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New Print Non Fiction for December 2022



Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Joan Brown 759.13 B878
Jorge S. Arango Soul : the interiors by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy 747.092 D543
R. Howard Bloch Paris and her cathedrals 726.6 B65

Biography & Genealogy
Tom Felton Beyond the wand : the magic and mayhem of growing up a wizard 792.092 F347
Matthew Perry Friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing : a memoir 792.092 P429
Hans Luijten Jo Van Gogh-Bonger : the woman who made vincent famous 759.9492 G557
Jeff Pearlman The last folk hero : the life and myth of Bo Jackson 796.357 J132
Sam Heughan Waypoints : my Scottish journey 792.092 H482
Mary-Alice Daniel A coastline is an immeasurable thing : a memoir across three continents 973.0496 D221
Ingrid Rojas Contreras The man who could move clouds : a memoir 818.603 R638
Lauren Graham Have I told you this already? : stories I don't want to forget to remember 792.092 G760
Mike Pence So help me God 973.933 P372
Rob Delaney A heart that works 792.7 D373
Bono Surrender : 40 songs, one story 780.92 B64411
Binyamin Netanyahu Bibi : my story 956.94 N469
Andrew K. Diemer Vigilance : the life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad 973.711 S85d
Michelle Obama The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times 973.932 O121L
Andrew Morton The Queen : her life 941.085 E4345mo

Business & Economics
David Alan Stockman The great money bubble : protect yourself from the coming inflation storm 332.024 S865
Nicole Victoria More money now : a millennial's guide to financial freedom and security 332.024 V666
Carmine Gallo The Bezos blueprint : communication secrets of the world's greatest salesman 658.45 G172b
Gary Vaynerchuk Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy social world 658.872 V392j
Alex J. Pollock Surprised again! : the covid crisis and the new market bubble 330.973 P765
Emily Flitter The white wall : how big finance bankrupts black America 332.1 F649
Clara E. Mattei The capital order : how economists invented austerity and paved the way to fascism 330.12 M429
Walt Bogdanich When McKinsey comes to town : the hidden influence of the world's most powerful consulting firm 338.7 B633
Campbell R. Harvey DeFi and the future of finance 332 H262
Nouriel Roubini Megathreats : ten dangerous trends that imperil our future, and how to survive them 338.54 R853m
James Rickards Sold out : how broken supply chains, surging inflation, and political instability will sink the global economy 658.8 R539
Scott Galloway Adrift : America in 100 charts 338.973 G174
Nicolai J. Foss Why managers matter : the perils of the bossless company 658 F79
Jens Andersen The LEGO story : how a little toy sparked the world's imagination 338.768 An226

Luc Henris The complete Albin Counter-Gambit : a dangerous weapon against the Queen's Gambit 794.1225 D09 H519
P. A. Romanovskiĭ Selected games Peter Romanovsky 794.15 R75
Frank Brady Profile of a prodigy; the life and games of Bobby Fischer 794.1 F52bb

Food & Drink
Hugh Amano Let's Make Dumplings! : a comic book cookbook 641.8 A134L
Phil Rosenthal Somebody Feed Phil the book : untold stories, behind-the-scenes photos and favorite recipes 641.59 R727
Danny Bowien Mission vegan : wildly delicious food for everyone 641.5636 B786

Health & Medicine
Gabor Maté The myth of normal : trauma, illness, & healing in a toxic culture 362.1 M425
Lisa Feldman Barrett Seven and a half lessons about the brain 612.82 B274
Joe Schwarcz Quack quack : the threat of pseudoscience 615.856 S399

H. W. Brands The last campaign : Sherman, Geronimo, and the War for America 973.8 B819L
Anthony Everitt Nero : matricide, music, and murder in imperial Rome 937.07 N449
Cody Keenan Grace : President Obama and ten days in the battle for America 973.932 K25
Buddy Levy Empire of ice and stone : the disastrous and heroic voyage of the Karluk 919.8 L668e
Deborah A. Miranda Bad indians : a tribal memoir 979.4 M672
Buzz Bissinger The mosquito bowl : a game of life and death in World War II 940.542 B544
Kerri K. Greenidge The Grimkes : the legacy of slavery in an American family 929.2 G863gr
Frank Dikötter China after Mao : the rise of a superpower 951.05 D575c

Home & Family Management
Marie Kondō Marie Kondo's kurashi at home : how to organize your space and achieve your ideal life 648 K821k

Lisa Guerin The essential guide to federal employment laws 344.7301 G932
Denis Clifford Estate planning basics 346.052 C63e
Melanie Cullen Get it together : organize your records so your family won't have to 332.024 C967
Fred S. Steingold Legal forms for starting & running a small business 346.065 S822L
Michael J. Gerhardt The forgotten presidents : their untold constitutional legacy 342.73 G315
David Pressman Patent it yourself : your step-by-step guide to filing at the U.S. Patent Office 346.048 P93p
Stephen Fishman Deduct it! : lower your small business taxes 343.052 F537
Long-term care : how to plan and pay for it 362.16 M439
Katherine E. Stoner Prenuptial agreements : how to write a fair and lasting contract 346.7301 P927
Margaret A. Burnham By hands now known : Jim Crow's legal executioners 342.73 B935

Literature & Writing
Annie Ernaux Getting lost 848 E71g
Brenda Hillman In a few minutes before later 811 H654i
Haruki Murakami Novelist as a vocation 895.63 M931
Nick Hornby Dickens and Prince : a particular kind of genius 823 H814
he great book of journaling : how journal writing can support a life of wellness, creativity, meaning and purpose 808.066 G798
Barry Holstun Lopez Embrace fearlessly the burning world : essays 814 L864e
John Briscoe 811 B774
Sharon Olds
Balladz 811 O44b
Jack Kerouac Desolation Peak : collected writings 818 K395d

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Neil deGrasse Tyson Welcome to the universe in 3D : a visual tour 523.1 T994w
Siddhartha Mukherjee The song of the cell : an exploration of medicine and the new human 571.6 M953
Dan L. (Dan Louie) Flores Wild new world : the epic story of animals and people in America 591.97 F634
Esther Woolfson Between light and storm : how we live with other species 599.93 W913

Performing Arts & Music
Quentin Tarantino Cinema speculation 791.43 T171
Patti Smith A book of days 780.92 S656b
D. T. Max Finale : late conversations with Stephen Sondheim 780.92 S69m
Bob Dylan The philosophy of modern song 782.421 D99p
Oscar Hammerstein The letters of Oscar Hammerstein II 780.92 H224L

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Robert Aho Timeless Luminosity 133.9 Ah68
Dean Rickles Life is short : an appropriately brief guide to making it more meaningful 128 R424
Christina Maslach The burnout challenge : managing people's relationships with their jobs 158.7 M379

Politics & Government
Andrew Small No limits : the inside story of China's war with the West 320.951 S635

Social Sciences & Current Events
Nayan Shah Stranger intimacy : contesting race, sexuality, and the law in the North American West 304.8 Sh136
Felix Gillette It's not TV : the spectacular rise, revolution, and future of HBO 384.55 G413
Mariame Kaba No more police : a case for abolition 363.2 K111
Samantha Cole How sex changed the internet and the internet changed sex : an unexpected history 306.7 C674
Dahlia Lithwick Lady justice : women, the law, and the battle to save America 345.7302 L713
Paul Lafargue The right to be lazy and other writings 335 L131
Andy Greenberg Tracers in the dark : the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency 364.16 G798t
Trauma, tresses & truth : untangling our hair through personal narratives 391.5 T693
Amber Ruffin The world record book of racist stories 305.896 R838w
Amanda Freeman Getting me cheap : how low-wage work traps women and girls in poverty 362.8398 F877
Elizabeth Williamson Sandy Hook : an American tragedy and the battle for truth 371.782 W676
Rick Wartzman Still broke : Walmart's remarkable transformation and the limits of socially conscious capitalism 381.149 W298

Travel & Geography
New England. 917.4 L847
Dorthe Nors A line in the world : a year on the North Sea coast 914.89 N81
The rough guide to Mexico 917.2 R856
Rick Steves' Italy. 914.5 S848
Rick Steves' Ireland. 914.15 S848
The rough guide to Italy 914.5 R856
Rick Steves Venice. 914.53 S848
Morocco. 916.4 E975
Fodor's Paris. 914.436 F653
Hawaii, the big island revealed : the ultimate guidebook. 919.69 D732

Universal (Children's)

Curt Hart Forest friends U 591.73 H251
Larissa Theule Concrete : from the ground up U 620.136 T344
Kate Messner Over and under the waves U 577.7 M564
Greg Pizzoli Pizza! : a slice of history U 641.82 P689

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