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New and Improved Online Catalog

The Mechanics’ Institute Library has implemented an improved online catalog, providing members with a new and better way to find the materials they seek. This new version lets users narrow their searches interactively and intuitively. Our staff will be happy to assist you - you can call the reference desk (415-393-0102), and we can walk you through the various ways you can now search our catalog. 

The old "Classic" catalog will not go away -- you will see links to the Classic catalog throughout the new one. 


New Features 

You can check out eBooks and eAudiobooks from the catalog directly and see the electronic books you borrowed listed in your account. 

Fiction readers can explore what books we have by the various genres -- see what combinations you can find! Maybe you are looking for a mash-up of historical fiction and detective and mystery fiction?

You can narrow your search by "Place" -- The geographic area related to the book (e.g.: where a story takes place, or the geographic attribute of a given nonfiction book).

Other advanced searches available in the Classic catalog are also included in the new one. 


Mobile Devices

Please keep in mind that our new catalog does not work on mobile devices. If you have not already, we suggest that you bookmark (favorite) the URL for our "Classic" catalog:

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to beta test this new interface, and we did our best to act on your suggestions.

Posted on May. 17, 2023 by Steven Dunlap