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New Chess books in the library July 2023

Jesus de la Villa The 100 endgames you must know workbook 794.124 D34w

In his immensely popular 100 endgames you must know Grandmaster Jesus de la Villa explained common endgame patterns that frequently occur and that any player can learn in order to improve their play. His students asked for more exercises to apply these lessons and he obliged, resulting in this workbook. He presents hundreds of exercises corresponding to the various chapters in 100 Endgames. Solving these puzzles will drive home the most important ideas, refresh your knowledge, and improve your calculation skills. --  [Adapted in part from the product description on] 


Andre Schulz. The big book of world chess championships: 46 title fights - from Steinitz to Carlsen 794.157 S388

German chess journalist Andre Schulz tells the stories of the world championship title fights in fascinating detail: the historical and social backgrounds, the prize money and the rules, the seconds and other helpers, and the psychological wars on and off the board. Meet some of the world's sharpest chess minds as they clash in what is known in some circles as the cruelest sport and drink in their tales. Read about the lonely geniuses, the flamboyant boulevardiers, the Nazi sympathizers, the communist darlings, and a troubled boy from Brooklyn. Relive the magic of Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, Karpov, Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, and more. They are all great champions, but so different in character and playing style. Schulz's chronicle is an absorbing evocation of the battles they fought. He has also selected one defining game from each championship and explains the moves of the Champions and the ideas behind the moves in a way that is easily accessible for amateur players and highly instructive for beginners as well.  -- Publisher description. 


Taylor Kingston. The fighting chess of Edgard Colle 794.15 C69k

Kingston has examined hundreds of Colle's games in an effort to understand his skills and style, his strengths and weaknesses, and present an informed, balanced picture of him as a player. Colle emerges as a courageous, audacious, and tenacious fighter, who transcended the limitations his frail body imposed, to battle the giants of his day and topple many of them.   -- Publisher description.



The Mechanics Institute Library regularly replaces popular books that we either find badly worn or determine to be missing after a careful search. Here are some chess titles that we have recently added back to the collection. 


Jeremy Silman. The amateur's mind : turning chess misconceptions into chess mastery 794.122 S584am

Silman is one of the most highly regarded chess players, chess book authors, and teachers. This book has always had incredibly high demand.He has also co-authored some of his other books with our recently retired Chess Club director (and current member of the MI Board of Trustees), John Donaldson.  


Karsten Müller and Wolfgang Pajeken. How to play chess endgames 794.124 M95h

One of the classics of endgame instruction, this book focuses on practical application of the concepts it describes. Includes over 200 exercises. 


Konstantin Sakaev & Konstantin Landa. The complete manual of positional chess 794.12 S158

Originally written for chess teachers at the special sports school for young talents in Russia, the DYSS, Kanstantin Sakaev and Konstantin Landa present a complete set of instructions and tips for trainers and for self-improvement. You will learn not only how to enhance your fundamental knowledge and technical skills, but also how to work on your physical and psychological conditioning. You are handed basic and advanced tools to improve in a wide array of areas: quick development and fighting for the center in the opening, clean calculation and decision-making in the middlegame, tackling your fear of disturbing the material balance, and, last but not least, how to restrict the role the chess computer plays in your life.  -- Publisher description.

Posted on Aug. 22, 2023 by Steven Dunlap