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Hidden Gems - Russian Ark (movie on DVD and Kanopy)

Do you like art? History? Cinema? This unclassifiable film takes you on a trip through Russian history by following historical figures from one gallery to another in the Hermitage Museum -- and all in one continuous 96 minute take! (the first feature film ever created in a single take). 


The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is, after the Louvre in Paris, the 2nd largest museum in the world. Its collection has millions of items including an enormous number of masterpieces of Western European art from the Middle Ages to the present. 


Alexander Sokurov, the writer/director, has worked in films and television since 1979. Although he has directed over 20 documentaries to date, Russian Ark remains his great masterwork. 


Via Kanopy.

Posted on Apr. 27, 2023 by Steven Dunlap