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New Print Non-Fiction for April 2023


Biography & Genealogy
Judy Chicago The flowering : the autobiography of Judy Chicago 750.92 C53f
Paris Hilton Paris : the memoir 305.4821 H656
Paul W. Williams Harvard, Hollywood, hitmen, and holy men : a memoir 791.4 W721

Business & Economics
Naomi Oreskes The big myth : how American business taught us to loathe government and love the free market 330.122 O669
Bill Perkins Die with zero : getting all you can from your money and your life 332.024 P448
Craig Freshley Together we decide : an essential guide for making good group decisions.
Amy Porterfield Two weeks notice : find the courage to quit your job, make more money, work where you want, and change the world 658.11 P849
Mariana Mazzucato The big con : how the consulting industry weakens our businesses, infantilizes our governments, and warps our economies 658.46 M459

Nathan Rose Chess opening names : the fascinating & entertaining history behind the first few moves 794.1 R79

Health & Medicine

Dasha Kiper Travelers to unimaginable lands: stories of dementia, the caregiver, and the human brain 616.831 K57
Kelly Starrett Built to move : the ten essential habits to help you move freely and live fully 613.71 S796b
Wendy Dean If I betray these words : moral injury in medicine and why it's so hard for clinicians to put patients first 362.1 D281
Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling If it sounds like a quack ... : a journey to the fringes of American medicine 615.856 H757
Peter Attia Outlive : the science & art of longevity 612.68 A885

Ralph White Getting out of Saigon : how a 27-year-old American banker saved 113 Vietnamese civilians 959.7 W582
Meryl Frank Unearthed : a lost actress, a forbidden book, and a search for life in the shadow of the Holocaust 940.5318 F828
Tomaz Jardim Ilse Koch on trial : making the "Bitch of Buchenwald" 940.5318 K761

Languages & Linguistics
Adrian Johns The science of reading : information, media, and mind in modern America 418.4 J65

Denis Clifford Make your own living trust 346.052 C63m

Literature & Writing
Judith Thurman A left-handed woman : essays 814.6 T539

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Paco Calvo Planta sapiens : the new science of plant intelligence 571.2 C169
Elliot Rappaport Reading the glass : a captain's view of weather, water, and life on ships 551.5 R221
Chris Impey Worlds without end : exoplanets, habitability, and the future of humanity 523.2 I345

Performing Arts & Music
Todd McEwen Cary Grant's suit : nine movies that made me the wreck I am today 791.43 M142
Micah E. Salkind Do you remember house? : Chicago's queer of color undergrounds 781.648 S167
Michael Schulman Oscar wars : a history of Hollywood in gold, sweat, and tears 791.4 S386

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Bart D. Ehrman Armageddon : what the Bible really says about the end 236.9 E339
Susan Magsamen Your brain on art : how the arts transform us 111.85 M212
Toby Matthiesen The Caliph and the Imam : the making of Sunnism and Shiism 297.8 M443

Social Sciences & Current Events
Andrew Boyd I want a better catastrophe : navigating the climate crisis with grief, hope, and gallows humor : an existential manual for tragic optimists, can-do pessimists, and compassionate doomers 363.738 B789

Travel & Geography
David Roberts Into the great emptiness : peril and survival on the Greenland ice cap 919.8 R643

Universal (Children's)
Flora Ahn A spoonful of time U Ahn
Minh Lê Drawn together U Le
Leah Henderson The courage of the little hummingbird : a tale told around the world U Henderson
Matthew Burgess The red tin box U Burgess
Bonnie Tsui Sarah and the big wave : the true story of the first woman to surf Mavericks U 797.32 G368
Jane Park Hidden creature features U 590 P235
Jordi Bayarri Ada Lovelace and the start of computers U 510.92 L898

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