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New Print Non-Fiction for June 2022



Applied Sciences
Paul Lukacs Inventing wine : a new history of one of the world's most ancient pleasures 663.2 L954
Oliver Milman The insect crisis : the fall of the tiny empires that run the world 639.9757 M631
Laurie Zaleski Funny farm : my unexpected life with 600 rescue animals 636.083 Z141

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Laetitia Ky Love & justice : a journey of empowerment, activism, and embracing Black beauty 709.2 K98
Eric Sandweiss The day in its color : Charles Cushman's photographic journey through a vanishing America 779.092 C959
Phillip Prodger Darwin's camera : art and photography in the theory of evolution 704.949 D22
Charles Saumarez Smith The art museum in modern times 727.7 S86
Geoff Dyer The last days of Roger Federer : and other endings 700.92 D996
Charlie Porter What artists wear 746.92 P833

Biography & Genealogy
Gary Scharnhorst The life of Mark Twain : the final years, 1891-1910 92 T969sc
Paul Fischer The man who invented motion pictures : a true tale of obsession, murder, and the movies 791.4 L558
Amy Liptrot The outrun 616.861 L669
Katie Couric : The Biography. 070.19 C834
Iris Jamahl Dunkle Charmian Kittredge London : trailblazer, author, adventurer 818.5 L846
Nyle DiMarco Deaf utopia : a memoir-- and a love letter to a way of life 362.42 D591
Valerie Biden Owens Growing up Biden : a memoir 320 B474
Franny Moyle The king's painter : the life and times of Hans Holbein 750.92 H718
Mondiant Dogon Those we throw away are diamonds : a refugee's search for home 967.5 D679
Harvey Fierstein I was better last night : a memoir 792.092 F463
William R Cross Winslow Homer : American passage 750.92 H766a
Judy Gumbo Yippie girl : exploits in protest and defeating the FBI 322.4 G952
Franci Epstein Franci's war : a woman's story of survival 940.53 E851
Alexander Lee Machiavelli : his life and times 320.1 M149L
Laurie Woolever Bourdain : the definitive oral biography 641.5 B768w
Jennifer Grey Out of the corner : a memoir 792.092 G869
Tomiko Brown-Nagin Civil rights queen : Constance Baker Motley and the struggle for equality 323.092 M857

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Amanda Oliver Overdue : reckoning with the public library 027.4 O43

Business & Economics
David K Thomson Bonds of war : how Civil War financial agents sold the world on the Union 332.1 T382
Gary White The worth of water : our story of chasing solutions to the world's greatest challenge 333.91 W582
Tripp Mickle After Steve : how Apple became a trillion-dollar company and lost its soul 338.761 M583
Spencer Jakab The revolution that wasn't : GameStop, Reddit, and the fleecing of small investors 332.6 J257r
Julia Hobsbawm The nowhere office : reinventing work and the workplace of the future 658.312 H653
Eyal Press Dirty work : essential jobs and the hidden toll of inequality in America 331.7 P93
Laura Shin The cryptopians : idealism, greed, lies, and the making of the first big cryptocurrency craze 332.4 S631
John Abramson Sickening : how Big Pharma broke American health care and how we can repair it 338.4761 A837

My best games in the Sveshnikov 794.1225 B56 S558
My best games in the Grünfeld 794.1225 D80 S558

Computer Science
Cade Metz Genius makers : the mavericks who brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the world 006.3 M568
Justin E H Smith The internet is not what you think it is : a history, a philosophy, a warning 004.6 S511

Health & Medicine
Sarah Fay Pathological : the true story of six misdiagnoses 616.89 F29
Troy Rondinone Nightmare factories : the asylum in the American imagination 362.21 R668
Rob Dunn Delicious : the evolution of flavor and how it made us human 612.8 D922
Theresa Brown Healing : when a nurse becomes a patient 616.994 B877
Alexis Chesney Preventing lyme & other tick-borne diseases 614.5746 C425
Frances Moore Lappé Diet for a small planet 613.2 L31
Neil Schachter The good doctor's guide to colds and flu : how to prevent and treat colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, strep throat, and pneumonia at any age 616.205 S29
Penny Simkin The birth partner : a complete guide to childbirth for dads, doulas, and other labor companions 618.2 S457
David Perlmutter Brain wash : detox your mind for clearer thinking, deeper relationships, and lasting happiness 612.82 P451
Uma Naidoo This is your brain on food : an indispensable guide to the surprising foods that fight depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and more 616.8 N143
Paul A Offit You bet your life : from blood transfusions to mass vaccination, the long and risky history of medical innovations 615.5 O328
Meghan O'Rourke The invisible kingdom : reimagining chronic illness 616.044 O74
Don S Dizon 100 questions & answers about ovarian cancer 616.994 D648
Temple Grandin Autism and girls : world-renowned experts join those with autism to resolve issues that girls and women face every day! 616.8588 G753a
Ira M Rutkow Empire of the scalpel : the history of surgery 617 R97
Walter Willett Eat, drink, and be healthy : the Harvard Medical School guide to healthy eating 613.2 S627
F. B. M. de Waal Different : gender through the eyes of a primatologist 612.6 W111
Louann Brizendine The upgrade : how the female brain gets stronger and better in midlife and beyond 612.8 B86u

Karen Cheung The impossible city : a Hong Kong memoir 951.25 C426
William Marvel Mr. Lincoln goes to war 973.71 M39m
Johann Chapoutot The law of blood : thinking and acting as a Nazi 940.5343 C367
Phil Keith To the uttermost ends of the earth : the epic hunt for the south's most feared ship--and the greatest sea battle of the Civil War 973.75 K269
We are the middle of forever : Indigenous voices from Turtle Island on the changing Earth 970.004 W369
Cleopatra of Egypt : from history to myth 932 C628
John Carr Escape from the ghetto : a story of survival and resilience in World War II 940.5318 H439
Jonathan M Katz Gangsters of capitalism : Smedley Butler, the Marines, and the making and breaking of America's empire 973.91 B986
Kelly Lytle Hernández Bad Mexicans : race, empire, and revolution in the borderlands 972.1 H431
Greg Sarris Becoming story : a journey among seasons, places, trees, and ancestors 979.418 S75
Anne Sinclair In the shadows of Paris : the Nazi concentration camp that dimmed the City of Light 940.5318 S616
Alan W Fisher The Crimean Tatars 947.7 F531
Douglas Murray The war on the West 909.0982 M981
Ian Mortimer The time traveler's guide to Regency Britain : a handbook for visitors to 1789-1830 941.073 M888
Richard Hingley Conquering the ocean : the Roman invasion of Britain 936.1 H59
Caroline Elkins Legacy of violence : a history of the British empire 909.097 E526
Fintan O'Toole We don't know ourselves : a personal history of modern Ireland 941.7 O6
Tina Brown The palace papers : inside the House of Windsor--the truth and the turmoil 941.085 B877
Edmund Richardson The king's shadow : obsession, betrayal, and the deadly quest for the Lost City of Alexandria 958.1 R393
Helen Rappaport After the Romanovs : Russian exiles in Paris from the Belle Époque through revolution and war 944.361 R221
John Mack Faragher California : an American history 979.4 F219
Brendan Simms Hitler's American gamble : Pearl Harbor and Germany's march to global war 940.53 S592
R. J. Overy Blood and ruins : the last imperial war, 1931-1945 940.53 O96b
Anne Farrar Hyde Born of lakes and plains : mixed-descent peoples and the making of the American West 978.02 H993b
Garrett M Graff Watergate : a new history 973.924 G736
Tom Ramos From Berkeley to Berlin : how the Rad Lab helped avert nuclear war 355.02 R147
Alan Mikhail God's shadow : Sultan Selim, his Ottoman empire, and the making of the modern world 956.015 M589

Francine Hirsch Soviet judgment at Nuremberg : a new history of the international military tribunal after World War II 341.69 H615
Mary Randolph 8 ways to avoid probate 346.052 R194
Elie Mystal Allow me to retort : a Black guy's guide to the Constitution 342.73 M999

Literature & Writing
Delia Ephron Left on Tenth : a second chance at life : a memoir 813.54 E629
Diane Seuss Frank : sonnets 811 S496f
C. T. Salazar Headless John the Baptist hitchhiking : poems 811.6 S316
Aqueila M Lewis Stop hurting & dance 811 L67
Anita Loos San Francisco : a screen play 812 L86s
Lauren Arrington The poets of Rapallo : how Mussolini's Italy shaped British, Irish, and U.S. writers 821.9 A776
David Stephen Calonne The Beats in Mexico 810.9 C137
Melissa Febos Body work : the radical power of personal narrative 808.06 F314
Alice Walker Gathering blossoms under fire : the journals of Alice Walker 1965-2000 813 W177

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Adam Nicolson Life between the tides 577.699 N653
David George Haskell Sounds wild and broken : sonic marvels, evolution's creativity, and the crisis of sensory extinction 591.594 H349
Ryan North How to take over the world : practical schemes and scientific solutions for the aspiring supervillain 502.07 N811
James Poskett Horizons : the global origins of modern science 509 P842
Michael E Mann The hockey stick and the climate wars : dispatches from the front lines 577.2 M315
Carlo Rovelli There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness : and other thoughts on physics, philosophy and the world 500 R769

Performing Arts & Music
Natalie Hodges Uncommon measure : a journey through music, performance, and the science of time 781.43 H665
Scott Meslow From Hollywood with love : the rise and fall (and rise again) of the romantic comedy 791.43 M561
Michelle Morgan When Marilyn met the queen : Marilyn Monroe's life in England 792.092 M75m
Stephen Galloway Truly, madly : Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and the romance of the century 792.092 G138
Shawn Levy In on the joke : the original queens of stand-up comedy 792.7 L668

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Emma Loewe Return to nature : the new science of how natural landscapes restore us 155.91 L825
Arthur C Brooks From strength to strength : finding success, happiness, and deep purpose in the second half of life 155.67 B873
Daniel Chanan Matt Becoming Elijah : prophet of transformation 222.5 M43
Jonathan Rauch The constitution of knowledge : a defense of truth 177.3 R19
Dominic Green The religious revolution : the birth of modern spirituality, 1848-1898 204 G79
James Fox The world according to color : a cultural history 155.91 F830

Politics & Government
David Horowitz The enemy within : how a totalitarian movement is destroying America 320.51 H816e
Francis Fukuyama Liberalism and its discontents 320.51 F961
Danny Orbach Fugitives : a history of Nazi mercenaries during the Cold War 327.12 O16

Social Sciences & Current Events
Rachel Rear Catch the sparrow : a search for a sister and the truth of her murder 364.152 R232
Patrick Strickland The marauders 364.143 S851
Ken Croke Riding with evil : taking down the notorious Pagan Motorcycle Gang 363.2 C878
John Sowers Say all the unspoken things : a book of letters 306.85 S93
Sarah Weinman Scoundrel : how a convicted murderer persuaded the women who loved him, the conservative establishment, and the courts to set him free 364.152 W432
Tracey Gendron Ageism unmasked : exploring age bias and how to end it 305.26 G285
Cecil Beaton The glass of fashion : a personal history of fifty years of changing tastes and the people who have inspired them 391 B36
Laura F Edwards Only the clothes on her back : clothing and the hidden history of power in the nineteenth-century United States 391 E951
Rosemary C Salomone The rise of English : global politics and the power of language 306.44 S365
Susie Wise Design for belonging : how to build inclusion and collaboration in your communities 305.5 W754
Gene Slater Freedom to discriminate : how realtors conspired to segregate housing and divide America 363.5 S151
Thomas Piketty A brief history of equality 305 P636b
Clyde W Ford Of blood and sweat : Black lives and the making of White power and wealth 306.3 F75
Ron Franscell ShadowMan : an elusive psycho killer and the birth of FBI profiling 362.88 F857
Elizabeth Alexander The Trayvon generation 305.896 A376
Tracey M Lewis-Giggetts Black joy : stories of resistance, resilience, and restoration 305.896 L586
Peter Schweizer Red-handed : how American elites get rich helping China win 305.5 S413
Laura Kipnis Love in the time of contagion : a diagnosis 306.73 K57L
Trans bodies, trans selves : a resource by and for transgender communities 306.76 T687
Paul Holes Unmasked : my life solving America's cold cases 363.25 H715
Kim Kelly Fight like hell : the untold history of American labor 331.88 K295
Andre Henry All the white friends I couldn't keep : hope--and hard pills to swallow--about fighting for black lives 305.8 H396
Serhii Plokhy Atoms and ashes : a global history of nuclear disasters 363.17 P729a
Tom Burgis Kleptopia : how dirty money is conquering the world 364.132 B956
Rahaf Mohammed Rebel : my escape from Saudi Arabia to freedom 305.48 M725
Roosevelt Montás Rescuing Socrates : how the great books changed my life and why they matter for a new generation 370.92 M769
James A Miller Tinderbox : HBO's ruthless pursuit of new frontiers 384.55 M648t
Kathryn Miles Trailed : one woman's quest to solve the Shenandoah murders 364.152 M593
Fred Pearce A trillion trees : restoring our forests by trusting in nature 333.75 P36
Hugh Ryan The women's house of detention : a queer history of a forgotten prison 365.43 R952
Jay Caspian Kang The loneliest Americans 305.895 K131
Kimberly Jones How we can win : race, history and changing the money game that's rigged 305.896 J710
David Hendy The BBC : a century on air 384.55 H385
Juli Berwald Life on the rocks : building a future for coral reefs 333.9553 B553
Nancy Foner One quarter of the nation : immigration and the transformation of America 305.8 F732
Ann Hood Fly girl : a memoir 387.74 H761
Brian Hochman The listeners : a history of wiretapping in the United States 363.25 H656
Laura Thompson Heiresses : the lives of the million dollar babies 305.4821 T371
Kathryn Meyer McAllister Olivarius Necropolis : disease, power, and capitalism in the Cotton Kingdom 305.8 O41
Chase's calendar of events. 394 C48

Sports & Games
Thomas Aiello Hoops : a cultural history of basketball in America 796.3 A27
Ben McGrath Riverman : an American odyssey 797.122 M178
Bob Harig Tiger & Phil : golf's most fascinating rivalry 796.352 H224
Peter Golenbock Whispers of the gods : tales from baseball's golden age, told by the men who played it 796.357 G581

Travel & Geography
Imani Perry South to America : a journey below the Mason-Dixon to understand the soul of a nation 917.504 P429
Deborah D Douglas Moon U.S. civil rights trail : a traveler's guide to the people, places, and events that made the movement 917.504 M818
Martijn Doolaard One year on a bike : from Amsterdam to Singapore 910 D720
Great cities : the stories behind the world's most fascinating places. 911 G798


Carole Boston Weatherford Unspeakable : the Tulsa Race Massacre U 976.6 W378

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