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New Print Non-Fiction for April 2022



Applied Sciences
Thomas J.Campanella Republic of shade : New England and the American elm 635.977 C186
Jonathan Rees Refrigeration nation : a history of ice, appliances, and enterprise in America 621.5 R259
Glenn Adamson Craft : an American history 680 A196
Jeremy Zallen American lucifers : the dark history of artificial light, 1750-1865 621.32 Z142

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Willem van Aelst Elegance and refinement : the still-life paintings of Willem van Aelst 759.9492 A49
Elisa Paola Sani Italian Renaissance maiolica 738.3 S583
Dianne Suzette Harris Maybeck's landscapes : drawing in nature 712.092 M46h
Georgia O'Keeffe Georgia O'Keeffe : circling around abstraction 759.13 O41c
Ian H Thompson The Sun King's garden : Louis XIV, Andre Le Nôtre, and the creation of the gardens of Versailles 712.6 T371
Nature's palette : a color reference system from the natural world 752 N219
American sculpture : the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 730.973 F495
Francesca Fiorani The shadow drawing : how science taught Leonardo how to paint 759.5 L581
Victoria Kastner Julia Morgan : an intimate biography of the trailblazing architect 720.92 M84k
Andy Gotts Icons : portraits by Andy Gotts. 770 G716
Judith Gura Artisan design : collectible furniture in the digital age 749.09 G96
Jane Hall Woman made : great women designers 745.4 H140

Biography & Genealogy
Claire Wilcox Patch work : a life amongst clothes 069.092 W643
Jordan Goodman Planting the world : Joseph Banks and his collectors : an adventurous history of botany 580.92 B218p

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Don Zminda The legendary Harry Caray : baseball's greatest salesman 070.44 C176
Maxwell E Perkins Max & Marjorie : the correspondence between Maxwell E. Perkins and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 070.4 P419

Business & Economics
Viviana A Rotman Zelizer The social meaning of money 332.4 Z49

Edward Winter A chess omnibus 794.1 W784c
David Navara My chess world 794.15 N319
Anthony Stewart Mackay Dickins 100 classics of the chessboard 794.12 D57
Isaak Boleslavskij Selected games 794.15 B68

Computer Science
Dan Gookin Microsoft Word 005.3 M924g
Faithe Wempen Computers for seniors 004.1 W474
David Pogue iPhone : the missing manual 004.1675 I647p
Marsha Collier Android smartphones for seniors 004.1675 A574c
Dwight Spivey iPhone for seniors 004.1675 I647s

Food & Drink
A Commonplace book of cookery : a collection of proverbs, anecdotes, opinions, and obscure facts on food, drink, cooks, cooking, dining, diners & dieters, dating from ancient times to the present 641 C734
Dan Saladino Eating to extinction : the world's rarest foods and why we need to save them 641.3 S312

Health & Medicine
Alina Chan Viral : the search for the origin of COVID-19 614.5924 C360
Arlene M Karole Just diagnosed, breast cancer : what to expect, what to know, what to do next 616.994 K147
Frank Bruni The beauty of dusk : on vision lost and found 362.4109 B896b
Sandro Galea The contagion next time 362.1 G131
Elinor Cleghorn Unwell women : misdiagnosis and myth in a man-made world 613.0424 C587
Annabel Streets 52 ways to walk : the surprising science of walking for wellness and joy, one week at a time 613.7176 S835
Kenneth D Miller The breast cancer book : a trusted guide for you and your loved ones 616.994 M612
Oscar London Kill as few patients as possible : and fifty-six other essays on how to be the world's best doctor 610 L846
Andrew Holtz The real Grey's anatomy : a behind-the-scenes look at the real lives of surgical residents 617.092 H745
Kelley Murray Skoloda A way back to health : 12 lessons from a cancer survivor 616.994 S53
This side of doctoring : reflections from women in medicine 610.82 T349
Christobel Saunders Breast cancer 616.994 S871
Rachael Hartley Gentle nutrition : a non-diet approach to healthy eating 613.2 H255
Thomas R Insel Healing : our path from mental illness to mental health 362.2 I721
Lisa Mosconi The XX brain : the groundbreaking science empowering women to maximize cognitive health and prevent Alzheimer's disease 616.83 M851
Ralph Blum Invasion of the prostate snatchers : an essential guide to managing prostate cancer for patients and their families 616.994 B658
Dana Brantley-Sieders Talking to my tatas : all you need to know from a breast cancer researcher and survivor 616.994 B735

Ben Rhodes After the fall : being American in the world we've made 909.83 R476
James Horn A brave and cunning prince : the great chief Opechancanough and the war for America 975.5 O21
Max Hastings Operation Pedestal : the fleet that battled to Malta, 1942 940.542 H35o
Juan Villoro Horizontal vertigo : a city called Mexico 972.53 V719
Kyle T Mays An Afro-Indigenous history of the United States 973.0496 M455
Rosemary Sullivan The betrayal of Anne Frank : a cold case investigation 940.5318 S95
George Packer Last best hope : America in crisis and renewal 973.933 P119
Shelley Puhak The dark queens : the bloody rivalry that forged the medieval world 944.01 P964
Simon Franklin The emergence of Russia, 750-1200 947.02 F854

Literature & Writing
Paul Tran All the flowers kneeling 811.6 T685
Mia Kirsi Stågeberg Book of Itzolin: Life and Works of Itzolin Valdemar Garcia 818 G165
Stanley Plumly The immortal evening : a legendary dinner with Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb 821.709 P735
Jane Hirshfield Ledger : poems 811 H67L
Carey Perloff Pinter and Stoppard : a director's view 822.9 P451
Margaret Atwood Burning questions : essays and occasional pieces 2004-2021 818 A88b

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Geoffrey E Hill National Geographic bird coloration 598.147 H550
Laurence C Smith Rivers of power : how a natural force raised kingdoms, destroyed civilizations, and shapes our world 551.48 S654
Helen Macdonald Vesper flights : new and collected essays 508 M135
Howard Markel The secret of life : Rosalind Franklin, James Watson, Francis Crick, and the discovery of DNA's double helix 572.8 M345
Ben Rawlence The treeline : the last forest and the future of life on earth 582.16 R258
Cynthia Barnett The sound of the sea : seashells and the fate of the oceans 594 B261
Helen Scales The brilliant abyss : exploring the majestic hidden life of the deep ocean and the looming threat that imperils it 551.46 S281
Jon Dunn The glitter in the green : in search of hummingbirds 598 D922

Performing Arts & Music
Sarah Polley Run towards the danger : confrontations with a body of memory 792.092 P763
Steve Reich Conversations 780.92 R271
Christian Toto Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul 791.4 T640

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Faith Jones Sex cult nun : breaking away from the Children of God, a wild, radical religious cult 289.9 J710
Johann Hari Stolen focus : why you can't pay attention--and how to think deeply again 153.7 H281
Charles Foster Being a human : adventures in forty thousand years of consciousness 155.7 F811
Lisa Miller The awakened brain : the new science of spirituality and our quest for an inspired life 153 M647
Henry Louis Gates The Black church : this is our story, this is our song 277.3 G259

Politics & Government
Charles M Blow The devil you know : a Black power manifesto 323.1196 B657
Ellen Carol DuBois Suffrage : women's long battle for the vote 324.6 D852
Martin Indyk Master of the game : Henry Kissinger and the art of Middle East diplomacy 327.73 I42
Take up space : the unprecedented AOC 328.73 O13
Tyler Stovall White freedom : the racial history of an idea 320.01 S769

Social Sciences & Current Events
Patrisse Cullors An abolitionist's handbook : 12 steps to changing yourself and the world 364.6 C898
Kate Moore The Woman They Could Not Silence : The Shocking Story of a Woman Who Dared to Fight Back. 303.484 P121
Vanessa Nakate A bigger picture : my fight to bring a new African voice to the climate crisis 363.7 N145
Emma Dabiri What white people can do next : from allyship to coalition 305.8 D111
Heather Havrilesky Foreverland : on the divine tedium of marriage 306.81 H299
Brian P Klaas Corruptible : who gets power and how it changes us 303.3 K631
Scott Ellsworth The ground breaking : an American city and its search for justice 305.8 E599
Jeff Yang Rise : a pop history of Asian America from the nineties to now 306.095 Y161
Jesse McCarthy Who will pay reparations on my soul? : essays 305.8 M127
Jon R Biemer Our environmental handprints : recover the land, reverse global warming, reclaim the future 304.2 B476
James L Baughman Same time, same station : creating American television, 1948-1961 384.55 B326
Aja Barber Consumed : the need for collective change : colonialism, climate change, and consumerism 306.3 B233
Wendy Liu Abolish Silicon Valley : how to liberate technology from capitalism 303.483 L740
James R Gaines The fifties : an underground history 306.0973 G127
Casey Michel American kleptocracy : how the U.S. created the world's greatest money laundering scheme in history 364.16 M582
Joseph L Graves Racism, not race : answers to frequently asked questions 305.8 G783
John Woodrow Cox Children under fire : an American crisis 371.782 C839
Tamika D Mallory State of emergency : how we win in the country we built 305.896 M297
Stephanie Seneff Toxic legacy : how the weedkiller glyphosate is destroying our health and the environment 363.738 S563
James Stewart Mystery At The Blue Sea Cottage: A True Story of Murder in San Diego's Jazz Age 364.152 S491
Nicole Eustace Covered with night : a story of murder and indigenous justice in early America 364.152 E79

Sports & Games
Oliver Roeder Seven games : a human history 794 R622

Travel & Geography
Francesco Sansovino Sansovino's Venice : a translation of Francesco Tatti da Sansovino's guidebook to Venice of 1561 914.53 S589
Jordan Salama Every day the river changes : four weeks down the Magdalena 918.6 S313
Lonely Planet Jordan 915.695 L847
Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei 915.95 L847
Fodor's southern California 917.949 F653
Lonely Planet Germany 914.3 L847
Lonely Planet Colombia 918.6 L847
DK Eyewitness Japan 915.2 E97
Moon Utah 917.92 M818

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