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New Print Non-Fiction for February 2024


Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Hamburger eyes : inside Burgerworld 779.092 H199

Biography & Genealogy

William Henry Hill Antonio Stradivari, his life and work : 1644-1737 787.1 S89h

Biography & Genealogy

Tricia Romano The freaks came out to write : the definitive history of the Village Voice, the radical paper that changed American culture 071.4 R759

Business & Economics

Hamilton Nolan The hammer : power, inequality, and the struggle for the soul of labor 331.8 N787
Alex Tapscott Web3 : charting the Internet's next economic and cultural frontier 338.47 T175
Mark Larson Working in the 21st century : an oral history of American work in a time of social and economic transformation 331.0973 L334
Gerald A. Epstein Busting the bankers' club : finance for the rest of us 332.1 E645


Max Euwe The Hague-Moscow 1948 : match 794.157 E91ha
James Schuyler Your opponent is overrated : a practical guide to inducing errors 794.1 S397
Valeri Bronznik 1.d4--beat the guerrillas! : a powerful repertoire against annoying black sidelines 794.122 B8699
Jon Speelman Moscow marathon : the World Chess Championship 1984 794.157 M89s
M. M. Botvinnik Botvinnik-Smyslov : three world chess championship matches: 1954, 1957, 1958 794.159 B75
Leonid Aleksandrovich. Shamkovich Tactical chess training : 300 brilliant tactical studies from events 1985-1995 794.12 S52
Harry Golombek 4th Candidates' Tournament, 1959 : Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade, September 7th - October 29th 1959 794.157 G627c
Emanuel Lasker The international chess congress St. Petersburg 1909 794.157 L34 2008
Ė. E. Gufelʹd Leonid Stein : master of risk strategy 794.15 S561g
Alexey Dreev I mprove your practical play in the middlegame 794.123 D77
Igor Khmelnitsky Chess exam: matches against chess legends : you vs. Bobby Fischer : play the match, rate yourself, improve your game! 794.12 F52k
Steve Giddins The French Winawer, move by move 794.1225 C15 G45
Evgenny Sveshnikov The complete French advance : the most uncompromising way to attack the French defence 794.1225 C13 S968
Sverre Johnsen The Ruy Lopez : a guide for black 794.1225 C60 J659
Cyrus Lakdawala Anti-Sicilians : move by move 794.1225 B20 L192
Carsten Hansen Sicilian dragon, move by move 795.1225 B70 H249
Neil McDonald The Ruy Lopez 794.1225 C60 M135
C. J. S. Purdy The search for chess perfection. II 794.15 P98 2006

Food & Drink

Jamie Oliver Cook with Jamie : my guide to making you a better cook 641.51 O48c


Andrew Leland The country of the blind : a memoir at the end of sight 362.4 L537


Marie Arana Latinoland : a portrait of America's largest and least understood minority 973.0468 A141
Matthew J. Davenport The longest minute : the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 979.461 D247

Richard A. Zitrin Trial lawyer : a life representing people against power 340.092 Z822

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Carissa Carter The secret language of maps : how to tell visual stories with data 526 C323

Performing Arts & Music

Jason Ruiz Narcomedia : Latinidad, popular culture, and America's war on drugs 791.43 R934

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

Mark Matousek Lessons from an American stoic : how Emerson can change your life 158.1 M433
Nick Hanauer Corporate bullsh*t : exposing the lies and half-truths that protect profit, power, and wealth in America 174.4 H233
Richard A. Zitrin The moral compass of the American lawyer : truth, justice, power, and greed 174.3 Z822

Social Sciences & Current Events

Kurt Wagner Battle for the bird : Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and the $44 billion fight for Twitter's soul 302.3 W132
Diarmuid Hester Nothing ever just disappears : seven hidden queer histories 306.76 H588
Kim Cross I n light of all darkness : inside the Polly Klaas kidnapping and the search for America's child 364.154 C951

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