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New Print Non-Fiction for March


Biography & Genealogy
Alia Volz Home baked: my mom, marijuana, and the stoning of San Francisco 979.461 V889
Jan Morris Thinking again 823 M87

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Nancy F Cott Fighting words: the bold American journalists who brought the world home between the wars 070.92 C827

Business & Economics
Justin Farrell Billionaire wilderness: the ultra-wealthy and the remaking of the American West 333.72 F247

Food & Drink
Ashley L Jones Modern cast iron: the complete guide to selecting, seasoning, cooking, and more 641.589 J710
Emma Teal Laukitis The Salmon Sisters: feasting, fishing, and living in Alaska 641.69 L369

Health & Medicine
Daniel Lieberman Exercised: why something we never evolved to do is healthy and rewarding 612.044 L716e
Dennis C Turk The pain survival guide: how to become resilient and reclaim your life 616.047 T847

Annalee Newitz Four lost cities: a secret history of the urban age930.1 N46
Chris Wallace Countdown 1945: the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the world 940.542 W155
Kathy Lee Peiss Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe 940.5486 P359
Amy Stanley Stranger in the Shogun's city: a Japanese woman and her world 952.025 S251
Robert Spencer Rating America's presidents 973.09 S74r
John Matteson A worse place than hell: how the civil war battle of Fredericksburg changed a nation 973.7 M429
Ty Seidule Robert E Lee and me: a Southerner's reckoning with the myth of the Lost Cause 973.71 S426
Gary Kamiya Spirits of San Francisco: voyages through the unknown city 979.461 K156s

Languages & Linguistics
Albert Costa The bilingual brain: and what it tells us about the science of language 404.2 C823

Literature & Writing
Elizabeth George Mastering the process: from idea to novel 808.3 G34m
Barbara Ehrenreich Had I known: collected essays 814.54 E33

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Peter Wothers Antimony gold and Jupiter's wolf: how the elements were named 546.8 W913
Neil Shubin Some assembly required: decoding four billion years of life, from ancient fossils to DNA 576.8 S56
Wendy Williams The language of butterflies: how thieves, hoarders, scientists, and other obsessives unlocked the secrets of the world's favorite insect 595.78 W721

Performing Arts & Music
Sydney Ladensohn Stern The brothers Mankiewicz: hope, heartbreak, and Hollywood classics 791.4 M314s

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Steven Kotler The art of impossible: a peak performance primer 158.1 K874a
Emily M D ScottFor all who hunger: searching for communion in a shattered world 284.1 S832

Politics & Government
Claudio Saunt Unworthy republic: the dispossession of Native Americans and the road to Indian territory 323.1197 S257
William A Darity From here to equality: reparations for Black Americans in the twenty-first century 323.1196 D248
Jil lWatts The black cabinet: the untold story of African Americans and politics during the age of Roosevelt 323.1196 W349

Social Sciences & Current Events
Ronald Bailey Ten global trends every smart person should know : and many others you will find interesting 303.49 B154t
Thomas Piketty Capital and ideology 305 P636
Rosalind Miles The women's history of the modern world: how radicals, rebels, and everywomen revolutionized the last 200 years 305.42 M64
Frank B Wilderson Afropessimism 305.8 W645
Heather Cox Richardson How the South won the Civil War: oligarchy, democracy, and the continuing fight for the soul of America 306.2 R521
Glennon Doyle Untamed 306.89 D772u
Simon Winchester Land: how the hunger for ownership shaped the modern world 333.3 W759L
James B Comey Saving justice: truth, transparency, and trust 363.25 C732s
Nicole Perlroth This is how they tell me the world ends: the cyberweapons arms race 363.32 P422
Bill Gates How to avoid a climate disaster: the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need 363.738 G223
Scott L Newstok How to think like Shakespeare: lessons from a renaissance education 370.11 N479
Deirdre Mask The address book: what street addresses reveal about identity, race, wealth, and power
388.1 M379
Mark Bittman Animal, vegetable, junk : a history of food, from sustainable to suicidal 394.1 B62a


Nikki Grimes Kamala Harris: rooted in justice Child 328.73 H240g

Posted on Mar. 12, 2021 by Cherilyn Chang