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New Print Non-Fiction for May


Applied Sciences
R W Hamming The art of doing science and engineering: learning to learn 620 H183

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Mark Nelson Hollywood Arensberg: avant-garde collecting in midcentury LA 708.1794 N331
Alexander Nemerov Fierce poise: Helen Frankenthaler and 1950s New York 759.13 F829n
James Gardner The Louvre: the many lives of the world's most famous museum 708.4 L89g
Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper: photographs 1961-1967 779 H778
Blake Gopnik Warhol 750.92 W27g

Biography & Genealogy
Les Payne The dead are arising: the life of Malcolm X 320.54 L778
Allen J Abel The short life of Hughie McLoon: a true story of baseball, magic, and murder 796.357 M459a
Michael J Fox No time like the future: an optimist considers mortality 792.092 F793n
Erik Edstrom Un-American: a soldier's reckoning of our longest war 958.104 E79
Liz Lee Heinecke Radiant: the dancer, the scientist, and a friendship forged in light 792.8 H468
Susan Page Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the lessons of power 328.73 P39pa
Glenn Stout Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid: America's original gangster couple 364.155 W618s
Anne Glenconner Lady in waiting: my extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown 941.085 G484
Blake Bailey Philip Roth: the biography 813.54 R84b
Jonathan Alter His very best: Jimmy Carter, a life 973.926 C32a
Samanth Subramanian A dominant character: the radical science and restless politics of J. B. S. Haldane 570.92 S164

Business & Economics
Ali Kriegsman How to Build a Goddamn Empire: Advice on Creating Your Brand with High-Tech Smarts, Elbow Grease, Infinite Hustle, and a Whole Lotta Heart. 658.421 K894
Robert Wringham The Good life for wage slaves: how to live beautifullu as a white-collar drudge 302.35 W95
Emily Heyward Obsessed: building a brand people love from day one 658.8 H519
Gerald L Posner Pharma: greed, lies, and the poisoning of America 338.4761 P85
Kurt Andersen Evil geniuses: the unmaking of America 330.973 A544

Computer Science
Gabriel René The spatial web: how web 3.0 will connect humans, machines and AI to transform the world 004.6 R290

Food & Drink
William SitwellThe restaurant: a 2,000-year history of dining out 647.95 S623r
Michael Moss Hooked: food, free will, and how the food giants exploit our addictions 613.2 M913h

Health & Medicine
Andrew Steele Ageless: the new science of getting older without getting old 612.67 S322
Robin Lane Fox The invention of medicine: from Homer to Hippocrates 610.938 L265
Anna Mehler Paperny Hello I want to die please fix me: depression in the first person 362.1968 P197
Abdul El-Sayed Medicare for all: a citizen's guide 368.42 E74
Jason Karlawish The problem of Alzheimer's: how science, culture, and politics turned a rare disease into a crisis and what we can do about it 616.831 K146
James Nestor Breath: the new science of a lost art 613.192 N468
Alex Riley A cure for darkness: the story of depression and how we treat it 616.8527 R573

Tracy Campbell The year of peril: America in 1942 973.9 C152
Jonathan Lichtenstein The Berlin shadow: living with the ghosts of the Kindertransport 940.5318 L617
Carl Hoffman Liar's circus: a strange and terrifying journey into the upside-down world of Trump's MAGA rallies 973.933 H699
Bettye Kearse The other Madisons: the lost history of a president's Black family 973.5 K214
Kerri Arsenault Mill town: reckoning with what remains 974.1 A72
Winston Churchill The river war 962.403 C563
Saul David Crucible of hell: the heroism and tragedy of Okinawa, 1945 940.542 D280
Margaret MacMillan War: how conflict shaped us 355.02 M167
Brian Castner Stampede: gold fever and disaster in the Klondike 971.9 C353s
Katherine Sharp Landdeck The women with silver wings: the inspiring true story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II 940.5449 L232
Florian Huber Promise me you'll shoot yourself: the mass suicide of ordinary Germans in 1945 940.53 H862
Judith Batalion The light of days: the untold story of women resistance fighters in Hitler's ghettos 940.5318 B311

Brittany K Barnett A knock at midnight: a story of hope, justice, and freedom 340.092 B264

Literature & Writing
Why to these rocks: 50 years of poems from the Community of Writers 811.008 W622
Amanda Gorman The hill we climb: an inaugural poem for the country 811.6 G68
Ward Farnsworth Farnsworth's classical English style 808.02 F237

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Katie Mack The end of everything (astrophysically speaking) 523.1 M153
Carl Safina Becoming wild: how animal cultures raise families, create beauty, and achieve peace 591.7 S128
Walter Isaacson The code breaker: Jennifer Doudna, gene editing, and the future of the human race 576.5 D744i
Alan P Lightman Probable impossibilities: musings on beginnings and endings 523.1 L724p
Aimee Nezhukumatathil World of wonders: in praise of fireflies, whale sharks, and other astonishments 590 N499
Patrik Svensson The book of eels: our enduring fascination with the most mysterious creature in the natural world 597.43 S25
Donald R Prothero The story of evolution in 25 discoveries: the evidence and the people who found it 576.8 P967s
Eric Jay Dolin A furious sky: the five-hundred-year history of America's hurricanes 551.55 D66

Performing Arts & Music
Gabriel Byrne Walking with ghosts 792.092 B996
Sharon Stone The beauty of living twice 792.092 S711
David Thomson A light in the dark: a history of movie directors 791.43 T482L
Olivia Laing Funny weather: art in an emergency 701 L187
Ian Zack Odetta: a life in music and protest 780.92 O28
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong When women invented television: the untold story of the female powerhouses who pioneered the way we watch today 791.45 A735w

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Julia Galef The scout mindset: why some people see things clearly and others don't 153.4 G131
Nancy Pearcey Love thy body: answering hard questions about life and sexuality 241.697 P316
Rachel Jankovic You who?: why you matter and how to deal with it 233 J259
Frederik L Schodt My Heart Sutra: a world in 260 characters 294.385 S363

Politics & Government
Jon Fasman We see it all: liberty and justice in an age of perpetual surveillance 323.4482 F263
Ben Macintyre Agent Sonya: Moscow's most daring wartime spy 327.12 M152
Scott Anderson The quiet Americans: four CIA spies at the dawn of the Cold War--a tragedy in three acts 327.12 A549
Stacey Abrams Our time is now: power, purpose, and the fight for a fair America 324.6 A834
Raffi Berg Red Sea spies: the true story of Mossad's fake diving resort 327.12 B452
Anne Applebaum Twilight of democracy: the seductive lure of authoritarianism 321.9 A64
Alexander Wolff Endpapers: a family story of books, war, escape, and home 325.21 W855

Jonathan Waterman National Geographic atlas of the National Parks 917.304 N277
Jan Yager Help yourself now: a practical guide to finding the information and assistance you need 361 Y107

Social Sciences & Current Events
Nicole Laporte Guilty admissions: the bribes, favors, and phonies behind the college cheating scandal 378.1 L315g
Amelia Pang Made in China: a prisoner, an SOS letter, and the hidden cost of America's cheap goods 331.11 P193
Richard Haiduck Shifting gears: 50 baby boomers share their meaningful journeys in retirement 306.38 H125
Catherine LiuVirtue hoarders: the case against the professional managerial class Catherine Liu 305.52 L78
Talia Lavin Culture warlords: my journey into the dark web of white supremacy 320.569 L394
Dianne M Stewart Black women, Black love: America's war on African American marriage 305.48 S491
Beth A Bechky Blood, powder, and residue: how crime labs translate evidence into proof 363.25 B387
Brian Alexander The hospital: life, death, and dollars in a small American town 362.1 A261
Edward Ball Life of a Klansman: a family history in white supremacy 305.8 B187
Ruby Hamad White tears brown scars: how white feminism betrays women of color 305.8 H17
Paul Matzko The radio right: how a band of broadcasters took on the federal government and built the modern conservative movement 384.54 M439
Koa Beck White feminism: from the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind 305.42 B388
Helen Lewis Difficult women: a history of feminism in 11 fights 305.42 L673
Ruʼyā Ḥakkākiyān A beginner's guide to America: for the immigrant and the curious 352.73 H155
Ioan Grillo Blood gun money: how America arms gangs and cartels 363.33 G859
Liza Rodman The babysitter: my summers with a serial killer 364.152 R618
Jay Weaver Dirty gold: the rise and fall of an international smuggling ring 364.133 W379
Alastair Gee Fire in Paradise: an American tragedy 363.34 G27
Becky Cooper We keep the dead close: a murder at Harvard and a half century of silence 364.152 C784
John E Douglas The killer's shadow: the FBI's hunt for a white supremacist serial killer 364.152 D73k
Michael Eric Dyson Long time coming: reckoning with race in America 305.8 D998L
Claudia Rankine Just us: an American conversation 305.8 R211
Julia Cooke Come fly the world: the jet-age story of the women of Pan Am 387.7 C772
Joshua D Rothman The ledger and the chain: how domestic slave traders shaped America 306.362 R745


Rebecca E Hirsch Where have all the bees gone? Child 595.79 H615

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