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New eBooks for July 2022

Muriel Spark Symposium
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Emile : or, On education
Jean-Jacques Rousseau The social contract
D H Lawrence Twilight in italy
Alan Parks Bobby march will live forever
Andrew Keen Internet Is Not the Answer
Garrison Keillor Boom town
Pedro Lemebel My tender matador
Elizabeth Taylor Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
Linda Rosenkrantz Talk
Haruki Murakami Men without women
Jan Cullinane The new retirement : The ultimate guide to the rest of your life
Stanisław Lem Imaginary magnitude
Stanisław Lem More tales of Pirx the pilot
Stanislaw Lem Star Diaries
Sigrid Undset The wreath
Abdulrazak Gurnah Admiring silence
Andrzej Stasiuk On the road to Babadag : travels in the other Europe
Stanisław Lem The chain of chance
Stanisław Lem Eden
Stanisław Lem Fiasco
Stanisław Lem The investigation
Stanisław Lem Memoirs found in a bathtub
Stanisław Lem Microworlds : writings on science fiction and fantasy
Stanisław Lem One human minute
Stanisław Lem Peace on Earth
Stanisław Lem Tales of Pirx the pilot
Anne Garréta Not one day
Steve Forbes Inflation : what it is, why it's bad, and how to fix it
Daniel J Mahoney The Statesman as Thinker: Portraits of Greatness, Courage, and Moderation.
Gideon Defoe An Atlas of Extinct Countries
Tracy Clark Runner
Jerry Stahl Perv-- a love story
Jerry Stahl Pain killers
Jerry Stahl Plainclothes naked
Scott La Counte The insanely easy guide to android 12 : A beginners guide to android phones (including pixel 6)
Scott La Counte iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max For Seniors : A Ridiculously Simple Guide to the Next Generation of iPhone and iOS 13
Maniik R Grover Embracing Technology : get tech-savvy by learning about your computer, smartphone, internet, and social media applications
Lauri Lebo Devil in Dover : an Insider's Story of Dogma V Darwin in Small-town America
Delilah S Dawson The violence
Dan Gookin Android
Marsha Collier Android smartphones for seniors for dummies Marsha Collier
Dwight Spivey iPhone for seniors
Anthony Veasna So Afterparties : stories
Matthew Chapman 40 days and 40 nights : Darwin, intelligent design, god, oxycontin, and other oddities on trial in pennsylvania
Bonnie Kistler The cage
Jerry Stahl OG Dad : Weird Shit Happens When You Don't Die Young
Mitzi Szereto The Best New True Crime Stories : Partners in crime
Mitzi Szereto The Best New True Crime Stories : Serial Killers

Posted on Jul. 20, 2022 by Cherilyn Chang