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New Print Non-Fiction for March 2023

Applied Sciences
Anna Ploszajski Handmade : a scientist's search for meaning through making 620.11 P723
Bruce W. Holsinger On parchment : animals, archives, and the making of culture from Herodotus to the digital age 676 H756
Judith M. Taylor Women and gardens : obstacles and opportunities for women gardeners throughout history 635.082 T238
Luc Olivier Bauer The microchip revolution : a brief history 621.3815 B344

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Antoinette J. Lee Architects to the nation : the rise and decline of the Supervising Architect's Office 725.1 L510
Leslie Jones Coded : art enters the computer age, 1952-1982 776 J762
Brian D. Coleman Inner spaces : Paul Vincent Wiseman & the Wiseman Group 747.0922 W814
Helen Frankenthaler Helen Frankenthaler : late works, 1988-2009 759.13 F829
Osei Bonsu African art now : 50 pioneers defining African art for the twenty-first century 709.6 B721
Michael Jang Who is Michael
779.2 J336
Miodrag Marković Ot Temišvara do Havaja : Pavel Petrović--zaboravljeni srpski slikar 606 P49

Biography & Genealogy
Zhifeng Huang Unfree speech : the threat to global democracy and why we must act, now 951.25 H860
Nick Cave Faith, hope and carnage 780.92 C378
John Boessenecker Gentleman bandit : the true story of Black Bart, the Old West's most infamous stagecoach robber 979.404 B627
Jennette McCurdy I 'm glad my mom died 792.092 M133
Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt Ramses II : an illustrated biography 932 R183
Kal Raustiala The absolutely indispensable man : Ralph Bunche, the United Nations, and the fight to end empire 973.0496 B942
Heather Gay Bad Mormon : a memoir 792.092 G285
Pamela Anderson Love, Pamela 792.092 An231
Mihail Sebastian Journal, 1935-1944 940.5318 S443
Reid Mitenbuler Wanderlust : an eccentric explorer, an epic journey, a lost age 910.92 F88

Business & Economics
J. Rolf Haltza Job Stacking : Leverage the advent of remote work into more money and security 650.1 H169
Kevin Eikenberry The long-distance team : designing your team for the modern workplace 650.1 E348
Naomi Oreskes The big myth : how American business taught us to loathe government and love the free market 330.122 O669
Bill Perkins Die with zero : getting all you can from your money and your life 332.024 P448
Tyler Cowen Talent : how to identify energizers, creatives, and winners around the world 650.14 C874
James B. Stewart Unscripted : the epic battle for a media empire and the Redstone family legacy 658.11 S849
Jamie P. Hopkins Find your freedom: financial planning for a life on purpose 332.024 H774
Thomas H. Davenport All-in on AI : how smart companies win big with artificial intelligence 658.05 D247
Martin Wolf The crisis of democratic capitalism 330.12 W853
Martin Neil Baily The retirement challenge : what's wrong with America's system and a sensible way to fix it 332.024 B161

Vladimir Barskiĭ Korchnoi and his chess grandchildren 794.15 K84ba
Mihail Marin Learn from Bent Larsen 794.15 L33m
Tigran Vartanovich Petrosi͡an Python strategy 794.15 P49q
Judit Polgár Master your chess with Judit Polgar : inspirational lessons from the all-time best female chess player 794.1 P769
Lubomir Kavalek Life at play : a chess memoir 794.1092 K21
Nathan Rose Chess opening names : the fascinating & entertaining history behind the first few moves 794.1 R79
Junior Tay Ivanchuk, move by move 794.15 I932t
Steve Giddins Nimzowitsch, move by move 794.15 N71g
Savelij G. Tartakover The hypermodern game of chess 794.12 T19

Computer Science
J. F. DiMarzio Android smartphones 004.1675 D582
Joseph Steinberg Cybersecurity all-in-one 005.8 S819
Edward C. Baig iPhone 004.1675 I647b
Dwight Spivey iPhone for seniors 004.1675 I647s
Peter Weverka Microsoft Office 365 all-in-one 005.5 W544m
Nick Vandome Video chatting for seniors in easy steps 004.6 V246

Business & Economics
Mark. Light The Strategic board : the step-by-step guide to high-impact governance 658.422 L723
Lilya Wagner Diversity and philanthropy : expanding the circle of giving 658.152 W125
Lila Corwin Berman The American Jewish philanthropic complex : the history of a multibillion-dollar institution 361.76 B516

Performing Arts & Music
Jeanette Leech Seasons they change : the story of acid and psychedelic folk 781.66 L483

Social Sciences & Current Events
Lila Corwin Berman The American Jewish philanthropic complex : the history of a multibillion-dollar institution 361.76 B516
Ali Winston The riders come out at night : brutality, corruption, and cover-up in Oakland 363.2 W783

Food & Drink
Michael Cecchi-Azzolina Your table is ready : tales of a New York City maître d' 647.9509 C387

Health & Medicine
Henry Marsh And finally : matters of life and death 617.48 M369a
Ricardo Nuila The people's hospital : hope and peril in American medicine 362.11 N968
Dasha Kiper Travelers to unimaginable lands: stories of dementia, the caregiver, and the human brain 616.831 K57
George C. Halvorson Epidemic of care : a call for safer, better, and more accountable health care 362.1 H197
Sarah Chadwick The Sweetness of Venus : a History of the Clitoris 612.6 C432
Jeffrey A. Lieberman Malady of the mind : schizophrenia and the path to prevention 616.89 L716m
Constance Okeke The glaucoma guidebook : expert advice on maintaining healthy vision 617.74 O413

Richard Hurowitz In the garden of the righteous : the heroes who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust 940.5318 H941
Volodymyr Zelensky A message from Ukraine : speeches, 2019-2022 947.7 Z377m
Louisa Lim The people's republic of amnesia : Tiananmen revisited 951.058 L628
Olga Onuch Zelensky effect 947.7 Z377on
Dina Porat Nakam : the Holocaust survivors who sought full-scale revenge 940.5318 P821
Jermaine Fowler The humanity archive : recovering the soul of Black history from a whitewashed American myth 973.0496 F785
Brad Meltzer The Nazi conspiracy : the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill 940.53 M496
Larry Loftis The watchmaker's daughter : the true story of World War II heroine Corrie Ten Boom 940.5318 L827
Corrie Ten Boom The hiding place 940.53 T289
Christopher Hibbert Venice : the biography of a city 945.31 H62
Myth America : historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past 973 M999
Spencer A. Klavan How to save the West : ancient wisdom for 5 modern crises 909.0982 K637
Malcolm Harris Palo Alto : a history of California, capitalism, and the world 979.473 H313
Christopher C. Gorham The confidante : the untold story of the woman who helped win WWII and shape modern America 973.917 G668
Susan Ronald Hitler's aristocrats : the secret power players in Britain and America who supported the Nazis, 1923-1941 940.531 R768

Languages & Linguistics
Bryan A. Garner Garner's modern English usage 428 G234

Anthony Mancuso Nolo's quick LLC 346.0668 M268q

Languages & Linguistics
Samara Bay Permission to speak : how to change what power sounds like, starting with you 808.51 B340
Grant Faulkner The art of brevity : crafting the very short story 808.3 F273
Matt Bird The secrets of character : writing a hero anyone will love 808.3 B618s
Lisa Cron Story genius : how to use brain science to go beyond outlining and write a riveting novel (before you waste three years writing 327 pages that go nowhere) 808 C947s
Joshua Landy The world according to Proust 843.9 P96w
Hallie Ephron Writing & selling your mystery novel 808.3 E63
Rachel Zucker The poetics of wrongness 814.6 Z938
Heather Bourbeau Monarch 811 B766
Erin Pushman How to read like a writer : 10 lessons to elevate your reading and writing practice 808.02 P987
Letters of note : correspondence deserving of a wider audience 808.8 L651
Zadie Smith The wife of Willesden : incorporating: The wife of Willesden's tale, which tale is preceded by The general lock-in and The wife of Willesden's prologue and followed by A retraction, told in verse couplets ; translated from the Chaucerian into North Weezian 822.9 S642
Hilton Als Joan Didion : what she means 813 D55w
Mark Twain at large, his travels here and abroad : an exhibition from the Mark Twain papers of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 25 September to 11 December 1998 818 T969

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Alexa Hagerty Still life with bones : genocide, forensics, and what remains 599.9 H144
Brian Cox Black holes : the key to understanding the universe 523.88 C87
Felix Flicker The magick of physics : uncovering the fantastical phenomena in everyday life 530 F621
Paco Calvo Planta sapiens : the new science of plant intelligence 571.2 C169
Elliot Rappaport Reading the glass : a captain's view of weather, water, and life on ships 551.5 R221
Jared Farmer Elderflora : a modern history of ancient trees 582.16 F233
Mike Brown How I killed Pluto and why it had it coming 523.49 B877

Performing Arts & Music
William Claxton Jazzlife : a journey for jazz across America in 1960 781.65 C579
Micah E. Salkind Do you remember house? : Chicago's queer of color undergrounds 781.648 S167

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Gloria Beth Amodeo God's ex-girlfriend : a memoir about loving and leaving the evangelical Jesus 269.2 A523
Leigh Brasington Right concentration : a practical guide to the jhanas 294.3 B823
Bart D. Ehrman Armageddon : what the Bible really says about the end 236.9 E339
Tiago Forte Building a second brain : a proven method to organize your digital life and unlock your creative potential 153.35 F737
Mary Jo McConahay Playing God : American Catholic bishops and the far right 261.7 M459
Susan Magsamen Your brain on art : how the arts transform us 111.85 M212
Toby Matthiesen The Caliph and the Imam : the making of Sunnism and Shiism 297.8 M443
Joe Hart Take command : find your inner strength, build enduring relationships, and live the life you want 155.2 H251
Fred Rosenbaum Visions of reform : Congregation Emanu-el and the Jews of San Francisco, 1849-1999 296.09 R813
Trey Gowdy Start, stay, or leave : the art of decision making 153.83 G722
Rick Rubin The creative act : a way of being 153.35 R896
Jenny Odell Saving time : discovering a life beyond the clock 153.75 O22

Politics & Government
Nathan Law Freedom : how we lose it and how we fight back 323.44 L410
Matthew Dallek Birchers : how the John Birch Society radicalized the American right 320.52 D146
James Bamford Spyfail : foreign spies, moles, saboteurs, and the collapse of America's counterintelligence 327.12 B19

Social Sciences & Current Events
Bruce Schneier A hacker's mind : how the powerful bend society's rules, and how to bend them back 303.4834 S359
Gustave Le Bon The crowd : a study of the popular mind 302.3 L492
Louisa Lim Indelible city : dispossession and defiance in Hong Kong 303.484 L628
Jeremy Atherton Lin Gay bar : why we went out 306.76 L735
author. United States. Congress. House. Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol The January 6th report : the report of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol 363.325 U581
Maggie Bullock The kingdom of prep : the inside story of the rise and (near) fall of J. Crew 381.14 B938
John Higgs Love and let die : James Bond, the Beatles, and the British psyche 306.0941 H637
David Mura The stories Whiteness tells itself : racial myths and our American narratives 305.8 M97
Margareta (Artist) Magnusson The Swedish art of aging exuberantly : life wisdom from someone who will (probably) die before you 305.26 M199
David McGowan Weird scenes inside the canyon : Laurel Canyon, covert ops & the dark heart of the hippie dream 306.1 M146
Black futures 305.896 B627
Elizabeth Cobbs Fearless women : feminist patriots from Abigail Adams to Beyoncé 305.42 C654
Sander Van der Linden Foolproof : why misinformation infects our minds and how to build immunity 302.23 V228
Jake Bittle The great displacement : climate change and the next American migration 362.87 B624
Roxanna Asgarian We were once a family : a story of love, death, and child removal in America 364.152 A818
Robert D. Putnam The upswing : how America came together a century ago and how we can do it again 306.0973 P99u
Mary B. Marcy The small college imperative : models for sustainable futures 378.73 M322
Daniel T. Willingham Outsmart your brain : why learning is hard and how you can make it easy 370.15 W733
Alissa Quart Bootstrapped : liberating ourselves from the American Dream 305.5 Q19b
Oliver Darkshire Once upon a tome : the misadventures of a rare bookseller 381.45 D219

Travel & Geography
Anne Vipond Alaska by cruise ship : the complete guide to cruising Alaska 917.98 V812
Mexico. 917.2 E975
Rick Steves' Amsterdam & the Netherlands. 914.9 S848
Rick Steves' Great Britain. 914.1 S848
Fodor's Toronto. 917.1354 F653
Rick Steves Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany 914.55 S848
New Orleans 917.63 L847
Fodor's essential Hawaii. 919.69 F653

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