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New Print Non-Fiction for July 2023


Applied Sciences
3D printing projects 621.9 T531

Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Alan J. Flusser Ralph Lauren : in his own fashion 746.9 L37f
Graham Day Pattinson A guide to professional architectural and industrial scale model building 720.22 P321

Biography & Genealogy

Keah Brown The pretty one : on life, pop culture, disability, and other reasons to fall in love with me 616.8 B877
Matt Birkbeck The life we chose : William "Big Billy" D'Elia and the last secrets of America's most powerful mafia family 364.106 B619

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism

Derek Beres Conspirituality : how new age conspiracy theories became a health threat 001.9 B491

Business & Economics

Melissa Jean-Baptiste So, this is why I'm broke : money lessons on financial literacy, passive income, and generational wealth 332.024 J432
Matthew Mottola The human cloud : how today's changemakers use artificial intelligence and the freelance economy to transform work 306.36 M92
Brendan Ballou Plunder : private equity's plan to pillage America 332.6 B193


Tony Cullen Chess rivals of the 19th century : with 300 annotated games 794.15 C967
Jesús de la Villa García The 100 endgames you must know workbook : practical endgames exercises for every chess player 794.124 D34w
Cyrus Lakdawala Tactical training 794.12 L192
Arthur van de Oudeweetering Chess pattern recognition for beginners : the fundamental guide to spotting key moves in the middlegame 794.123 O932
John Emms First steps : 1 e4 e5 794.1225 C20 E54
M. I. Shereshevsky The Soviet chess conveyor 794.1 S551
Svetozar. Gligorić Shall we play Fischerandom chess? 794.1 G55f
Taylor Kingston The fighting chess of Edgard Colle : Caissa's wounded warrior : an exploration and celebration of the artistry of the Belgian chess champion and prolific international tournament player Egard Colle 794.15 C69k

Computer Science

Scott N. Schober Senior cyber : best security practices for your golden years 005.8 S363
Laurence Lars Svekis JavaScript from beginner to professional : learn JavaScript quickly by building fun, interactive, and dynamic web apps, games, and pages 005.2762 J416sv
Harrison Ferrone Learning C# by developing games with Unity : get to grips with coding in C# and build simple 3D games in Unity 2022 from the ground up 005.13 F396
Josh Goldberg Learning TypeScript : enhance your web development skills using type-safe JavaScript 005.2762 J416g
Clifford A. Pickover Artificial intelligence : an illustrated history : from medieval robots to neural networks 006.3 P59

Food & Drink

Nick DiGiovanni Knife drop : creative recipes anyone can cook 641.5 D574
Dan Buettner The blue zones American kitchen : 100 recipes to live to 100 641.563 B928b
Natasha Pickowicz More than cake : 100 baking recipes built for pleasure and community 641.815 P597

Health & Medicine

Audrey Clare Farley Girls and their monsters : the Genain quadruplets and the making of madness in America 616.8982 F231
Alden Wicker To dye for : how toxic fashion is making us sick--and how we can fight back 613 W636
Hadley Vlahos The in-between : unforgettable encounters during life's final moments 616.029 V865
Emily Clionsky Dementia prevention : using your head to save your brain 616.831 C641


Claudine Chalmers French San Francisco 979.461 C438f
Judy Rakowsky Jews in the garden : a Holocaust survivor, the fate of his family, and the secret history of Poland in World War II 940.5318 R162
Norman Solomon War made invisible : how America hides the human toll of its military machine 355.033 S689
Bill Dixon Last days of Last Island : the hurricane of 1856, Louisiana's first great storm 976.3 D621
Richard J. Evans Lying about Hitler : history, Holocaust, and the David Irving trial 940.5318 E924
Anthony McIntyre Good Friday : the death of Irish republicanism 941.6 M152
Randall Sullivan Graveyard of the Pacific : shipwreck and survival on America's deadliest waterway 979.7 S95
A. Wilson Greene Breaking the backbone of the rebellion : the final battles of the Petersburg campaign 973.7 G799
A new history of the American South 975 N532
D. M. Giangreco Truman and the bomb : the untold story 973.918 G43
Cathy Yandell The French art of living well : finding joie de vivre in the everyday world 944 Y21
Peter Moore Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness : Britain and the American dream 973 M823
John C. McManus To the end of the earth : the US Army and the downfall of Japan, 1945 940.542 M167t

Literature & Writing

August. Kleinzahler Green sees things in waves 811 K64g
Noël Maureen Valis Lorca after life 868 G216o
Beth Kempton The way of the fearless writer : mindful wisdom for a flourishing writing life 808.02 K329
Hart Seely Pieces of intelligence : the existential poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld 811 R93s
Carla Sarett She has visions 811 S24
Mark J. Mitchell Roshi San Francisco 811 M681r
Mark J. Mitchell Something to be : poems on the workday 811 M681s
Mark J. Mitchell Starting from tu fu 811 M681st
Neruda and Vallejo : selected poems 861 N454

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Christian Cooper Better living through birding : notes from a Black man in the natural world 598.072 C776
Jeff Goodell The heat will kill you first : life and death on a scorched planet 551.6 G64h
Jennifer Ackerman What an owl knows : the new science of the world's most enigmatic birds 598.97 A182

Performing Arts & Music

David Lindsay-Abaire Kimberly Akimbo : a new musical based on the play 782.14 L749
Charlotte Chandler I, Fellini 791.4 F31c
Paul McCartney 1964 : eyes of the storm 780.92 M12ni

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

Tyson Motsenbocker Where the waves turn back : a forty-day pilgrimage along the California coast 263.041 M919
Garrison Keillor Cheerfulness 158 K27
Ken Jennings 100 places to see after you die : a travel guide to the afterlife 202.3 J54
John Barton The Word : how we translate the Bible--and why it matters 220.4 B293

Politics & Government

Mikhail Zygarʹ War and punishment : Putin, Zelinsky, and the path to Russia's invasion of Ukraine 327.47 Z99
Jason Chaffetz The puppeteers : the people who control the people who control America 320.51 C433

Social Sciences & Current Events

David Von Drehle The book of Charlie : wisdom from the remarkable American life of a 109-year-old man 305.26 V94
Andrew Monteith Christian nationalism and the birth of the war on drugs 363.45 M775
John Vaillant Fire weather : a true story from a hotter world 363.37 V13
Robert E. Lighthizer No trade is free : changing course, taking on China, and helping America's workers 382 L724
Jean Pfaelzer California, a slave state 306.362 P52
Maureen Ryan Burn it down : power, complicity, and a call for change in Hollywood 364.153 R988
Joseph McGill Sleeping with the ancestors : how I followed the footprints of slavery 306.362 M145
Peter H. Gleick The three ages of water : prehistoric past, imperiled present, and a hope for the future 333.91 G556
M. T. Connolly The measure of our age : navigating care, safety, money, and meaning in later life 305.26 C752

Travel & Geography

Nancy Marie Brown Looking for the hidden folk : how Iceland's elves can save the earth 398.09 B877
Will Grant The last ride of the Pony Express : my 2,000-mile horseback journey into the Old West 917.8 G761
Moon Montana : with Yellowstone National Park 917.866 M818
Rick Steves' Greece : Athens & the Peloponnese. 914.95 S848

Universal (Children's)

Erica Armstrong Dunbar Never Caught, the story of Ona Judge : George and Martha Washington's courageous slave who dared to run away U 306.362 D911
Frieda Wishinsky A flower is a friend U 577.55 W814
Katharine von der Gathen Any body : a comic compendium of important facts & feelings about our bodies U 612 G259
Claire Saxby Great white shark U 597.3 S272
Elisa Boxer Hidden hope : how a toy and a hero saved lives during the Holocaust U 940.548 B788

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