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New Print Fiction for March 2023

Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre Fic Brontë
Willie Carr Love and avocados : Buell and Lloyd adventure Fic Carr
Ann-Helén Laestadius Stolen : a novel Fic Laestadius
Pilar Quintana Abyss Fic Quintana
Toshikazu Kawaguchi Before the coffee gets cold Fic Kawaguchi
Isabel Waidner Sterling karat gold Fic Waidner
Kelly Regan Barnhill The crane husband Fic Barnhill
Colleen Hoover It starts with us Fic Hoover
Julia Whelan My Oxford year Fic Whelan
Esther Kinsky Rombo Fic Kinsky
Ayobami Adebayo A spell of good things Fic Adebayo
Julia Whelan Thank you for listening Fic Whelan
Michael Rossi The doxxing of Clearwater High Fic Rossi
Sharon Dodua Otoo Ada's room Fic Otoo
Claire Oshetsky Chouette Fic Oshetsky
Elizabeth McKenzie The dog of the north Fic McKenzie
Lila Riesen Free radicals Fic Riesen
Martin Riker The guest lecture Fic Riker
Cathleen Schine Künstlers in paradise Fic Schine
Monica Heisey Really good, actually Fic Heisey
Ari Tison Saints of the household Fic Tison
Toshikazu Kawaguchi Tales from the cafe Fic Kawaguchi
Maurene Goo Throwback Fic Goo
Máirtín Ó Cadhain An eochair = The key Fic Ó Cadhain
Bryce Courtenay Solomon's song Fic Courtenay
Marie Phillips The table of less valued knights Fic Phillips
Deepti Kapoor Age of vice Fic Kapoor
Jojo Moyes Someone else's shoes Fic Moyes
Lakiesha Carr An autobiography of skin Fic Carr
Jessica George Maame Fic George
William Saroyan Little children Fic Saroyan
Annie Ernaux A woman's story Fic Ernaux
Franz Kafka The man who disappeared Fic Kafka

Historical Fiction
Dawn Raffel Boundless as the sky : fables & tales, some of them true Fic Raffel
Thomas Mallon Up with the sun Fic Mallon
Jamila Minnicks Moonrise over New Jessup Fic Minnicks
Vesna Goldsworthy Iron curtain : a love story Fic Goldsworthy
Rachel Heng The great reclamation Fic Heng
Salman Rushdie Victory city Fic Rushdie
Sadeqa Johnson The house of Eve Fic Johnson

Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Espionage & Intrigue
Ana Reyes The house in the pines Fic Reyes
Viveca Sten Hidden in snow Fic Sten
I͡Ulii͡a I͡Akovleva Punishment of a hunter Fic Yakovleva
Ana Brazil Fanny Newcomb and the Irish channel ripper. Fic Brazil
Kalynn Bayron My dear Henry : a Jekyll & Hyde remix Fic Bayron
Stacy Willingham All the dangerous things Fic Willingham
J. T. Ellison It's one of us Fic Ellison
Bret Easton Ellis The shards Fic Ellis
Laurent Mauvignier The birthday party Fic Mauvignier
Jonathan Kellerman Unnatural history Fic Kellerman
Harlan Coben I will find you Fic Coben
Michael Bennett Better the blood Fic Bennett
Gregg Hurwitz The last orphan Fic Hurwitz
Kat Rosenfield You must remember this : a novel Fic Rosenfield
Walter Mosley Every man a king Fic Mosley
John Grisham The boys from Biloxi Fic Grisham
Ousmane K. Power-Greene The confessions of Matthew Strong Fic Power-Greene
Gabino Iglesias The devil takes you home : a barrio noir Fic Iglesias
Chuck Hogan Gang land Fic Hogan
James Patterson The house of Wolves Fic Patterson
Erin E. Adams Jackal Fic Adams
J. D. Robb Encore in death Fic Robb
Jordan Harper Everybody knows Fic Harper
C. J. Box Storm watch Fic Box
Rebecca Makkai I have some questions for you Large Print Makkai

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
George S. Schuyler Black empire Fic Schuyler
Stephen Markley The deluge Fic Markley
Adrienne Maree. Brown Grievers Fic Brown
David Scott Hay [NSFW] Fic Hay
Nnedi Okorafor Remote control Fic Okorafor
Kay Dick They : a sequence of unease Fic Dick
Grady Hendrix How to sell a haunted house Fic Hendrix

Short Stories
McSweeney's. 64, The audio issue. SS M175
Cristina Rivera Garza New and selected stories Fic Rivera Garza
Āśāpūrṇā Debī Brahma's weapon Fic Āśāpūrnā Debī
The best short stories 2022 : the O. Henry Prize winners SS S67
Janelle Monáe The memory librarian : and other stories of dirty computer Fic Monae

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Anke Feuchtenberger W the whore 741.5 F422 Comics
Héloïse Chochois The body factory : from the first prosthetics to the augmented human 617.58 C545 Comics
Ed Brubaker Destroy all monsters : a Reckless book 741.5 B886d Comics
Peter Milligan Britannia. Vol. 1 741.5 M654 Comics
Victoria Jamieson Roller girl 741.5 J324 Comic
Jon Macy Fearful hunter 741.5
M177 Comics

Universal (Children's)
Daniel Nayeri The many assassinations of Samir, the Seller of Dreams U Nayeri
Matt Forbeck Return of the piglins U Forbeck
Heather M. Fawcett The grace of wild things U Fawcett
Kiran Millwood Hargrave Julia and the shark U Hargrave
Aaron Becker The tree and the river U Becker
You are here : connecting flights U You
Chrystal D. Giles Not an easy win U Giles
David O. Bowles Ancient night U Bowles
Andrea Wang Luli and the language of tea U Wang
Greg Neri Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrap the world : the story of two groundbreaking environmental artists U 730.92 C55
William Low Welcome to Chinatown = Huan ying lai dao tang ren jie U Low
Viviane Schwarz Is there a dog in this book? U Schwarz
Anita Sanchez The Monkey Trial : John Scopes and the battle over teaching evolution U 345.7302 S211
Dana Alison Levy Breaking the mold : changing the face of climate science U 509.2 L668
Rebecca Donnelly Total garbage : a messy dive into trash, waste, and our world U 628.44 D685
Nicola Davies Emperor of the ice : how a changing climate affects a penguin colony U 598.4 D256

Posted on Apr. 17, 2023 by Heather Miles