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New Print Non-Fiction for October 2023



Applied Sciences

Marc Masters High bias : the distorted history of the cassette tape 621.3893 M423

Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Janie Paul Making art in prison : survival and resistance 750 P324
Corita Art Center New rules next week : Corita Kent's legacy through the eyes of twenty artists and writers 764 C798
Hung Liu Hung Liu : portraits of promised lands 704.0395 L783
Elizabeth Way Ann Lowe : American couturier 746.92 L913
World press photo. 778 W92

Biography & Genealogy

Donna Leon Wandering through life : a memoir 813.54 L579
Sarah Royal A.K.A. Lucy : the dynamic and determined life of Lucille Ball 792.092 B187r
William J. Mann Bogie & Bacall : the surprising true story of Hollywood's greatest love affair 792.092 M281
Robert Boyers Maestros & monsters : days & nights with Susan Sontag & George Steiner 818 B791
Aidan Levy Saxophone Colossus : the life and music of Sonny Rollins 780.92 R754
Billy Walters Gambler : secrets from a life at risk 795.092 W235
Victoria Houseman American classicist : the life and times of Edith Hamilton 880.9 H218ho
Nathan Ward Son of the Old West : the odyssey of Charlie Siringo: cowboy, detective, writer of the wild frontier 978.02 S619

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism

Michael Wolff The fall : the end of Fox News and the Murdoch dynasty 070.4 W855
Adam Nagourney The Times : how the newspaper of record survived scandal, scorn, and the transformation of journalism 071.4 N152

Business & Economics

Andy Robinson What every board member needs to know, do, and avoid : a 1-hour guide 658.422 R658
Walter Isaacson Elon Musk 338.092 M987i
Matthew Rice Nonprofit asset management : effective investment strategies and oversight 658.152 R495
Marcus Buckingham Go put your strengths to work : 6 powerful steps to achieve outstanding performance 650.1 B923
Kay Sprinkel Grace Transform your board into a fundraising force : the essentials you need to know 658.152 G729
Gayle L. Gifford How to make your board dramatically more effective, starting today : a board member's guide to asking the right questions 658.422 G458
Michael Lewis Going infinite : the rise and fall of a new tycoon 332.4 L675


Andy Soltis Grandmaster secrets : openings 794.122 S691g
M. I. Dvoret͡skiĭ Maneuvering : the art of piece play 794.12 D98
Vladimir Tukmakov Coaching the chess stars 794.15 T916
Joel Benjamin Winning the World Open : strategies for success at America's most prestigious open chess tournament 794.157 B459
Emmanuel Bricard Strategic chess exercises : find the right way to outplay your opponent 794.1 B849

Computer Science

Devorah Heitner Growing up in public : coming of age in a digital world 004.6 H473
Joan Lambert Microsoft Word : step by step (Microsoft 365 and Office 2021) 005.5 M924a
Kashmir Hill Your face belongs to us : a secretive startup's quest to end privacy as we know it 006.2 H645
Scott N. Schober Hacked again 005.8 S363h
Tobias Dengel The sound of the future : the coming age of voice technology 006.2 D392
Susumu Higa Okinawa 741.5 H634
Roz Chast I must be dreaming 741.5 C489i

Food & Drink

Taras Grescoe The lost supper : searching for the future of food in the flavors of the past 641.3 G83
Trevor Felch San Francisco cocktails : an elegant collection of over 100 recipes inspired by the City by the Bay 641.874 F311
Sarah Lohman Endangered eating : America's vanishing foods 641.5973 L833e
Nandita Godbole Masaleydaar : classic Indian spice blends 641.5954 G577

Health & Medicine

Lauren Cook Generation anxiety : a Millennial and Gen Z guide to staying afloat in an uncertain world 616.8522 C771
Emily Monosson Blight : fungi and the coming pandemic 616.9 M751
Liran Einav We've got you covered : rebooting American health care 362.1 E352


Adam Lazarus The wingmen : the unlikely, unusual, unbreakable friendship between John Glenn and Ted Williams 951.9 L431
Alec Scott Oldest San Francisco : a guide to historic treasures 979.461 S425
Janet Horvath The cello still sings : a generational story of the Holocaust and of the transformative power of music 940.5318 H823
David Howell Petraeus Conflict : the evolution of warfare from 1945 to Ukraine 355.02 P493
Scott Shane Flee north : a forgotten hero and the fight for freedom in slavery's borderland 973.711 Sh528
Daniel James Brown Under a flaming sky : the great Hinckley firestorm of 1894 977.6 B877
Julian Jackson France on trial : the case of Marshal Pétain 944.081 J13f
Volker Ullrich Germany 1923 : hyperinflation, Hitlers putsch, and democracy in crisis 943.085 U42
Michael Harriot Black AF history : the un-whitewashed story of America 973.0496 H312

Home & Family Management

Mercury Stardust Safe and sound : a renter-friendly guide to home repair 643.7 S795


Anu Bradford Digital empires : the global battle to regulate technology 343.73 B799
Diane Dimond We're here to help : when guardianship goes wrong 346.7301 D582
Janet Portman Every tenant's legal guide 346.7304 P853
Marcia Stewart Every landlord's legal guide 346.0434 S849

Literature & Writing

Cathy Rentzenbrink Write it all down : how to put your life on the page 808.066 R422
Padraig Ó Tuama Poetry unbound : 50 poems to open your world 808.1 O919

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Neil deGrasse Tyson To infinity and beyond : a journey of cosmic discovery 520 T994
J. Craig Venter The voyage of Sorcerer II : the expedition that unlocked the secrets of the ocean's microbiome 579.17 V46
Steve Nicholls Alien worlds : how insects conquered the Earth, and why their fate will determine our future 595.7 N613
Cat Bohannon Eve : how the female body drove 200 million years of human evolution 599.93 B676

Performing Arts & Music

Keegan-Michael Key The history of sketch comedy : a journey through the art and craft of humor 792.7 K441
Lindsay Nelson Circulating fear : Japanese horror, fractured realities, and new media 791.43 N424
David Fantle C'mon, get happy : the making of Summer Stock 791.43 F216
Sly Stone Thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin) : a memoir 780.92 S877
Maria Tallchief Maria Tallchief : America's prima ballerina 792.8 T147

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion

Naomi Klein Doppelganger : a trip into the mirror world 128 K641
Jeremy Nobel Project unLonely : healing our crisis of disconnection 158.2 N744
Michael Easter Scarcity brain : fix your craving mindset and rewire your habits to thrive with enough 158.1 E135
Lesley Hazleton The First Muslim : the Story of Muhammad 297.63 H431


Heather Cox Richardson Democracy awakening : notes on the state of America 320.473 R521
Rachel Maddow Prequel : an American fight against Fascism 320.53 M197
David Pietrusza Roosevelt sweeps nation : FDR's 1936 landslide & the triumph of the liberal ideal 973.917 P626r
Nick Bunker In the shadow of fear : America and the world in 1950 327.73 B94i
Sohrab Ahmari Tyranny, Inc. : how private power crushed American liberty-- and what to do about it 322.3 A286

Social Sciences & Current Events

Dashka Slater Accountable : the true story of a racist social media account and the teenagers whose lives it changed 302.23 S631
Franco. Berardi After the future 306.4 B483
Scott C. Johnson The Con Queen of Hollywood : the hunt for an evil genius 364.163 J692
Foster Hirsch Hollywood and the movies of the Fifties : the collapse of the studio system, the thrill of Cinerama, and the invasion of the ultimate body snatcher--television 384.8 H66
Anthony Uzarowski Friends of Dorothy : a celebration of LGBTQ+ icons 306.76 U99
Omékongo Dibinga Lies about Black people : how to combat racist stereotypes and why it matters 305.896 D544
Jennifer Breheny Wallace Never enough : when achievement culture becomes toxic--and what we can do about it 370.15 W187
Mary Ellen S. Capek Effective philanthropy : organizational success through deep diversity and gender equality 361.76 C237
Tony Platt The scandal of Cal : land grabs, white supremacy, and miseducation at UC Berkeley 378.794 P719
Rachel L. Swarns The 272 : the families who were enslaved and sold to build the American Catholic Church 306.362 S973
50 years of Ms. : the best of the pathfinding magazine that ignited a revolution 305.42 F469
Mike Rothschild Jewish space lasers : the Rothschilds and 200 years of conspiracy theories 305.892 R8468

Sports & Games

Peter Shotwell Go! : more than a game 794.4 S559g

Travel & Geography

Jill K. Robinson San Francisco scavenger : the ultimate search for San Francisco's hidden treasures 917.9461 R658
Gordon Miller Pacific voyages : the story of sail in the great ocean 919 M647
Brazil. 918.1 L847

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