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New eBooks for August 2021

Sebastian Junger A death in Belmont
Sebastian Junger Fire
Sebastian Junger The perfect storm : a true story of men against the sea
James Howard Kunstler Too Much Magic : Wishful Thinking, Technology, And The Fate Of The Nation
James Howard Kunstler The long emergency : surviving the end of oil, climate change , and other converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century
Hugh Laurie The gun seller
Michael LewisThe Premonition : a pandemic story
Heather Cox Richardson How the South won the Civil War : oligarchy, democracy, and the continuing fight for the soul of America
Adam Hochschild King Leopold's ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa
Heather Cox Richardson West from Appomattox : the reconstruction of America after the Civil War
Richard Delgado Critical race theory : an introduction
Ada Calhoun Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis
James Nestor Breath : The new science of a lost art
John T Jost A theory of system justification
Andrei Codrescu The poetry lesson
Andrei Codrescu The posthuman Dada guide : Tzara & Lenin play chess
Andrei Codrescu Whatever gets you through the night : a story of sheherezade and the Arabian entertainments
Andrei Codrescu New Orleans, mon amour : twenty years of writings from the city
Andrei Codrescu Ay, Cuba! : a socio-erotic journey
Andrei Codrescu The Blood Countess
Andrei Codrescu Casanova in Bohemia
Andrei Codrescu Messi@
Andrei Codrescu Wakefield
Richard Preston The wild trees : A story of passion and daring

Posted on Aug. 3, 2021 by Cherilyn Chang