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New Print Nonfiction for October 2021



Applied Sciences
David Rooney About time : a history of civilization in twelve clocks 681.11 R674
Melissa Shapiro Piglet : the unexpected story of a deaf blind pink puppy and his family 636.7 S222

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Charlie English The gallery of miracles and madness : insanity, modernism, and Hitler's war on art 700.943 E361

Biography & Genealogy
Fiona Sampson Two-way mirror : the life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning 821.8 B885

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism
Jesse Watters How I saved the world 070.92 W344
What to eat with what you read : a guide for book clubs and other literary gatherings. 028 W55
Library and book trade almanac 020.5 L697 2021

Business & Economics
Michael Moe The mission corporation : how contemporary capitalism can change the world one business at a time 658.4 M722
Adrian Daub What tech calls thinking : an inquiry into the intellectual bedrock of Silicon Valley 338.476 D263
William Quinn Boom and bust : a global history of financial bubbles 338.542 Q443
Oliver Burkeman Four thousand weeks : time management for mortals 650.11 B959
Karla McLaren The power of emotions at work : accessing the vital intelligence in your workplace 650.1 M222
Noelle Ihli The ultimate guide to selling on Etsy : How to Turn Your Etsy Shop Side Hustle into a Business 658.8 I252

T D Harding Better chess for average players 794.1 H263
A S SuėtinSoviet chess strategy 794.12 S94
Mihai Suba Positional chess sacrifices 794.1 S939p
The Nimzo-indian Move by Move. 794.1225 E20 E54
Alexander Delchev Attacking the English 794.122 D345a
I A Rabinovich The Russian endgame handbook 794.124 R116
Nikolaĭ Kalinichenko The club player's modern guide to gambits 794.12 K144
Lev Alburt Carlsen vs. Karjakin : World Chess Championship, New York 2016 794.15 C284a
Yochanan Afek Invisible moves : discover your blind spots and stop overlooking simple wins 794.1 A25
Georges Renaud The art of checkmate 794.1 R395

Computer Science
Jacob Gaboury Image objects : an archaeology of computer graphics 006.6 G113
Matt Neuburg iOS 14 programming fundamentals with Swift : Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa basics 005.268 N392
Julien Danjou Serious Python : black-belt advice on deployment, scalability, testing, and more 005.1 P99d
Michael Miller My Google Chromebook 004.165 C557
Adam D Scott JavaScript cookbook : programming the web 005.2762 J416s
Robin Nixon Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript : a step-by-step guide to creating dynamic websites 005.2762 P575n
Sean McManus Raspberry Pi for dummies 004.165 R226m
Michael Margolis Arduino cookbook : recipes to begin, expand, and enhance your projects 004.165 A677m
Joe Hutsko Macs all-in-one for dummies. 004.165 M248h
Edward C Baig IPad and iPad Pro 004.1675 I646ba

Food & Drink
Mariana Velasquez Colombiana : a rediscovery of recipes & rituals from the soul of Colombia 641.598 V541

Health & Medicine
Jim Downs Maladies of empire : how colonialism, slavery, and war transformed medicine 614.4 D759

William M Arkin On that day : the definitive timeline of 9 973.931 A721o
Eric Jager The last duel : a true story of crime, scandal, and trial by combat in medieval France 394.8 J182
Jeff Danziger Lieutenant Dangerous : a Vietnam War memoir 959.7 D238
Peter Bergen The rise and fall of Osama bin Laden 958.104 B495
Carol Leonnig I alone can fix it : Donald J. Trump's catastrophic final year 973.933 L554
Julie Kavanagh The Irish assassins : conspiracy, revenge, and the Phoenix Park murders that stunned Victorian England 941.7 K171
Nancy Marie Brown The real Valkyrie : the hidden history of Viking warrior women 948.7 B878
Malcolm Margolin Deep hanging out : wanderings and wonderment in native California 979.4 M329
Th Goodrich Hellstorm : the death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947 940.54 G65h
Dara Horn People love dead Jews : reports from a haunted present 909.04924 H783
Evan Osnos Wildland : the making of America's fury 973.93 O834
Josiah Thompson Last second in Dallas 973.922 T371
Dawn Turner Three girls from Bronzeville : a uniquely American story of race, fate, and sisterhood 977.311 T851
Helena Merriman Tunnel 29 : the true story of an extraordinary escape beneath the Berlin Wall 943.155 M552
Christopher Joseph Nicodemus Capozzola Bound by war : how the United States and the Philippines built America's first Pacific century 355.03 C246
Blaine Harden Murder at the mission : a frontier killing, its legacy of lies, and the taking of the American West 979.503 H259

Literature & Writing
Meghan O'Gieblyn God, human, animal, machine : technology, metaphor, and the search for meaning 814.6 O4g
Neal Cassady The Joan Anderson letter : the holy grail of the beat generation 810.9 C3432
City Lights pocket poets anthology 808.81 C58 2015
Maria Tatar The heroine with 1,001 faces 809.93 T187
Marion Roach Smith The memoir project : a thoroughly non-standardized text for writing & life 808.066 R53
Joy Harjo Poet warrior : a memoir 818.54 H285

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Margaret Lowman The arbornaut : a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us 581.7 L91
Paul Halpern Flashes of creation : George Gamow, Fred Hoyle, and the great Big Bang debate 520.92 H195
Bill François Eloquence of the sardine : extraordinary encounters beneath the sea 578.77 F856
Harry Cliff How to make an apple pie from scratch : in search of the recipe for our universe, from the origins of atoms to the big bang 523.01 C611
Rebecca Giggs Fathoms : the world in the whale 599.5 G367
Stephon Alexander Fear of a black universe : an outsider's guide to the future of physics 523.1 A374f
Phillip M Hoose The race to save the Lord God Bird 598.7 H789
Giulio Boccaletti Water : a biography 553.7 B630

Performing Arts & Music
Kathy Iandoli Baby girl : better known as Aaliyah 780.92 A44
Joel Selvin Hollywood Eden : electric guitars, fast cars, and the myth of the California paradise 782.421 S469h
Hayley Mills Forever young : a memoir 792.092 M629

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Scott A Small Forgetting : the benefits of not remembering 153.12 S181
Laurel Kendall Mediums and magical things : statues, paintings, and masks in Asian places 202.1 K331
Michael E McCullough The kindness of strangers : how a selfish ape invented a new moral code 177.7 M133

Politics & Government
William M Arkin The generals have no clothes : the untold story of our endless wars 327.73 A721
A Susan Williams White malice : the CIA and the covert recolonization of Africa 327.73 W670
Paul Sabin Public citizens : the attack on big government and the remaking of American liberalism 320.51 S135
Ruth Ben-Ghiat Strongmen : Mussolini to the present 321.9 B430
Vincent Bevins The Jakarta method : Washington's anticommunist crusade & the mass murder program that shaped our world 327.12 B468

Mosby's medical dictionary. 610.3 M894

Social Sciences & Current Events
Christine French Cully Dear Highlights : what adults can learn from 75 years of letters and conversations with kids 305.23 C898
Kate Aronoff A planet to win : why we need a green new deal 363.7 A769p
Sharon R Muse Kidnapped by a client : the incredible true story of an attorney's fight for justice 364.154 M986
Jennifer Vogel Flim-flam man a true family history 364.109 V862
Samantha Montano Disasterology : dispatches from the frontlines of the climate crisis 363.738 M762
Daniel Klaidman Kill or capture : the war on terror and the soul of the Obama presidency 363.325 K662
James Gustave Speth They knew : the federal government's fifty-year role in causing the climate crisis 363.738 S37
Dorceta E Taylor Toxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility 363.72 T212
Rafia Zakaria Against white feminism : notes on disruption 305.42 Z138
Erwin Chemerinsky Presumed guilty : how the Supreme Court empowered the police and subverted civil rights 363.2 C517p
Marc Weingarten Thirsty : William Mulholland, California water, and the real Chinatown 333.91 W423
Christopher Bail Breaking the social media prism : how to make our platforms less polarizing 302.23 B15
Jaime Lowe Breathing fire : female inmate firefighters on the front lines of California's wildfires 363.37 L951
Tom Standage A brief history of motion : from the wheel, to the car, to what comes next 388 S785
Cathy Park Hong Minor feelings : an Asian American reckoning 305.48 H757
Robin DiAngelo Nice racism : how progressive White people perpetuate racial harm 305.8 D542n
Jennifer De Leon White space : essays on culture, race, & writing 304.8 D377
Marcia A Zug Buying a bride : an engaging history of mail-order matches 306.82 Z838
Karen Petrou Engine of inequality : the fed and the future of wealth in America 305.5 P448
Chris Enss Hearts West : true stories of mail order brides on the frontier 306.82 E79
Lizzie Johnson Paradise : one town's struggle to survive an American wildfire 363.37 J630
Tarana Burke Unbound : my story of liberation and the birth of the Me Too movement 364.153 B917
Reed Hastings No rules rules : Netflix and the culture of reinvention 384.55 H279
John Kelly The California Zephyr : an entertaining history of America's most celebrated train route 385.22 K295

Travel & Geography
Bob Welch Cascade summer : my adventure on Oregon's Pacific Crest Trail 917.95 W442
DK Eyewitness travel Paris 914.436 E975
Chaney Kwak The passenger : how a travel writer learned to love cruises & other lies from a sinking ship 910.916 K979
Greece. 914.95 L847
Scotland. 914.11 L847
Santa Fe, Taos & Albuquerque 917.895 M818


Bonnie Gratch Lindauer Hannah G. Solomon dared to make a difference Child 303.484 S471
Jacqueline Houtman Troublemaker for justice : the story of Bayard Rustin, the man behind the March on Washington Child 323.092 R928
Elizabeth Rusch You call this democracy? : how to fix our government and deliver power to the people Child 320.973 R951

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