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All Nonfiction eBooks New Titles List for the Week of October 26

    This week's nonfiction ebooks share a common and comforting thread: de-stressing, de-cluttering and reinvention. For that co-worker whose desk is overflowing, hand him/her a copy of Marie Kondo's Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life to pull them back on track. For that frazzled friend who can't ever focus, perhaps you might recommend Burnout: the Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. If you know someone who needs help in the communication department, check out Surrounded by Idiots to master those sticky work situations.

    Did you happen to catch Fareed Zakaria's recent NPR interview on his new book, Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World? Just hearing it makes the world appear decidedly better and maybe, a little brighter too. But wait, the cherry topping this week's satisfying list has to be Reed Hastings' No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention. Talk about a revolution in the entertainment industry. We can't wait to learn more about the online DVD rental service that defied tradition and built a culture focused on freedom and responsibility. Wow -- the universe is full of possibilities!

Stephen R Covey The 7 habits of highly effective people: powerful lessons in personal change
Amy Morin 13 things mentally strong women don't do: own your power, channel your confidence, and find your authentic voice for a life of meaning and joy
Andrew M Cuomo American crisis
Emily Nagoski Burnout: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle
Sam Wasson Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman
Isabel Briggs Myers Gifts differing: understanding personality type
Marie Kondō Joy at work: organizing your professional life
Danielle L Mayfield The myth of the American dream: reflections on affluence, autonomy, safety, and power
Reed Hastings No rules rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention
Thomas Erikson Surrounded by idiots: the four types of human behavior and how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life)
Fareed Zakaria Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world
Michael Lewis The undoing project: a friendship that changed our minds
Writing politics: an anthology

Posted on Oct. 23, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All Print New Titles List for the Week of October 5

Want to know what famous cooks have in their fridges? Find out what Alice Waters, Nancy Silverton, Daniel Boulud and 32 other world-renowned chefs eat in Chef's Fridges by Carrie Solomon. Autumn is also a great time for stargazing with Edward Brooke-Hitching's Sky Atlas and pondering the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.
Robert Galbraith Troubled blood

Sylvie Weil At home with André and Simone Weil 843.9 W42w
H R McMaster Battlegrounds: the fight to defend the free world 327.73 M167
Carrie Solomon Chefs' fridges more than 35 world-renowned cooks reveal what they eat at home 641.5092 S689
Albert Camus Committed writings 844 C21co
Museum of capitalism 700.411 M986
Roger Moorhouse Poland 1939: the outbreak of World War II 940.54 M825
Morgan Housel The psychology of money: timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness 332.024 H842
Edward Brooke-Hitching The sky atlas: the greatest maps, myths and discoveries of the universe 520.9 B872

Posted on Oct. 15, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All eBooks New Titles List for the Week of October 5

MI's digital bookshelf is bursting with bestselling ebooks! You'll find Oprah's latest Book Club pick, Caste: the Origins of Our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson, Bob Woodward's Rage, Meredith Talusan's Fairest, Jasper Fforde's Constant Rabbit and more in the catalog now. All you need is a library card, computer or tablet and an Axis 360 account to get started.
Kristin Chang Bestiary
Jasper Fforde The constant rabbit
Susanna Clarke Piranesi

Leonard Downie All about the story: news, power, politics, and the Washington post
Jared Yates Sexton American rule: how a nation conquered the world but failed its people
Martin B Duberman Andrea Dworkin: the feminist as revolutionary
Jennifer Taub Big dirty money: the shocking injustice and unseen cost of white collar crime
Charles Leerhsen Butch Cassidy: the true story of an American outlaw
Isabel Wilkerson Caste: the origins of our discontents
Albert Camus Committed writings
Laila Lalami Conditional citizens: on belonging in America
P J O'Rourke A cry from the far middle: dispatches from a divided land
Meredith Talusan Fairest: a memoir
Thomas McKelvey Cleaver I will run wild: the Pacific war from Pearl Harbor to Midway
Patricia Tanumihardja Instant pot Asian pressure cooker meals: fast, fresh & affordable
Madison Salters Introduction to teaching with Zoom: a practical guide for implementing digital education strategies, creating engaging classroom activities, and building an effective online learning environment
Rita R Colwell A lab of one's own: one woman's personal journey through sexism in science
David Nasaw The last million: Europe's displaced persons from World War to Cold War
Carl Hoffman Liar's circus: a strange and terrifying journey into the upside-down world of Trump's MAGA rallies
Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling A Libertarian Walks into a Bear: The Utopian Plot to Liberate an American Town (And Some Bears)
David Eagleman Livewired: the inside story of the ever-changing brain
Bakari Sellers My vanishing country: a memoir
Elliott Currie A peculiar indifference: the neglected toll of violence on black America
Scott Anderson The quiet Americans: four CIA spies at the dawn of the Cold War--a tragedy in three acts
Lisa Rogak Rachel Maddow
Bob Woodward Rage
Rick Perlstein Reaganland: America's right turn, 1976-1980
Eric Weiner The Socrates express: in search of life lessons from dead philosophers
Ken Ilgunas This land is our land: how we lost the right to roam and how to take it back
Patrisse Khan-Cullors When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir
Ruby Hamad White tears brown scars: how white feminism betrays women of color
Jeffrey J Selingo Who gets in and why: a year inside college admissions
The writer's library: the authors you love on the books that changed their lives
Meera Shah You're the only one I've told: the stories behind abortion
Phil Simon Zoom

Posted on Oct. 15, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All Fiction eAudiobooks New Titles List for the Week of October 5

If you fall under Neil Gaiman's spell like we do, you'll love his self-narrated Stardust, a fantasy tale about two star-crossed lovers whose unforgettable adventure makes a slippery segue into autumn. If you're in the mood for an old classic, then you'll delight in Toni Morrison's silky-voiced narration of her own novel, Beloved. And you're not going to want to miss S. A. Cosby's Blacktop Wasteland, narrated by Adam Lazarre-White (you may have seen him on the Emmy winning mini-series, The Temptations). His outstanding audio performance will not disappoint.
Daniel H Wilson The Andromeda evolution
Charlie Kaufman Antkind
Toni Morrison Beloved
Toni Morrison The bluest eye
S A Cosby Blacktop wasteland
Elsa Hart The cabinets of Barnaby Mayne
James McBride Deacon King Kong
Wendy Walker Emma in the night
Matt Ruff Lovecraft Country
Raven Leilani Luster
Charlotte McConaghy Migrations
Karin Slaughter Pieces of her
Neil Gaiman Stardust
Brit Bennett The vanishing half
Sigrid Nunez What are you going through

Posted on Oct. 15, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All eBooks New Titles List for the Week of October 1

This week's new Ebooks list adds a wide variety of stunning debut novels with impeccable titles -- Inheritors, Fifty Words for Rain, The All-Night Sun, The Bright Lands, These Violent Delights -- to our digital collection, all woven with common threads of family, friendship and tough choices. Not in the mood for a debut novel? Don't miss these recently released bestselling titles from heavyweight authors such as James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Jodi Picoult, and J.D. Robb, et al, painting frightening landscapes guaranteed to build suspense throughout this Halloween-inspired month. If you are a historical fiction fan, check out Ken Follett's prequel to his Pillars of the Earth series.The Evening and the Morning is set at the tail end of the Dark Ages when England was being pinched by Vikings and Welsh. History is so much more enjoyable with Follett at the helm!

Diane Zinna The all-night sun
Louise Penny All the devils are here
Caroline B Cooney Before she was

Jodi Picoult The Book of Two Ways
John Fram The Bright Landsl
Stuart Woods Choppy water
James Patterson The coast-to-coast murders
Ken Follett The evening and the morning
Asha Lemmie Fifty words for rain
Asako Serizawa Inheritors
Ruth Ware One by one
J D Robb Shadows in death
Karin Slaughter The silent wife
Micah Nemerever These violent delights
David Heska Wanbli Weiden Winter counts

Posted on Oct. 5, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All Print New Titles List for the Week of October 1

The shelves are bursting this week with great titles to help you cope with uncertain times. We're willing to bet David Lebovitz' Drinking French has the precise cocktail to sip while sinking into a comfy couch with a truly exciting book. So what's on our new list this week? Possibly the cutest cover ever is Jodi Murphy's Talking Animals with its thoughtful alpaca on the front cover. But don't let the cute pet deceive you as Murphy's Orwellian fable takes place in a world with exceedingly loveable animals who grapple with familiar foes -- jobs they hate, polluted oceans and a creeping sense of doom. But wait, the horse has not left the barn yet, that's Barn 8 by Deb Olin Unferth, whose tale about an audacious plot to steal a million chickens in the middle of the night feels terribly exhilarating, yet sheds a bright light on living conditions for hens in corporate farms. If it's thrillers you're after, Louise Penny's All the Devils are Here tops the list with a whodunit set in Paris, #16 in the Chief Inspector Gamache Speaking of faraway lands, Lonely Planet's Crete will inspire you to plan a post-pandemic excursion and Margaret Hefferman's Uncharted will help you navigate an ever-changing yet uncertain future. Relax and enjoy, all the new books are here at MI Library.

Deb Olin Unferth Barn 8
Christopher Buckley Make Russia great again
Tina De Rosa Paper fish
Anne Tyler Redhead by the side of the road
Joni Murphy Talking animals

Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Espionage & Intrigue
Louise Penny All the devils are here
M L Longworth A noël killing
Lawrence Block The burglar in short order: a Bernie Rhodenbarr collection
James Queally Line of sight


Biography & Genealogy
Emily L Quint Freeman Failure to appear: resistance, identity and loss 306.76 F855
Katie Roiphe The power notebooks 818.609 R741
Adrienne Martini Somebody's gotta do it : why cursing at the news won't save the nation, but your name on a local ballot can 974.7 M38

Business & Economics
Adam Baratta The great devaluation : how to embrace, prepare, and profit from the coming global monetary reset 332.41 B226
David M Rubenstein How to lead: wisdom from the world's greatest CEOs, founders, and game changers 658.4 R895
Dexter Roberts The myth of Chinese capitalism: the worker, the factory, and the future of the world 330.951 R541
Nelson Schwartz The velvet rope economy: how inequality became big business 339.2 S951

Food & Drink
David Lebovitz Drinking French: the iconic cocktails, aperitifs, and cafe traditions of France, with 160 recipes 641.874 L449

Ilana Hammerman A small door set in concrete: one woman's story of challenging borders in Israel 956.04 H183
Vincent Brown Tacky's revolt: the story of an Atlantic slave war 306.362 B877
Ian W Toll Twilight of the Gods: War in the Western Pacific, 1944-1945 940.542 T651

Christopher L Sagers United States v Apple: competition in America 343.0725 S187

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Sarah Dry Waters of the world: the story of the scientists who unraveled the mysteries of our oceans, atmosphere, and ice sheets and made the planet whole 551.4809 D847

Politics & Government
Alice Marie Johnson After life: my journey from incarceration to freedom 365.6 J661
Gavriel David Rosenfeld The Fourth Reich: the specter of Nazism from World War II to the present 320.53 R813
Bob Woodward Rage 973.933 W899r

Social Sciences & Current Events
Eduardo Porter American poison: how racial hostility destroyed our promise 305.8 P844a
Nicole Marie Aschoff The smartphone society: technology, power, and resistance in the new gilded age 303.4833 A24
Margaret Heffernan Uncharted: how to navigate the future 303.49 H461

Sports & Games
Darcy Gaechter Amazon woman: facing fears, chasing dreams, and a quest to kayak the world's largest river from source to sea 797.122 G118
Lou Gehrig The lost memoir 796.357 G31g

Travel & Geography
Lonely Planet Crete 914.959 L847


Jerry Craft New kid Child Craft

Posted on Oct. 5, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All NonFiction eBooks New Titles List for the week of August 24

All Print New Titles List for the Week of August 17

Posted on Aug. 20, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All NonFiction eBooks New Titles List for the week of August 10


Andrew E Kersten A Philip Randolph: A Life in the Vanguard
Julia L Mayer Aarp Love and Meaning After 50: The 10 Challenges to Great Relationships and How to Overcome Them
Brenda Jones Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Robert B Zoellick America in the World: A History of US Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
Jeff Young Appalachian fall: dispatches from coal country on what's ailing America
Bruce Tulgan The art of being indispensable at work: win influence, beat overcommitment, and get the right things done
Rachel Cohen Austen Years: A Memoir in Five Novels
David Hare Behind the Beautiful Forevers: A Play
Jennifer Ackerman The bird way: a new look at how birds talk, work, play, parent, and think
James Nestor Breath: the new science of a lost art
Ina Catrinescu Burnout to Breakthrough: Motivating Employees With Leadership Tools That Work
Carl T Bergstrom Calling bullshit: the art of skepticism in a data-driven world
Arthur R Kroeber China's economy: what everyone needs to know
Maureen Webb Coding Democracy: How Hackers Are Disrupting Power, Surveillance, and Authoritarianism
Jessica Garrison The Devil's Harvest: A Ruthless Killer, a Terrorized Community, and the Search for Justice in California's Central Valley
Bill Buford Dirt: adventures, with family, in the kitchens of Lyon, looking for the origins of the French cooking
Jonathan M Metzl Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland
Max Allan Collins Eliot Ness and the mad butcher: hunting America's deadliest unidentified serial killer at the dawn of modern criminology
Kurt Andersen Evil geniuses: the unmaking of America
Margaret Sullivan Ghosting the News: Local Journalism and the Crisis of American Democracy
Dan C Goldberg The golden thirteen: how Black men won the right to wear Navy gold
Bill Buford Heat: An Amateur's Adventures As Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany
Madeleine Korbel Albright Hell and other destinations: a 21st-century memoir
Jax Miller Hell in the heartland: murder, meth, and the case of two missing girls
Paul Sutter How to Die in Space: A Journey Through Dangerous Astrophysical Phenomena
Katherine D Kinzler How you say it: why you talk the way you do and what it says about you
Michael D'Antonio The Hunting of Hillary: The Forty-Year Campaign to Destroy Hillary Clinton
Casey Sherman Hunting Whitey: the inside story of the capture & killing of America's most wanted crime boss
Brandon Soderberg I Got a Monster: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Corrupt Police Squad
Shane O'Mara In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration
Jara Kern The Infographic Guide to Grammar: A Visual Reference for Everything You Need to Know
Miles Harvey The King of Confidence: A Tale of Utopian Dreamers, Frontier Schemers, True Believers, False Prophets, and the Murder of an American Monarch
Sean Hannity Live free or die: America (and the world) on the brink
Angus An Maenam: A Fresh Approach to Thai Cooking
Brenda Jones Maxine Waters
Anthony P Carnevale The Merit Myth: How Our Colleges Favor the Rich and Divide America
David Dayen Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power
Eula Biss Notes from no man's land
Catherine Ryan Howard The Nothing Man
GretaThunberg Our house is on fire: scenes of a family and a planet in crisis
Stacey Abrams Our time is now: power, purpose, and the fight for a fair America
Lisa K Woodruff The paper solution: what to shred, what to save, and how to stop it from taking over your life
Tom Philpott Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent It
Cameron McWhirter Red summer the summer of 1919 and the awakening of Black America
Monty Lyman The Remarkable Life of the Skin: An Intimate Journey Across Our Largest Organ
David King Six Days in August: The Story of Stockholm Syndrome
Philip Goldberg Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times: Powerful Tools to Cultivate Calm, Clarity, and Courage
Tales of two planets: stories of climate change and inequality in a divided world
Robert Draper To start a war: how the Bush Administration took America into Iraq
Jeffrey Toobin True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump
Anne Applebaum Twilight of democracy: the seductive lure of authoritarianism
Sue Stuart-Smith The Well-Gardened Mind: The Restorative Power of Nature

Posted on Aug. 12, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang

All eAudiobooks New Titles List for the Week of August 10


Mary Connealy Aiming for love
Elizabeth Goddard Always look twice
Laurie R King Beginnings
Julie Klassen The bridge to Belle Island
Victoria Thompson City of scoundrels
Joanne Fluke Coconut layer cake murder
Irene Hannon Dark ambitions
Natalie Walters Deadly deceit
Carl Weber The family business 5
DiAnn Mills Fatal strike
Shelly Ellis The final play
La Jill Hunt Full figured 14
James R Hannibal The gryphon heist
Janet Dailey Hart's hollow farm
Rebecca Zanetti Hero's haven
Anne Canadeo Hounds of the basket stitch
Val Mcdermid How the dead speak
Jahque lJIn love with the king of harlem
Alexandra Ivy The intended victim
Jessica Ellicott Murder cuts the mustard
Roni Loren The one for you
Kristi Ann Hunter A pursuit of home Kristi
India The real hoodwives of detroit
Brandie Davis Renee all hail the queen
Niyah Moore Sand cove
Jane Feather Seduce me with sapphires
Suzanne Woods Fisher Stitches in time
Shannon Holmes Street tales: a street lit anthology
Honey Swirl secrets
Latoya Chandler The therapist
T Davis Bunn Unscripted
Tracie Peterson What comes my way
Elizabeth Musser When i close my eyes
Ben Burgess Jr Wounded
Fern Michaels Yesterday

Bruce Goldfarb 18 tiny deaths: the untold story of Frances Glessner Lee and the invention of modern forensics
Ann Druyan Cosmos possible worlds

Posted on Aug. 12, 2020 by Cherilyn Chang