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New Print Non-Fiction for March 2022


Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Daniel Oppenheimer Far from respectable : Dave Hickey and his art 709.2 H628o
Hugh Howard Architects of an American landscape : Henry Hobson Richardson, Frederick Law Olmsted, and the reimagining of Americas public and private spaces 712.092 H849
Winfred Rembert Chasing me to my grave : an artist's memoir of the Jim Crow South 759.13 R282
Edward Sorel Profusely illustrated : a memoir 741.5 S713p
Sophie Longhurst Crafting authentic paper flowers : the beginner's guide to creating beautiful lifelike paper blooms with step-by-step projects 745.54 L854
Diana Darke Stealing from the Saracens : how Islamic architecture shaped Europe 720.94 D248
Tristram Hunt The radical potter : the life and times of Josiah Wedgwood 738 W393h

Biography & Genealogy
Peter Richardson Savage journey : Hunter S. Thompson and the weird road to Gonzo 070.92 T47r
Laura Gayle Coates Just pursuit : a black prosecutor's fight for fairness 340.092 C632
Philip Freeman Hannibal : Rome's greatest enemy 937.04 H245
Bernardine Evaristo Manifesto : on never giving up 823 E17

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Andrew Pettegree The library : a fragile history 027 P499

Business & Economics
Sebastian Mallaby The power law : venture capital and the making of the new future 332.041 M252
Ed Slott The new retirement savings time bomb : how to take financial control, avoid unnecessary taxes, and combat the latest threats to your retirement savings 332.024 S634n
Laurence J Kotlikoff Money magic : an economist's secrets to more money, less risk, and a better life 332.024 K874m
Christopher Leonard The lords of easy money : how the Federal Reserve broke the American economy 332.1 L581

Larry Kaufman Chess board options : a memoir of players, games and engines 794.1092 K162

Computer Science
Mike Wang iPhone 13 user guide : the easy & complete manual to discover all iPhone 13 tips & tricks for seniors and beginners 004.1675 I647w

Health & Medicine
Lucy Foulkes Losing our minds : the challenge of defining mental illness 616.89 F824
Sara Halevi A Warrior's guide to fibromyalgia 616.74 H168
Katherine E Standefer Lightning flowers : my journey to uncover the cost of saving a life 610.28 S244
Jonathan Reisman The unseen body : a doctor's journey through the hidden wonders of human anatomy 612 R277
Paul Conti Trauma: the invisible epidemic : how trauma works and how we can heal from it 616.8521 C767

David Graeber The dawn of everything : a new history of humanity 901 G734
Lea Ypi Free : a child and a country at the end of history 949.6503 Y89
Dan Jones Powers and thrones : a new history of the Middle Ages 940.1 J762
David Landau Brothers from time to time 972.91 L253
Bob Drury The last stand of Fox Company : a true story of U.S. Marines in combat 951.9 D796
Christina Riggs Treasured : how Tutankhamun shaped a century 932 R448t
Max Egremont The glass wall : lives on the Baltic frontier 947.908 E32
Willard Sterne Randall The founders' fortunes : how money shaped the birth of America 973.3 R158
Elizabeth D Samet Looking for the good war : American amnesia and the violent pursuit of happiness 940.53 S187
Patrice M Dabrowski Poland : the first thousand years 943.8 D114
Among the ruins : Arnold Genthe's photographs of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and firestorm 979.461 G33
Ross King The bookseller of Florence : the story of the manuscripts that illuminated the Renaissance 381.45 K54

Home & Family Management
Olivia Williams The secret life of the Savoy 647.94 W670

Mary Randolph The executor's guide : settling a loved one's estate or trust 346.056 R194

Literature & Writing
Megan Walsh The subplot : what China is reading and why it matters 895.13 W168
Maeve Higgins Tell everyone on this train I love them : essays 824.9 H535
Farah Jasmine Griffin Read until you understand : the profound wisdom of Black life and literature 810.9 G875
Richie Hofmann A hundred lovers : poems 811 H713
Zora Neale Hurston You don't know us negroes and other essays 814 H966
Kevin Birmingham The sinner and the saint : Dostoevsky and the gentleman murderer who inspired a masterpiece 891.73 D72bi

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Aubrey Clayton Bernoulli's fallacy : statistical illogic and the crisis of modern science 519.2 C579
Renée Newman Diamonds : their history, sources, qualities and benefits 553.82 N55d

Performing Arts & Music
Mel Brooks All about me! : my remarkable life in show business 792.092 B873a
Isaac Butler The method : how the twentieth century learned to act 792.028 B976
Valerie Bertinelli Enough already : learning to love the way I am today 792.092 B462
Dana Stevens Camera man : Buster Keaton, the dawn of cinema, and the invention of the Twentieth Century 792.092 K25st

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Galit Atlas Emotional inheritance : a therapist, her patients, and the legacy of trauma 155.9 A651
William J Peters At heaven's door : what shared journeys to the afterlife teach about dying well and living better 202.3 P442
Daniel H Pink The power of regret : how looking backward moves us forward 152.4 P655
Katherine May Wintering : the power of rest and retreat in difficult times 155.93 M451
Janine Di Giovanni The vanishing : faith, loss, and the twilight of Christianity in the land of the prophets 275.6 D574
Politics & Government
Kekla Magoon Revolution in our time : the Black Panther Party's promise to the people 323.1196 M275
Tim Marshall The power of geography : ten maps that reveal the future of our world 320.12 M367p
John Nichols Coronavirus criminals and pandemic profiteers : accountability for those who caused the crisis 320.9 N61

Social Sciences & Current Events
Nicole Zelniker Mixed 305.8 Z51
John A List The voltage effect : how to make good ideas great and great ideas scale 300.72 L696
Ricky Tucker And the category is... : inside New York's vogue, house, and ballroom community 305.906 T795
Zoe-Jane Playdon The hidden case of Ewan Forbes : and the unwritten history of the trans experience 306.76 F741
Katie Worth Miseducation : how climate change is taught in America 363.738 W899
Andrew Ross Sunbelt blues : the failure of American housing 363.5 R733
Toufah Jallow Toufah : the woman who inspired an African #MeToo movement 364.153 J219
Pamela Paul 100 things we've lost to the internet 302.23 P324
Marshall Allen Never pay the first bill : and other ways to fight the health care system and win 362.1 A531
Peter S Goodman Davos man : how the billionaires devoured the world 305.5234 G621
Priya Fielding-Singh How the other half eats : the untold story of food and inequality in America 363.8 F460
Chuck Klosterman The nineties : a book 306.0973 K664

Sports & Games
Roger Deakin Waterlog : a swimmer's journey through Britain 797.2 D341

Travel & Geography
Ejnar Mikkelsen Against the ice : the classic Arctic survival story 919.8 M636a
Harley Rustad Lost in the Valley of Death : a story of obsession and danger in the Himalayas 915.4 S593
Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok & Nusa Tenggara 915.986 L847

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