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New Print Non-Fiction for December, 2021



Applied Sciences
Luke Keogh The Wardian case : how a simple box moved plants and changed the world 635.9 K43
Gabriel Frank Striking succulent gardens : plants and plans for designing your low-maintenance landscape 635 F851

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Celia Rabinovitch Duchamp's pipe : a chess romance : Marcel Duchamp & George Koltanowski 709.2 R113
Jennifer Higgie The mirror and the palette : rebellion, revolution, and resilience, five hundred years of women's self portraits 704.042 H535
E. H. Gombrich The preference for the primitive : episodes in the history of western taste and art 709 G63p
Vittoria Di Palma Wasteland : a history 719 D625

Biography & Genealogy
Kati Marton The chancellor : the remarkable odyssey of Angela Merkel 943 M546
Weiwei Ai 1000 years of joys and sorrows : a memoir 709.2 A288o
Debby Applegate Madam : the biography of Polly Adler, icon of the Jazz Age 306.742 A237

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
The New York times book review : 125 years of literary history 028 N420

Business & Economics
Dan Sullivan Who not how : the formula to achieve bigger goals through accelerating teamwork 658.4 S531
Deirdre N. McCloskey Leave me alone and I'll make you rich : how the bourgeois deal enriched the world 330.122 M119L

Boris Zlotnik Zlotnik's middlegame manual typical structures and strategic manoeuvres 794.123 Z7
Cyrus Lakdawala Tactical Training in the Endgame 794.124 L192t

Computer Science
Alex Wiltshire Home computers : 100 icons that defined a digital generation 004.09 W713

Food & Drink
Tom Vitale In the weeds : around the world and behind the scenes with Anthony Bourdain 641.5 B768v
Black food : stories, art and recipes from across the African diaspora 641.5929 B561

Health & Medicine
Didi Pershouse The ecology of care : medicine, agriculture, money, and the quiet power of human and microbial communities 616 P43
Gwenn Herman Making the invisible visible : chronic pain manual for health care providers 616.047 H426
Ross Gregory Douthat The deep places : a memoir of illness and discovery 616.92 D74
Bettyann Kevles Naked to the bone : medical imaging in the twentieth century 616.07 K44

Howard W French Born in Blackness : Africa, Africans, and the making of the modern world, 1471 to the Second World War 960.22 F873
Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt : the rise and fall of an American dynasty 929.2 V22c
Catherine Grace Katz The daughters of Yalta : the Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans : a story of love and war 940.5314 K159

Jorge L Contreras The genome defense : inside the epic legal battle to determine who owns your DNA 346.7304 C768
Critical race theory : the key writings that formed the movement 342.7308 C869

Literature & Writing
Rebecca Solnit Orwell's roses 828.912 O79s
Victoria Chang Dear memory : letters on writing, silence, and grief 816 C362
Now comes good sailing : writers reflect on Henry David Thoreau 814 T48n
Noël Coward on (and in) theatre 822 C87no

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Gerald Durrell My family and other animals 590.92 D96m
Robin George Andrews Super volcanoes : what they reveal about Earth and the worlds beyond 551.21 A261

Performing Arts & Music
Elvira Yours cruelly, Elvira : memoirs of the mistress of the dark 791.45 E86
Leonard Maltin Starstruck : my unlikely road to Hollywood 791.43 M261s
Alexander Libermann A comprehensive approach to the piano 786.3 L615
Wil Haygood Colorization : one hundred years of Black films in a white world 791.43 H331
Questlove Music is history 782.421 Q58
Harvey Sachs Ten masterpieces of music 780.9 S143

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Rachel Held Evans Wholehearted faith 248.4 E151
John Pavlovitz If God is love, don't be a jerk : finding a faith that makes us better humans 234.2 P289
Anna Lembke Dopamine nation : finding balance in the age of indulgence 152.42 L542

Politics & Government
Words that wound : critical race theory, assaultive speech, and the First Amendment 323.44 W891
Peter Mitchell Imperial nostalgia : how the British conquered themselves 325.32 M692

Social Sciences & Current Events
Tiffany Jewell This book is anti-racist 305.8 J546
Jeanette Winterson 12 bytes : how we got here, where we might go next 303.4834 W788
John Boessenecker Wildcat : the untold story of Pearl Hart, the Wild West's most notorious woman bandit 364.155 H251
Jessie Daniels Nice white ladies : the truth about white supremacy, our role in it, and how we can help dismantle it 305.8 D228
Ashley C Ford Somebody's daughter : a memoir 305.48 F75
Michael Eric Dyson Entertaining race : performing blackness in America 305.896 D998e
Durbin Samantha Raver Girl : coming of age in the 90s 305.235 D932
Celeste Anne Headlee Speaking of race : why everybody needs to talk about racism--and how to do it 305.8 H344
Mark P Mills The cloud revolution : how the convergence of new technologies will unleash the next economic boom and a roaring 2020s 303.4834 M624
Derrick Bell Faces at the bottom of the well : the permanence of racism 305.8 B413
Tom Rademacher Raising Ollie : how my nonbinary art-nerd kid changed (nearly) everything I know 371.1 R117
Michael Shellenberger San Fransicko : why progressives ruin cities 307.76 S439
Steven Johnson Extra life : a short history of living longer 362.1 J69
Matthew Stewart The 9.9 percent : the new aristocracy that is entrenching inequality and warping our culture 305.52 S851
Ron Lieber The price you pay for college : an entirely new road map for the biggest financial decision your family will ever make 378.3 L621

Sports & Games
Bonnie Tsui Why we swim 797.2 T882

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