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FINALE - 1894 California Midwinter Fair Ephemera Display


As the finale (and 4th installment) for our long-running California Midwinter Fair exhibit, in the 2nd floor archival display cabinet, we have an incredible showcase of Ed Herny’s collection of over 200 souvenir spoons, medals, badges, watch fobs, match safes and luggage tags from the Fair!  This is a phenomenal display and a fitting end to this exhibit, which will close in mid-September.

Ed Herny, the current president of the SF Bay Area Post Card Club and a member of the Board of Directors of the Berkeley Historical Society, has been collecting ephemera from the California Midwinter Fair since 1972.  His collection is comprised of a wide-ranging array of objects, souvenirs, photos, and paper-based items.

Be sure to also check out the numerous 3D objects in the side cabinets of the display case which are spectacular and will be on view until the middle of September!


Members of the public are welcome to come to the Mechanics’ Institute to view this display – please inform the lobby attendant of your wish to see the exhibit and go to the 2nd floor Library and knock on the door for entrance.


Posted on Aug. 19, 2019 by Diane Lai