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New Print Non-Fiction for October 2022



Applied Sciences
Bryan Appleyard The car : the rise and fall of the machine that made the modern world 629.222 Ap57

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Jo Bradford Smart phone smart photography : simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android 770 B727
Hilma af Klint Hilma af Klint : paintings for the future 759.85 K688
Scott Kelby The iPhone photography book : how to get professional-looking images using the camera you always have with you 770 K271
Douglas Baylis California houses of Gordon Drake 720.92 D789
San Francisco Rave Flyers : 1991-1993 760 S194

Biography & Genealogy
Alice Wong Year of the tiger : an activist's life 362.4092 W846
Lis Smith Any given Tuesday : a political love story 973.931 Sm511
David Grohl The storyteller : tales of life and music 780.92 G894
Robert Crawford Eliot after The waste land 811 E43e
Philip Short Putin 947.086 P9885
Carmen Maria Machado In the dream house : a memoir 813 M180
Bobby Whitlock Bobby Whitlock : a rock 'n' roll autobiography 782.421 W613
Andrew Kirtzman Giuliani : the rise and tragic fall of America's mayor 974.71 G537
Leanda De Lisle Henrietta Maria : the warrior queen who divided a nation 941.062 H395
Damien Lewis Agent Josephine : American beauty, French hero, British spy 792.8 B1654L
James Patterson Diana, William, and Harry 941.085 P317

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Geoff Tibballs Ripley's believe it or not! : escape the ordinary 031.02 R589t

Business & Economics
J L Collins How I lost money in real estate before it was fashionable : a cautionary tale 333.33 C692
Tessa V West Jerks at work : toxic coworkers and what to do about them 650.13 W516
Melody J Wilding Trust yourself : stop overthinking and channel your emotions for success at work 650.1 W67
Felicity Hassan How to get your act together : a judgement-free guide to diversity and inclusion for straight white men 658.3 H275
Nick Kostov Boundless : the rise, fall, and escape of Carlos Ghosn 338.4762 K848
J Bradford DeLong Slouching towards Utopia : an economic history of the twentieth century 330.9 D383
Jason Neufeld How to get Medicaid to pay for some or aLL of your long-term care expenses 332.024 N394
Mark Koyama How the world became rich : the historical origins of economic growth 338.9 K849
Alex Jones The great reset : and the war for the world 339.2 J710
Ben Bernanke 21st century monetary policy : the Federal Reserve from the great inflation to COVID-19 332.11 B517t

Sergey Kasparov Doubled pawns : a practical guide 794.14 K192
Gyula Breyer : the Chess Revolutionary 794.1092 B848a

Computer Science
Mark Riddle Solving the riddle of microsoft and your computer 004.1 R431

Health & Medicine
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen Sensing, feeling, and action : the experiential anatomy of body-mind centering 612 C660
Chantel Spring Prat The neuroscience of you : how every brain is different and how to understand yours 612.8 P887
Anthony Warner The angry chef's guide to spotting bullsh*t in the world of food : bad science and the truth about healthy eating 613.2 W242
Anthony Warner The angry chef : bad science and the truth about healthy eating 613.2 W242a
Anthony Warner The truth about fat 613.2 W242t
Saliha Mahmood Ahmed Foodology : a food-lover's guide to digestive health & happiness 616.3 Ah52
Jason Kander Invisible storm : a soldier's memoir of politics and PTSD 616.8521 K131

Catherine Ceniza Choy Asian American histories of the United States 973.0495 C459
Paul Stephenson New Rome : the empire in the east 938 St451
Linda Kinstler Come to this court & cry : how the Holocaust ends 940.5318 K626
Angus Robertson The crossroads of civilization : a history of Vienna 943.61 R545
Edmund S Wong Growing up in San Francisco's Chinatown : boomer memories from noodle rolls to apple pie 979.461 W846
Craig L Symonds Nimitz at war : command leadership from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay 940.545 N617
Michael Frank One hundred Saturdays : Stella Levi and the search for a lost world 940.5318 F851
James Scott Black snow : Curtis LeMay, the firebombing of Tokyo, and the road to the atomic bomb 940.5449 S427
Nicholas Reynolds Need to know : World War II and the rise of American intelligence 940.5486 R333
Luke Mogelson The storm is here : an American crucible 973.933 M724
Ronald H Spector A continent erupts : decolonization, civil war, and massacre in postwar Asia, 1945-1955 950.4 S74c
Tova Friedman The daughter of Auschwitz : my story of resilience, survival and hope 940.5318 F914

Languages & Linguistics
Jason Li Hanmoji Handbook: your guide to the Chinese language through emoji 495.1 L612
Leanne Hinton Flutes of fire : an introduction to Native California languages 497 H66

Ilona M Bray Effective fundraising for nonprofits : real-world strategies that work 658.152 B827

Literature & Writing
Isaac Fitzgerald Dirtbag, Massachusetts : a confessional 813 F576
Ada Calhoun Also a poet : Frank O'Hara, my father, and me 818.6 C128
William Deresiewicz The end of solitude : selected essays on culture and society 814.6 D431
Martin Edwards The life of crime : detecting the history of mysteries and their creators 809.3872 E266
Elizabeth Hardwick The uncollected essays of Elizabeth Hardwick 814 H26u

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Ashley Jean Yeager Bright galaxies, dark matter, and beyond : the life of astronomer Vera Rubin 520.92 R824
Vlatko Vedral From micro to macro : adventures of a wandering physicist 530 V41f
How to innovate : an ancient guide to creative thinking 303.483 H866
Carl Zimmer Life's edge : the search for what it means to be alive 570 Z72
Michael D Gordin On the fringe : where science meets pseudoscience 500 G652
Jordan Ellenberg Shape : the hidden geometry of information, biology, strategy, democracy, and everything else 516 E452
Sean M Carroll Something deeply hidden : quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime 530.12 C319s

Performing Arts & Music
Nathaniel Dorsky Devotional cinema 791.436 D738
Stan Brakhage Metaphors on vision 791.4 B81
Brendan Hennessey Luchino Visconti and the alchemy of adaptation 791.43 V822
Randy Rainbow Playing with myself 792.7 R134
Bob Stanley Let's do it : the birth of pop music : a history 781.64 St251
Peter Duchin Face the music : a memoir 780.92 D83b
Larry Rothe Music for a city, music for the world : 100 years with the San Francisco Symphony 784.2 R742
Paul McCartney The lyrics : 1956 to the present 782.421 M123
Susan Curtis Dancing to a black man's tune : a life of Scott Joplin 780.92 J744

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Jenna Kutcher How are you, really? : Living your truth one answer at a time 158.1 K969
Colin O'Brady The 12 hour walk : invest one day, conquer your mind, and unlock your best life 158.1 Ob61
Batja Mesquita Between us : how cultures create emotions 155.8 M562
Ed Mylett The power of one more : the ultimate guide to happiness and success 158.1 M994
Shankar Vedantam Useful delusions : the power and paradox of the self-deceiving brain 153.4 V414
Stephen Trzeciak Wonder drug : 7 scientifically proven ways that serving others is the best medicine for yourself 158 T781
John Perry The art of procrastination : a guide to effective dawdling, lollygagging, and postponing 155.232 P429
Carlo Ginzburg The cheese and the worms : the cosmos of a sixteenth-century miller 273.6 G435
Steve Magness Do hard things : why we get resilience wrong and the surprising science of real toughness 155.2 M274

Politics & Government
Jonathan Lemire The big lie : election chaos, political opportunism, and the state of American politics after 2020 324.973 L543
Kirk W Johnson The fishermen and the dragon : fear, greed, and a fight for justice on the Gulf Coast 322.42 J661
Mark Leibovich Thank you for your servitude : Donald Trump's Washington and the price of submission 324.273 L525
M Nolan Gray Arbitrary lines : how zoning broke the American city and how to fix it 307.12 G77
Paris Marx Road to nowhere : what Silicon Valley gets wrong about the future of transportation 388.4 M39
Jamin B Raskin Unthinkable : trauma, truth, and the trials of American democracy 328.73 R22
Dana Milbank The destructionists : the twenty-five year crack-up of the Republican Party 324.2734 M63
Andy Borowitz Profiles in ignorance : how America's politicians got dumb and dumber 320.973 B645

Gen Tanabe The ultimate scholarship book 2023 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes 378.34 T153

Social Sciences & Current Events
Malcolm W Nance They want to kill Americans : the militias, terrorists, and deranged ideology of the Trump insurgency 303.484 N153
Olivette Otele African Europeans : an untold history 305.896 Ot2
Hayley Campbell All the living and the dead : from embalmers to executioners, an exploration of the people who have made death their life's work 363.75 C152
Kathleen Hale Slenderman : online obsession, mental illness, and the violent crime of two Midwestern girls 364.152 H13
William Bunch After the ivory tower falls : how college broke the American dream and blew up our politics-- and how to fix it 378.73 B94
Emily Weinstein Behind their screens : what teens are facing (and adults are missing) 302.23 W433
Dan Bouk Democracy's data : the hidden stories in the U.S. census and how to read them 317.3 B663
Emily Ladau Demystifying disability : what to know, what to say, and how to be an ally 305.908 L121
Rob Dunn A natural history of the future : what the laws of biology tell us about the destiny of the human species 304.2 D923
Gaia Vince Nomad century : how climate migration will reshape our world 362.87 V767n
Beth Macy Raising Lazarus : hope, justice, and the future of America's overdose crisis 362.29 M259r
Anya Kamenetz The stolen year : how COVID changed children's lives, and where we go now 306.4309 K153
Steven W. Thrasher The viral underclass : the human toll when inequality and disease collide 362.1962 T412
Katherine Blunt California burning : the fall of Pacific Gas and Electric--and what it means for America's power grid 333.79 B65
Angela Saini Inferior : how science got women wrong and the new research that's rewriting the story 305.4 S218i
Heather C McGhee The sum of us : what racism costs everyone and how we can prosper together 305.8 M173
Emma Marris Wild souls : freedom and flourishing in the non-human world 333.95 M349w
Kit Heyam Before we were trans : a new history of gender 306.768 H511
Charles L Marohn Confessions of a recovering engineer : transportation for a strong town 388.4 M347
Disability visibility : first-person stories from the Twenty-first century 305.908 D630
Donna Jackson Nakazawa Girls on the brink : helping our daughters thrive in an era of increased anxiety, depression, and social media 305.23 N163
Mark Bergen Like, comment, subscribe : inside YouTube's chaotic rise to world dominance 338.761 B453
Christine Lynne Porath Mastering community : the surprising ways coming together moves us from surviving to thriving 302 P832
Eleanor Herman Off with her head : three thousand years of demonizing women in power 305.42 H55
Marisa G Franco Platonic : how the science of attachment can help you make and keep friends as an adult 302.34 F848
Amia Srinivasan The right to sex : feminism in the twenty-first century 305.42 Sr34
W David Marx Status and culture : how our desire for social rank creates taste, identity, art, fashion, and constant change 305 M369
Douglas Rushkoff Survival of the richest : escape fantasies of the tech billionaires 303.483 R953s
Marian L Tupy Superabundance : the story of population growth, innovation, and human flourishing on an infinitely bountiful planet 304.6 T839
David Brooks The second mountain : the quest for a moral life 302 B873

Sports & Games
David Christian Principles of power 796.8 C462p
David Christian Footwork wins fights 796.8 C462
David Christian Aggressive defense 796.8 C462a
Alexandre Paiva Brazilian jiu-jitsu : the ultimate guide to dominating Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts combat 796.815 P166
Renzo Gracie Mastering jujitsu 796.815 G753
Clint Sharp Sambo: an essential guide to a martial art similar to judo, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling along with its throws, grappling styles, holds, and submission techniques 796.8 Sh236

Travel & Geography
Frommer's Ireland 914.15 F93e
Elizabeth Wenk John Muir Trail : the essential guide to hiking America's most famous trail 917.948 W475
Arizona & the Grand Canyon 917.91 E975
Fodor's Scotland 914.11 F653
Rick Steves' Paris 914.436 S848
Maui revealed 919.692 M449
Rick Steves' London 914.21 S848
Rick Steves' Rome 914.56 S848
Walking Barcelona : the best of the city 914.672 N277
Fodor's Essential New Zealand 919.3 F653
Tom Greig The 500 hidden secrets of London 914.21 G824
Fodor's Montréal & Québec City 917.14 F653

Universal (Children's)

Laura Sherman Chess is child's play : teaching techniques that work U 794.1 S55
Robert Macfarlane The lost words : a spell book U 821.92 M143

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