The fame of C.S. Lewis a controversialist's reception in Britain & America
Andrea Di Robilant A Venetian affair a true tale of forbidden love in the 18th century
Annie Dillard An American childhood
Gary Dudney The mindful runner finding your inner focus
Tony Dungy The soul of a team a modern-day fable for winning teamwork
Loren D. Estleman Gun man
Jane Feather To kiss a spy
Diana Gabaldon A fugitive green
Diana Gabaldon Besieged
Diana Gabaldon Virgins an outlander short
Ann H. Gabhart These healing hills
Dorothy Gilman The amazing Mrs. Pollifax
Robert Goddard Days without number
Leslie Gould A simple singing
Carolyn Haines Bones on the bayou
Carolyn Haines Guru bones
Carolyn Haines Jingle bones
Barb Hendee A choice of secrets
Tony Hillerman The fallen man
Victoria Holt The shadow of the lynx
Hammond Innes North star
Hammond Innes The land God gave to Cain
Stephen Mack Jones Lives laid away
Franz Kafka The metamorphosis & other stories
Laurie R. King Stately Holmes
Laurie R. King The marriage of Mary Russell a short story featuring Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes
Joe Klein The natural the misunderstood presidency of Bill Clinton
K'wan Lawless
Ursula K. Le Guin The birthday of the world & other stories
Ursula K. Le Guin The eye of the heron
Connie Mann Beyond risk
Gail Z. Martin Assassin's honor
Sarah McColl Joy enough a memoir
Val McDermid Dead beat
Michel Moore The system has failed Ms. Michel Moore
Oliver North War stories II heroism in the Pacific
Oliver North War stories Operation Iraqi Freedom
Richard Overy Why the allies won
Cydney Rax A sister's survival
Ruth Rendell Kissing the gunner's daughter
Shepard Rifkin King Fisher's road
Douglas Rushkoff Team human
David Schickler Sweet & vicious
Robert Silverberg A time of changes
J.P. Smith The drowning
S. Andrew Swann Marked
Marcus Weber Carl Weber's kingpins The Bronx
Paula Woods Stormy weather
Jamie Jo Wright The curse of Misty Wayfair

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New Titles List for the Week of July 15


Bethany Chase One night at the lake
Natalia Ginzburg The dry heart
Jean Giono A king alone
Lloyd Jones The cage
William McPherson Testing the current

Historical Fiction
Alan Hlad The long flight home

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Jean Kwok Searching for Sylvie Lee
Julie McElwain A murder in time
Julie McElwain A twist in time
Julie McElwain Caught in time
S.J. Rozan Paper son
Aoife Clifford Second sight
Garry Disher Under the cold bright lights
John Galligan Bad Axe County
Chris Nickson The leaden heart
Riley Sager Lock every door
Jay Stringer Marah Chase & the conqueror's tomb

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Ben Aaronovitch The October man
Megan Derr Dragon Magic
Laurie J. Marks Air logic

* * * * *


Biography & Genealogy
Jenny Uglow Hogarth: a life & a world 92 H71u

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Library & book trade almanac 020.5 L697 2019

Business & Economics
Tom Nicholas VC: an American history 332.041 N514
Ryan Roberts Acceleration: What All Entrepreneurs Must Know About Startup Law 346.065 R643
Richard S. Ruback HBR guide to buying a small business 658.02 R821
Tony Steuer Get ready!: a step-by-step planner for maintaining your financial first aid kit 332.024 S466

Alex Fishbein The Scotch Gambit An Energetic & Aggressive System for White 794.122 F532

Computer Science
Thomas Carpe Mastering Office 365 administration: a complete & comprehensive guide to Office 365 administration - manage users, domains, licenses & much more 005.5 C224
Michael Heydt Mastering pandas for finance 005.1 P192h
Kevin Wilson Essential Office 365 005.5 W691

Peter Moore Endeavour: the ship that changed the world 910.92 M823

Literature & Writing
Selected poems of René Char 841.9 C37
Shizue Seigel (editor) Endangered species, enduring values: an anthology of San Francisco Area writers & artists of color 810.8 E565

Performing Arts & Music
Jon Savage This searing light, the sun & everything else: Joy Division: the oral history 780.92 J88s

Politics & Government
Shizue Seigel (editor) Civil liberties united: diverse voices from the San Francisco Bay Area 323.4 C582

Sports & Games
Andre Iguodala The sixth man: a memoir 796.3 I8s

* * * * *

Blue Heron Renaissance Choir The lost music of Canterbury: music from the Peterhouse partbooks CD Classical Blue

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New Titles List for the Week of July 8


Paolo Maurensig A devil comes to town
Rayyan Al-Shawaf When all else fails
Mohammed Hanif Red birds
Mary Miller Biloxi
Robert Musil Intimate ties: two novellas
Max Porter Lanny
George Singleton Staff picks

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Marian Babson Reel murder

Short Stories
Yu-Han Cao Sex & Taipei City Fic Chao
Antonio Tabucchi Message from the shadows Fic Tabucchi

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Terry Pratchett Mort: a Discworld big comic 741.5 P912 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
John Fitchen Building construction before mechanization 690.09 F556

Business & Economics
William J. Altier The thinking manager's toolbox: effective processes for problem solving & decision making 658.4 A796

Lorin D'Costa The Sicilian Scheveningen 794.122 D277s

Literature & Writing
Richard Ellmann (editor) The artist as critic: critical writings of Oscar Wilde 820.81 W67a

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Brandy Schillace Clockwork futures: the science of steampunk & the reinvention of the modern world 509 S331

Social Sciences & Current Events
Mark Bowden The last stone 363.25 B784
Frank Viviano Blood washes blood: a true story of love, murder & redemption under the Sicilian sun 364.152 V838

* * * * *

Tal Ben-Shahar The joy of leadership how positive psychology can maximize your impact (and make you happier) in a challenging world
Ray Bradbury I sing the body electric!
Octavia E. Butler Unexpected stories two novellas
David Carrico 1635 music & murder
Briana Cole The wives we play
Lance Erlick Unbound
Sarah Fox Wine & punishment
Kerry Hannon Great jobs for everyone 50 +, updated edition finding work that keeps you happy & healthy...and pays the bills
Ellen Hart Fever in the dark /Ellen Hart
Alice Henderson Shattered lands
Todd Henry Herding tigers be the leader that creative people need
Tom Hodgkinson Business for Bohemians live well, make money
Ann Hood Kitchen yarns notes on life, love & food
Melissa Jagears A love so true
William W. Johnstone Preacher's rage
Tim Lewko Making big decisions better how to set & simplify business strategy
Amy Lillard Kappy King & the pie kaper
Alexander McCall Smith The department of sensitive crimes
Anthony Mersino Emotional intelligence for project managers the people skills you need to achieve outstanding results
Max Muller The manager's guide to HR hiring, firing, performance evaluations, documentation, benefits & everything else you need to know
Kerryn Offord 1636 the chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz
Dusty Richards Rage for vengeance
Jeremy Ring We were yahoo! from internet pioneer to the trillion dollar loss of Google & Facebook
Craig W. Ross Do big things the simple steps teams can take to mobilize hearts & minds & make an epic impact
Ray A. Rothrock Digital resilience is your company ready for the next cyber threat?
Saundra A hustler's queen
Robbie Steinhouse Mindful business leadership
Taylor Stevens Liar's paradox
Jean Stone A vineyard Christmas
Corey J. White Void black shadow
Karen Witemeyer The Christmas heirloom four holiday novellas of love through the generations

* * * * *

Herbert von karajan Adagio Karajan CD Classical Karajan

Cristina Branco Post-scriptum CD World Branco

Posted on Jul. 10, 2019 by Cherilyn Banson