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New eAudiobooks for July 2022

Jean-Jacques Rousseau The confessions of jean-jacques rousseau
Vera Kurian Never saw me coming
Will Leitch How lucky
Erin Flanagan Deer season
Daryl Gregory The album of Dr. Moreau
Christopher Moore Razzmatazz
Nancy Dougherty The hangman and his wife : the life and death of Reinhard Heydrich
Amy B Zegart Spies, lies, and algorithms : the history and future of American intelligence
Bill Browder Freezing Order Bill Browder
Adrian McKinty The island
bell hooks The will to change : men, masculinity, and love
Tim Marshall Prisoners of geography : ten maps that explain everything about the world
Stanisław Lem Solaris
Linda T Elkins-Tanton A portrait of the scientist as a young woman : a memoir
Anthony Almojera Riding the lightning : a year in the life of a New York City paramedic
Robert Samuels His name is George Floyd : one man's life and the struggle for racial justice
Candice Millard River of the gods : genius, courage, and betrayal in the search for the source of the Nile
George Saunders A swim in a pond in the rain : in which four Russians give a master class on writing, reading, and life
Bill McKibben The flag, the cross, and the station wagon : a graying American looks back at his suburban boyhood and wonders what the hell happened
Julie Lythcott-Haims Your turn : how to be an adult
David Sedaris Happy-go-lucky
James Patterson James patterson by James Patterson : The stories of my life
David I Kertzer The pope at war : the secret history of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler
Danyel Smith Shine bright : a very personal history of black women in pop
Charles McGrath The summer friend : a memoir
Joseph Osmundson Virology : essays for the living, the dead, and the small things in between
Corban Addison Wastelands : the true story of farm country on trial
M Chris Fabricant Junk science and the American criminal justice system
Jerry Stahl Happy mutant baby pills
HBR's 10 must reads for CEOs
Budd Friedman The Improv : an oral history of the comedy club that revolutionized stand-up
Richard Pryor Pryor convictions : and other life sentences
Before they were kings
Before they were kings
H G Wells The time machine
H G Wells The war of the worlds
Thomas Merton God speaks to each of us : the poetry and letters of Rainer Maria Rilke
Edward Humes Monkey girl : Evolution, education, religion, and the battle for america's soul
Ṣādiq Hidāyat Blind owl
Ottessa Moshfegh Lapvona
Halik Kochanski Resistance : The underground war against hitler, 1939-1945
Heidi von Palleske Two white queens and the one-eyed jack
Pola Oloixarac Mona
Andrew Holleran The kingdom of sand
Imogen Binnie Nevada
Mitzi Szereto The best new true crime stories : serial killers
Jonathan Haidt The righteous mind : why good people are divided by politics and religion
The best new true crime stories : Crimes of passion, obsession & revenge
Fred Rosen The Bayou Strangler : Louisiana's most gruesome serial killer

Posted on Jul. 20, 2022 by Cherilyn Chang