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New Print Non-Fiction for September 2023



Applied Sciences
Sinclair McKay The hidden history of code-breaking : the secret world of cyphers, uncrackable codes, and elusive encryptions 652.8 M153h

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Preston Gannaway Remember me 779.2 G198

Biography & Genealogy
Jing Li The red sandals : a memoir 305.9069 L693
John F. Szwed Cosmic scholar : the life and times of Harry Smith 791.4 S642
George M. Johnson All boys aren't blue : a memoir-manifesto 306.76 J661
Kai Bird American Prometheus : the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer 530.92 O62bi
Alex Bertie Trans mission : my quest to a beard 306.76 B543
Mary Gabriel Madonna : a rebel life 780.92 M183g
Fae Myenne Ng Orphan bachelors : a memoir : on being a confession baby, Chinatown daughter, baa-bai sister, caretaker of exotics, literary balloon peddler, and grand historian of a doomed American family 813.54 N576
Marc Eliot The Hag : the life, times, and music of Merle Haggard 780.92 H145
Will Hermes Lou Reed : the king of New York 780.92 R323h
Thomas Harding The maverick : George Weidenfeld and the golden age of publishing 070.5092 W417
Jeezy Adversity for sale : you gotta believe 780.92 J44
Rachel Shteir Betty Friedan : magnificent disrupter 305.42 F91m
Sara Leibovits The girl who survived Auschwitz 940.5318 L525
Tracy Daugherty Larry McMurtry : a life 813 M16d
Anna Funder Wifedom : Mrs. Orwell's invisible life 828.912 B635
Evelyn McDonnell The world according to Joan Didion 813 D55m

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Spencer W. Stuart Contemporary issues in rare book & manuscript collecting: a handbook for collectors and the trade 090 S929

Business & Economics

Amanda Goodall Credible : the power of expert leaders 658.4 G646
Angus Deaton Economics in America : an immigrant economist explores the land of inequality 339.2 D285e
Michael A. Blaakman Speculation nation : land mania in the revolutionary American republic 333.1 B627

Michael Basman Chess openings 794.122 B315
Christof Sielecki Keep It Simple 1.d4 : A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for White 794.122 S571
The imagery of chess revisited 794.1 I314
Bobby Fischer : from chess genius to legend 794.1092 F52
M. I. Dvoret͡skiĭ Positional play 794.123 D98p
Larry Evans The 10 most common chess mistakes-- and how to avoid them! 794.1 E92t
Pal Benko Winning with chess psychology 794.1 B46
Edmar Mednis Practical opening tips 794.122 M49p
Bruce Pandolfini More chessercizes : checkmate! 794.1 P189m
William Hartston How to cheat at chess : everything you always wanted to know about chess, but were afraid to ask 794.1 H335
M. E. Taĭmanov I was a victim of Bobby Fischer 794.15 T133i
Thomas Willemze The chess toolbox : practical techniques everyone should know 794.1 W69

Health & Medicine
Dental care and oral health sourcebook : basic consumer health information about caring for the mouth and teeth, including facts about dental hygiene and routine care guidelines, fluoride, sealants, cavities, root canals, extractions, implants, veneers, dentures, and orthodontic and orofacial procedures ; along with information about periodontal (gum) disease, canker sores, dry mouth, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ), oral cancer, and other conditions that impact oral health, suggestions for finding and financing care, a glossary of related terms, and directories of additional resources 617.6 D414
Anupam B. Jena Random acts of medicine : the hidden forces that sway doctors, impact patients, and shape our health 616 J517
Ilana Yurkiewicz Fragmented : a doctor's quest to piece together American health care 362.1 Y958
Philip W. Gold Breaking through depression : a guide to the next generation of promising research and revolutionary new treatments 616.8527 G618
Sarah Ramey The lady's handbook for her mysterious illness : a memoir 616.044 R172

Brendan O'Brien The long war : the IRA and Sinn Fein 941.5 O132
Paul Kix You have to be prepared to die before you can begin to live : ten weeks in Birmingham that changed America 976.1 K628
Jonathan Miles The once upon a time world : the dark and sparkling story of the French Riviera 944.94 M643
Matthew Parker One fine day : Britain's empire on the brink, September 29, 1923 909.097 P242
Katja Hoyer Beyond the wall : a history of East Germany 943.1 H852
Adrian Keith Goldsworthy Rome and Persia : the seven hundred year rivalry 909 G624
Victor Sebestyen Budapest : portrait of a city between East and West 943.91 S443

Languages & Linguistics

Jarrett Hill Historically Black phrases : from "I ain't one of your lil' friends" to "Who all gon' be there?" 427.973 H645

Literature & Writing
Rupi Kaur Milk and honey 811.6
Rupi Kaur The sun and her flowers 811.6 K217s
Mosab Abu Toha Things you may find hidden in my ear : poems from Gaza 821 A165
Annie Ernaux The young man 848 E71y
Pier Paolo Pasolini In danger : a Pasolini anthology 851 P28i
Michael Schur How to be perfect : the correct answer to every moral question 818.602 S394
Todd Rogers Writing for busy readers : communicate more effectively in the real world 808.02 R724

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Daniel J. Simons Nobody's fool : why we get taken in and what we can do about it 177.3 S611
Greg Harden Stay sane in an insane world : how to control the controllables and thrive 158.1 H259
Peter Coviello Make yourselves gods : Mormons and the unfinished business of American secularism 289.3 C873
Robert J. Waldinger The good life : lessons from the world's longest scientific study of happiness 158 W163

Calder Walton Spies : the epic intelligence war between East and West 327.1 W238s

Social Sciences & Current Events
Tobias Rose-Stockwell Outrage machine : how tech amplifies discontent, disrupts democracy--and what we can do about it 302.23 R797
Tahir Hamut Izgil Waiting to be arrested at night : a Uyghur poet's memoir of China's genocide 305.8943 I98
Sonali Kolhatkar Rising up : the power of narrative in pursuing racial justice 305.8 K813
Aidan Key Trans children in today's schools 306.76 K441
Yepoka Yeebo Anansi's gold : the man who looted the west, outfoxed Washington, and swindled the world 364.163 Y42
Jonathan L. Scheuer Water and power in West Maui 333.91 S328
Roseanne Montillo Deliberate cruelty : Truman Capote, the millionaire's wife, and the murder of the century 364.152 M792
Kylie Cheung Survivor injustice : state-sanctioned abuse, domestic violence, and the fight for bodily autonomy 362.88 C526
Nicholas Radburn Traders in men : merchants and the transformation of the transatlantic slave trade 306.362 R124
Thomas K. Ledgerwood The California workers' compensation survival manual : powerful, time tested techniques for surviving your California workers' compensation client 368.41 L473
Mustafa Suleyman The coming wave : technology, power, and the twenty-first century's greatest dilemma 303.483 S949
Mathias Döpfner The trade trap : dealing with democracies and dictators 382 D755
H. Paul Jeffers Bloody business : an anecdotal history of Scotland Yard 363.2 J45
Jonathan Taplin The end of reality : how four billionaires are selling a fantasy future of the metaverse, Mars, and crypto 306.3 T173
Mariah Rankine-Landers Do your lessons love your students? : creative education for social change 370.11 R211
Minna Dubin Mom rage : the everyday crisis of modern motherhood 306.874 D814

Travel & Geography
James R. Hansen Completely mad :
Tom McClean, John Fairfax, and the epic race to row solo across the Atlantic
910.45 H249
Grand Canyon : the complete guide. 917.91 K135
The rough guide to France. 914.4 R856
The rough guide to Thailand. 915.986 R856
Moon handbooks. Mexico City. 917.25 M818
DK Eyewitness Japan. 915.2 E975

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