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New Print Non-Fiction for July 2022



Applied Sciences
John Wood Arthur Beer : a global journey through the past and present 663.42 A771
John W Reid Ever green : saving big forests to save the planet 634.9 R272

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Make a photo yourself : photo work by the children of the Christoph Schlingensief Opera Village Africa, Burkina Faso. 779 M289
Fred Lyon Vineyards 979.419 L991
Brian Doherty Dirty pictures : how an underground network of nerds, feminists, geniuses, bikers, potheads, printers, intellectuals, and art school rebels revolutionized art and invented comix 741.59 D655
Elias Redstone Shooting space : architecture in contemporary photography 779.4 R249
Jeff Wall Jeff Wall 770.92 W187
Annette LeMay Burke Fauxliage : disguised cell phone towers of the American west 779.9621 B917
Jimmy Chin There and back : photographs from the edge 779.092 C441

Biography & Genealogy
Philip Watson Bill Frisell, beautiful dreamer : the guitarist who changed the sound of American music 780.92 F917
Burton Ira Kaufman Barack Obama : conservative, pragmatist, progressive 973.932 O12k
Edward White The twelve lives of Alfred Hitchcock : an anatomy of the master of suspense 791.4 H67wh
Ann Marks Vivian Maier developed : the untold story of the photographer nanny 770.92 M217m
Harry Crews A childhood : the biography of a place 813.54 C867
Mike Hill Funny business : the legendary life and political satire of Art Buchwald 817 B92h
James Patterson James Patterson by James Patterson : the stories of my life 813.54 P317
Linda Elkins-Tanton A portrait of the scientist as a young woman 520.92 E528
Charles McGrath The summer friend : a memoir 818 M178
Mark T Esper A sacred oath : memoirs of a Secretary of Defense during extraordinary times 355.6 E64
Nancy Dougherty The hangman and his wife : the life and death of Reinhard Heydrich 943.086 H615
Kristin Marguerite Doidge Nora Ephron 791.4 E63

Business & Economics
Emily Guy Birken The 5 years before you retire : retirement planning when you need it the most 332.024 B534
Bill Browder Freezing order : a true story of money laundering, murder, and surviving Vladimir Putin's wrath 332.092 B877f
Telton W Hall The secure solution : creating a high-quality retirement in a low-interest-rate world 332.024 H140
Steve Forbes Inflation : what it is, why it's bad, and how to fix it 332.41 F741
Frederic Kerrest Zero to IPO : over $1 trillion of advice from the world's most successful entrepreneurs 658.4 K467
K Gabriel Heiser How to protect your family's assets from devastating nursing home costs : medicaid secrets 332.024 H47
Kathryn Judge Direct : the rise of the middleman economy and the power of going to the source 338.6 J891
David J Lill Cause Selling, the Sanford way : a guide to successful nonprofit fundraising 658.152 L628
Todd Tresidder How much money do I need to retire? : uncommon financial planning wisdom for a stress-free retirement 332.024 T725
Eric Balchunas The Bogle effect : how John Bogle and Vanguard turned Wall Street inside out and saved investors trillions 332.6327 B189

Peter Boel Chess buccaneer : the life and games of Manuel Bosboom 794.1092 B650
Jeremy Silman Silman's chess odyssey : cracked grandmaster tales, legendary players, and instruction and musings 794.1092 S584
Carsten Hansen Chess tactics : 404 puzzles to improve your tactical vision. Volume 2 794.12 H249
Carsten Hansen Chess tactics : 404 puzzles to improve your tactical vision. Volume 3 794.12 H249
Carsten Hansen Chess Tactics for Improvers - Volume 1: Improve your tactical radar to step up your game 794.12 H249
M I Dvoret͡skiĭ Dvoretsky's endgame manual 794.124 D98f
Andrey Terekhov Vasily Smyslov. Volume I, The early years: 1921-1948 794.1092 S66t
Ján Markoš The secret ingredient to winning at chess 794.12 M3462
Matthew Sadler The Silicon road to chess improvement : chess engine training methods, opening strategies & middlegame techniques 794.12 S117s
Paul Keres The world championship in chess 1948 794.157 K39w
László Polgár Chess : 5334 problems, combinations, and games 794.1 P765

Food & Drink
Coinneach MacLeod The Hebridean baker : recipes and wee stories from the Scottish islands 641.5941 M225

Health & Medicine
Carl D Marci Rewired : protecting your brain in the Digital Age 616.8584 M332
Kristin Kali Queer conception : the complete fertility guide for queer and trans parents-to-be 618.178 K124
Haider Warraich The song of our scars : the untold story of pain 616.0472 W286
Deborah L Birx Silent invasion : the untold story of the Trump administration, Covid-19, and preventing the next pandemic before it's too late 362.1962 B539
Amy Smith The cancer fighting diet for the newly diagnosed 641.563 S64
Anthony Almojera Riding the lightning : a year in the life of a New York City paramedic 362.18 A67
Scott H Sicherer The complete guide to food allergies in adults and children 616.975 S124
Fariha Róisín Who is wellness for? : an examination of wellness culture and who it leaves behind 613 R494

Sarah Federman Last train to Auschwitz : the French National Railways and the journey to accountability 940.53 F318
Marion Crawford The little princesses : the story of the Queen's childhood by her nanny, Marion Crawford 941.085 C856
Ian Morris Geography is destiny : Britain and the world : a 10,000-year history 941 M876
John Taylor Williams The shores of Bohemia : a Cape Cod story, 1910-1960 974.4 W670
Halik Kochanski Resistance : the underground war against Hitler, 1939-1945 940.53 K766r
David I Kertzer The pope at war : the secret history of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler 940.532 K419

Home & Family Management
Bernadette Banner Make, sew and mend : traditional techniques to sustainably maintain and refashion your clothes 646.2 B226
Jan Cullinane The new retirement : the ultimate guide to the rest of your life 646.79 C898
Barbara Rockefeller Baby boomer survival guide : live, prosper, and thrive in your retirement 646.79 R590
The good retirement guide 2022 : everything you need to know about health, property, investment, leisure, work, pensions and tax 646.79 K231

Corban Addison Wastelands : the true story of farm country on trial 346.7303 A25

Literature & Writing
Grace Marie Grafton Lens : poetry of art in California 811.6 G759
David Sedaris Happy-go-lucky 814 S447ha
Lalit Kumar Years spent : exploring poetry in adventure, life and love 811.6 K960
Gary Indiana Fire season : selected essays 1984-2021 814 I395
Christopher Prendergast Living and dying with Marcel Proust 843.9 P96p
Ocean Vuong Time is a mother 811 V982
Agnieszka Gajewska Holocaust and the stars : the past in the prose of Stanisław Lem 891.85 L54g

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Joseph Osmundson Virology : essays for the living, the dead, and the small things in between 579.2 O56

Performing Arts & Music
William Reynolds Joe De Yong : a life in the West 791.43 D532
Danyel Smith Shine bright : a very personal history of Black women in pop 782.42 S511

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Jana Brubaker Text, lies and cataloging : ethical treatment of deceptive works in the library 174.9 B830
Natalie Haynes Pandora's jar : women in the Greek myths 292.2 H424
Bill McKibben The flag, the cross, and the station wagon : a graying American looks back at his suburban boyhood and wonders what the hell happened 201.7 M158
Anna Della Subin Accidental gods : on men unwittingly turned divine 202.13 S15

Politics & Government
David J Dennis The movement made us : a father, a son, and the legacy of a freedom ride 323.1196 D423
Amy B Zegart Spies, lies, and algorithms : the history and future of American intelligence 327.12 Z29
A field guide to white supremacy 320.569 F453
Robert Baer The fourth man : the hunt for a KGB spy at the top of the CIA and the rise of Putin's Russia 327.12 B141f

Cancer sourcebook 616.994 C160

Social Sciences & Current Events
Kendra James Admissions : a memoir of surviving boarding school 370.92 J231
Barbara F Walter How civil wars start : and how to stop them 303.64 W171
My life : growing up Asian in America 305.895 M990
Treva B Lindsey America, goddam : violence, Black women, and the struggle for justice 362.88 L645
Mike Piper Social Security made simple : Social Security retirement benefits and related planning topics explained in 100 pages or less 368.4 P661
bell hooks The will to change : men, masculinity, and love 305.31 H78
M Chris Fabricant Junk science and the American criminal justice system 363.25 F114
Daniel J Mahoney The statesman as thinker : portraits of greatness, courage, and moderation 303.34 M279
Julie Lythcott-Haims Your turn : how to be an adult 305.24 L996
Huw Lemmey Bad gays : a homosexual history 306.76 L543
Robert Samuels His name is George Floyd : one man's life and the struggle for racial justice 305.896 F669
Philip Dray A lynching at Port Jervis : race and reckoning in the Gilded Age 343.2 D76L
Oliver Bullough Butler to the world : how Britain helps the world's worst people launder money, commit crimes, and get away with anything 364.16 B938
Jack Lowery It was vulgar & it was beautiful : how AIDS activists used art to fight a pandemic 362.1969 L953
Mark Lawrence Schrad Smashing the liquor machine : a global history of prohibition 363.41 S377
Katherine W Schweit Stop the killing : how to end the mass shooting crisis 364.4 S974

Sports & Games
Saulo Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu university 796.815 R354

Travel & Geography
Candice Millard River of the gods : genius, courage, and betrayal in the search for the source of the Nile 916.2 M611
John Powell Cycling the Rhine route : bicycle touring along the historic Rhine River from the North Sea to Switzerland 914.3 P88
Alan Castle Walking the River Rhine trail, Germany 914.3 C35
Fodor's Northern California 917.94 F653

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