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New Print Non-Fiction for January 2022



Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Mary Beard Twelve Caesars : images of power from the ancient world to the modern 709.02 B368
Mike Mandel Zone Eleven 779 A21
Willi Smith : street couture 746.92 S511

Biography & Genealogy
Maria Konnikova The biggest bluff : how I learned to pay attention, master myself, and win 795.41 K825
Claire Tomalin The young HG Wells : changing the world 823 W452
Billie Jean King All in : an autobiography 796.34 K52
Michael Tubbs The deeper the roots : a memoir of hope and home 979.405 T790
Catherine Prendergast The gilded edge : two audacious women and the cyanide love triangle that shook America 811 P918
William Souder Mad at the world : a life of John Steinbeck 813 S819so
Cathy Curtis A splendid intelligence : the life of Elizabeth Hardwick 818.52 H26
Fredrik Logevall JFK Volume 1 : coming of age in the American century, 1917-1956 973.922 K355L

Business & Economics
Edward Ehud Yardeni In praise of profits! (Predicting the markets topical study) 330 Y27i
Claire Wasserman Ladies get paid : the ultimate guide to breaking barriers, owning your worth, and taking command of your career 650.1 W283
Richard Nelson Bolles What color is your parachute? : your guide to a lifetime of meaningful work and career success 650.14 B69
Charlie Warzel Out of office : the big problem and the bigger promise of working from home 658.3 W268
Wade Donald Pfau Retirement planning guidebook : navigating the important decisions for retirement success 332.024 P523r
Robin Wigglesworth Trillions : how a band of Wall Street renegades invented the index fund and changed finance forever 332.6327 W639
Zachary Karabell Inside money : Brown Brothers Harriman and the American way of power 332.1 K143
Erin Lowry Broke millennial talks money : scripts, stories, and advice to navigate awkward financial conversations 332.024 L955

Peter Giannatos Everyone's first chess workbook : fundamental tactics and checkmates for improvers - 738 practical exercises 794.12 G348
Davorin Kuljasevic How to study chess on your own : creating a plan that worksand sticking to it! 794.1 K963h
Andy Soltis Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi : a chess multibiography with 207 games 794.1092 S691
Zenón Franco Ocampos Miguel Najdorf - 'El Viejo' - life, games and stories 794.15 N16f

Food & Drink
Mayukh Sen Taste makers : seven immigrant women who revolutionized food in America 641.5092 S551

Health & Medicine
Chris Begley The next apocalypse : the art and science of survival 613.69 B394
Cyrus Khambatta Mastering diabetes : the revolutionary method to reverse insulin resistance permanently in type 1, type 15, type 2, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes 616.462 K527
Philipp Dettmer Immune : a journey into the mysterious system that keeps you alive 616.079 D485

John C McManus Island infernos : the US Army's Pacific War odyssey, 1944 940.542 M167i
Katja Hoyer Blood and iron : the rise and fall of the German Empire, 1871-1918 943.08 H852
Matthew Gabriele The bright ages : a new history of medieval Europe 940.1 G114
Alice Baumgartner South to freedom : runaway slaves to Mexico and the road to the Civil War 306.362 B327
Anna Hájková The last ghetto : an everyday history of Theresienstadt 940.5318 H643
David Philipps Alpha : Eddie Gallagher and the war for the soul of the Navy Seals 956.7 P552
Menachem Kaiser Plunder : a memoir of family property and Nazi treasure 940.5318 K123
Craig Whitlock The Afghanistan papers : a secret history of the war 958.104 W590
H W Brands Our first civil war : patriots and loyalists in the American Revolution 973.3 B819
Americans and the Holocaust : a reader 940.5318 A359
Charles Spencer The White Ship : conquest, anarchy and the wrecking of Henry I's dream 910.916 S745
Michael Booth Three tigers, one mountain : a journey through the bitter history and current conflicts of China, Korea, and Japan 950.4 B725
Valerie Hansen The year 1000 : when explorers connected the world -- and globalization began 909 H24
The 1619 Project : a new origin story 973 S977
Kevin Boyle The shattering : America in the 1960s 973.923 B79
Dorothy Wickenden The agitators : three friends who fought for abolition and women's rights 973.711 W632

Derrick A Bell Silent covenants : Brown v Board of Education and the unfulfilled hopes for racial reform 344.7307 B413

Literature & Writing
Ann Patchett These precious days : essays 814 P294t
Padgett Powell Indigo : arm wrestling, snake saving, and some things in between 814.54 P871
Danez Smith Homie : poems 811.6 S541
Tom Roston The writer's crusade : Kurt Vonnegut and the many lives of Slaughterhouse-five 813 V94r
Patricia Highsmith Patricia Highsmith : her diaries and notebooks, 1941-1995 818.54 H638

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Stephen Budiansky Journey to the edge of reason : the life of Kurt Gödel 510.92 G58b

Performing Arts & Music
Todd Snider I never met a story I didn't like : mostly true tall tales 780.92 S32
James Ivory Solid Ivory : memoirs 791.4 I7s
Sharon Gless Apparently there were complaints : a memoir 792.092 G488
Ruthe Stein Sitting down with the stars : interviews with 100 Hollywood legends 792.092 S341
Joseph Horowitz Dvořák's prophecy : and the vexed fate of Black classical music 780.973 H785

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Amir Levine Attached : the new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find--and keep--love 158.2 L578
Darren Hardy The compound effect : jumpstart your income, your life, your success 158.1 H222
Brené Brown Atlas of the heart : mapping meaningful connection and the language of human experience 158 B877a

Politics & Government
Jacob S Hacker Let them eat Tweets : how the right rules in an age of extreme inequality 320.52 H11

Social Sciences & Current Events
Sallie H Weissinger Yes, again : (mis)adventures of a wishful thinker 306.8 W438
John H McWhorter Woke racism : how a new religion has betrayed Black America 305.8 M177
Zeba Blay Care free black girls : a celebration of black women in popular culture 305.48 B614
Porter Fox Last winter : the scientists, adventurers, journeymen, and mavericks trying to save the world 363.738 F830
Steven E Koonin Unsettled : what climate science tells us, what it doesn't, and why it matters 363.738 K837
Kaya Oakes The defiant middle : how women claim life's in-betweens to remake the world 305.42 O42
Götz Aly Europe against the Jews : 1880-1945 305.892 A477
Dinesh D'Souza United States of socialism : Who's behind it Why it's evil How to stop it 335 D811
Leonard N Moore Teaching Black history to white people 305.8 M781
Bill O'Reilly Killing the mob : the fight against organized crime in America 364.106 O66
Ada Calhoun Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis 305.244 C128

Sports & Games
John Burgman High drama : the rise, fall, and rebirth of American competition climbing 796.52 B915
Bill Plaschke Paradise found : a high school football team's rise from the ashes 796.332 P695

Travel & Geography
Iain Sinclair The gold machine : in the tracks of the mule dancers 918.5 S616
Fodor's Los Angeles 917.9494 F65
James Cheshire Atlas of the invisible : maps & graphics that will change how you see the world 912 C424
Moon handbooks Oregon 917.95 M818
Fodor's Paris 914.436 F65

Jeff Coakley Winning chess exercises for kids U 794.1 C652w

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