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New Print Non-Fiction for August 2022



Applied Sciences
David R Montgomery What your food ate : how to heal our land and reclaim our health 631.4 M787w
Mark Vanhoenacker Imagine a city : a pilot's journey across the urban world 629.1309 V315

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Susan Lake Clyfford Still : the artist's materials 759.13 St541
Harry James Hanson Legends of drag : queens of a certain age 779.2 H198

Biography & Genealogy
Raphael G Warnock A way out of no way : a memoir of truth, transformation, and the new American story 328.7309 W249
Paula Byrne The adventures of Miss Barbara Pym : a biography 823 P996b
Leopold Damrosch Adventurer : the life and times of Giacomo Casanova 940.253 333
Baynard Woods Inheritance : an autobiography of whiteness 070.92 W861
James Reginato Growing up Getty : the story of America's most unconventional dynasty 305.52 G394r
Viola Davis Finding me 792.092 D290
Katy Tur Rough draft : a memoir 070.92 T929
Miranda Seymour I used to live here once : the haunted life of Jean Rhys 813 R4795
Andrew Lownie Traitor king : the scandalous exile of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor 941.084 W759
Joyce Dyer Pursuing John Brown : on the trail of a radical abolitionist 973.711 B8781
Tim Kennedy Scars and stripes : an unapologetically American story of fighting the Taliban, UFC warriors, and myself 958.104 K38

Business & Economics
Adam Seessel Where the money is : value investing in the digital age 332.632 S36
David Gelles The man who broke capitalism : how Jack Welch gutted the heartland and crushed the soul of corporate America--and how to undo his legacy 330.973 W43
HBR at 100 : the most influential and innovative articles from Harvard Business Review's first century. 650.1 H26
Wade Donald Pfau Reverse mortgages : how to use reverse mortgages to secure your retirement 332.72 P523
Ethan Lou Once a bitcoin miner : scandal and turmoil in the cryptocurrency wild west 332.4 L92
Lyndsie Bourgon Tree thieves : crime and survival in North America's woods 333.75 B667
Jeff Desjardins Signals : the 27 trends defining the future of the global economy 338.5 D461
Brett Scott Cloudmoney : cash, cards, crypto, and the war for our wallets 332.4 Sco832
Morris Pearl Tax the rich! : how lies, loopholes, and lobbyists make the rich even richer 336.2 P316
Eleanor Blayney Women Wi$e : the essential guide to financial and lifestyle decisions as we age 332.024 B614
Scott Higham American cartel : inside the battle to bring down the opioid industry 338.4761 H638

Gawain Jones King's Indian 1 794.1225 A05 J77k
Nigel Short Winning 794.12 S559
Fabiano Caruana Caruana's Ruy Lopez : a white repertoire for club players 794.1225 C60 C25ca
Andy Soltis Smyslov, Bronstein, Geller, Taimanov and Averbakh : a chess multibiography with 220 games 794.15 S691sm
Alexey W Root United States women's chess champions, 1937-2020 794.1092 R782
Gawain Jones Coffeehouse repertoire : 1.34 791.1225 B00 J77c

Food & Drink
Reem Assil Arabiyya : recipes from the life of an Arab in diaspora 641.5929 A75
Boards : stylish spreads for casual gatherings 641.812 B630

Health & Medicine
Rebecca Beyer Wild witchcraft : folk herbalism, garden magic, and foraging for spells, rituals, and remedies 615.321 B468
Leslie Kernisan When your aging parent needs help : a geriatrician's step-by-step guide to memory loss, resistance, safety worries, and more 362.6 K459
Marie Brenner The desperate hours : one hospital's fight to save a city on the pandemic's front lines 362.1962 B751
Andrew Scull Desperate remedies : psychiatry's turbulent quest to cure mental illness 362.2097 S437

Jack Parlett Fire Island : a century in the life of an American paradise 974.72 P239
Carter Malkasian The American war in Afghanistan : a history 958.104 M295
C Michael Stockstill Transforming the Irvine Ranch : Joan Irvine, William Pereira, Ray Watson, and the big plan 979.496 S628
Jerry Stahl Nein, nein, nein! : one man's tale of depression, psychic torment, and a bus tour of the holocaust 940.5318 S781
Adrian Brettle Colossal ambitions : Confederate planning for a post-Civil War world 973.713 B756
Gettysburg 973.7349 G394r

Kermit Roosevelt The nation that never was : reconstructing America's story 342.7302 R677
Jamal Greene How rights went wrong : why our obsession with rights is tearing America apart 342.7308 G830

Literature & Writing
Douglas Cole The gold tooth in the crooked smile of God 811 C674
Sheryl J Bize-Boutte No poetry no peace : a book of poetry by a mother and daughter 811 B552
Yrsa Daley-Ward The terrible : a storyteller's memoir 821.9 D156
Victoria Wellman Before you say anything : the untold stories and failproof strategies of a very discreet speechwriter 808.5 W461
Roger Reeves Best Barbarian : poems 811.6 R259

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Fábio Zuker The life and death of a minke whale in the Amazon : dispatches from the Brazilian rainforest 574.9 Z843
Steven Rinella Outdoor kids in an inside world : getting your family out of the house and radically engaged with nature 508 R579
Stephen Brusatte The rise and reign of the mammals : a new history, from the shadow of the dinosaurs to us 569 B912
Alec Wilkinson A divine language : learning algebra, geometry, and calculus at the edge of old age 510.71 W659

Performing Arts & Music
James Gavin George Michael : a life 780.92 M582
Ron Shelton The church of baseball : the making of Bull Durham : home runs, bad calls, crazy fights, big swings, and a hit 791.437 Sh446
Bill Kopp Disturbing the peace : 415 records and the rise of new wave 781.66 K839
Tom Segura I'd like to play alone, please : essays 792.7 Se397

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Patrick King Read people like a book : how to analyze understand, and predict people's emotions, throughts, intentions, and behaviors 153.69 K580
Kristin Kobes Du Mez Jesus and John Wayne : how white evangelicals corrupted a faith and fractured a nation 277.3 D895
Robert E Meagher Albert Camus and the human crisis 194 C21m

Politics & Government
Nick Seabrook One person, one vote : a surprising history of gerrymandering in America 328.3345 S116
Mattias Desmet The psychology of totalitarianism 320.53 D464
Tim Miller Why we did it : a travelogue from the Republican road to Hell 324.273 M612
Dan Pfeiffer Battling the big lie : how Fox, Facebook, and the MAGA media are destroying America 320.01 P476

Atlas of the 2020 elections 324.973 A651

Social Sciences & Current Events
Andrew Keen The Internet is not the answer 303.48 K264i
Laura Friedman Williams Available : a very honest account of life after divorce 306.73 F914
Julia Shaw Bi : the hidden culture, history, and science of bisexuality 306.765 S534
Negesti Kaudo Ripe : essays 305.48 K16
Rachel Feltman Been there, done that : a rousing history of sex 392.6 F345
Patrick Radden Keefe Rogues : true stories of grifters, killers, rebels and crooks 364.16 K242r
Sofia Ali-Khan A good country : my life in twelve towns and the ongoing battle for a white America 305.8 Al415
Carl J Bon Tempo Immigration : an American history 305.9069 B640
Emily Ratajkowski My body 305.42 R186
Michael Slepian The secret life of secrets : how our inner worlds shape well-being, relationships, and who we are 302.2 S27
Mattha Busby Should all drugs be legalized? : a primer for the 21st century 364.177 B960
Lance Morrow God and mammon : chronicles of American money 306.3 M834
James Kirchick Secret city : the hidden history of gay Washington 306.76 K587
Bill O'Reilly Killing the killers : the secret war against terrorists 363.325 O66k

Travel & Geography
Amsterdam 914.923 L847
Ireland 914.15 L847
Paris 914.436 L847
Pocket New York City : top sights, local life made easy 917.471 L847p
Gideon Defoe An atlas of extinct countries 911 D362
Fodor's Chicago 917.731 F653
Frommer's easyguide to Paris 914.436 F93e
Italy 914.5 L847


The good fight : the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish civil war DVD 946.081 G591
Summer of soul (... or, when the revolution could not be televised) DVD 782.421 Su641

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