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New Titles List for the Week of December 11


Sara Baume Spill simmer falter wither

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Casey Barrett Under water
Harry Dolan The man in the crooked hat
Maureen Jennings Let darkness bury the dead
Michael Robertson Moriarty returns a letter
Jeffrey Round Lake on the mountain
John Sandford Deep freeze
Helene Tursten Protected by the shadows

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Kari Maaren Weave a circle round

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Ed Brubaker Before the living end 741.5 B886b comics
William Gibson William Gibson's Archangel 741.5 G448 comics

* * * * *


Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Ennis Carter Posters for the people: art of the WPA 741.67 C323
Giovanni Curatola (editor) Persian ceramics: from the 9th to the 14th Century 738.3 C975
Karen Livingstone C.F.A. Voysey: arts & crafts designer 745.44 L788
Tudy Sammartini Decorative floors of Venice 747.4 S189

Biography & Genealogy
Richard G. Robbins, Jr. Overtaken by the night: one Russian's journey through peace, war, revolution, & terror 92 D999

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Bob Schieffer Overload: finding the truth in today's deluge of news 070.44 S332

Business & Economics
Lynn Stout The shareholder value myth: how putting shareholders first harms investors, corporations & the public 658.15 S889
Frits Van Paasschen The disruptors' feast: how to avoid being devoured in today's rapidly changing global economy 337 V273

Laszlo Polgár Endgames 794.124 P765
Laszlo Polgár Middlegames 794.123 P765

Computer Science
Nick Montfort 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1))[semi-colon] [colon] GOTO 10 005.262 M784

Food & Drink
Marcel Desaulniers Death by chocolate cakes: an astonishing array of chocolate enchantment 641.8653 D442
Marcel Desaulniers Death by chocolate cookies 641.8654 D442
Denis Kelly Essentials of slow cooking: delicious new recipes for slow cookers & braisers 641.588 K295

Health & Medicine
Kate Fagan What made Maddy run: the secret struggles & tragic death of an all-American teen 616.8584 F151
Ginevra Liptan The fibromanual: a complete fibromyalgia treatment guide for you & your doctor 616.74 L767
Casey Sherman The Ice Bucket Challenge: Pete Frates & the fight against ALS 616.839 S553
Dale E. Bredesen The end of Alzheimer's: the first program to prevent & reverse cognitive decline 616.831 B831
Jeffrey Kluger Apollo 8: the thrilling story of the first mission to the Moon 629.454 K667

Kerry Brown China's world: what does China want? 951.06 B877
Douglas Grindle How we won & lost the war in Afghanistan: two years in the Pashtun homeland 958.104 G866
John F. Marszalek (editor) The personal memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant: the complete annotated edition 973.8 G761
John Louis Sublett Staten Island: a walk down memory lane 974.71 S941
Julie Barlow The Bonjour effect: the secret codes of French conversation revealed 944 B258
Patrick Griffin The Townshend Moment: the Making of empire & revolution in the eighteenth century 941.073 G851
Arthur Herman 1917: Lenin, Wilson & the birth of the new world disorder 940.3 H551

Literature & Writing
Peter Ginna (editor) What editors do: the art, craft & business of book editing 808.027 G492

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Ted Anton Planet of microbes: the perils & potential of Earth's essential life forms 579 A634
Ross Bayton Plant families: a guide for gardeners & botanists 580.1 B361
Peter Wohlleben The inner life of animals: love, grief & compassion: surprising observations of a hidden world 591.5 W846
Janet Mann (editor) Deep thinkers: inside the minds of whales, dolphins & porpoises 599.5 M281
Wallace B. Mendelson The science of sleep: what it is, how it works & why it matters 591.51 M537
Mary Caperton Morton Aerial geology: a high-altitude tour of North America's spectacular volcanoes, canyons, glaciers, lakes, craters & peaks 557 M889

Performing Arts & Music
Roger Scruton The ring of truth: the wisdom of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung 782.1 S435

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Pete Greig Red moon rising: rediscover the power of prayer 248.3 G824
Mark Siderits Buddhism as philosophy: an introduction 181 S568

Social Sciences & Current Events
Edward B. Fiske Fiske guide to colleges 2018 378.73 F541

Travel & Geography
Lonely Planet Hawaii: top sights, authentic experiences 919.69 L847
Nathalie Dewalhens The 500 hidden secrets of Berlin 914.315 D515
Fodor's Barcelona 914.67 F653
Eyewitness London 914.21 E975
Lonely Planet The world: a traveller's guide to the planet 910.202 L847w
Monocle Amsterdam 914.92 M751
Monocle Venice 914.53 M751
The rough guide to Fiji 919.61 R856
Eyewitness Paris 914.436 E975
Wallpaper San Francisco 917.9461 W215

* * * * *


Philip Pullman La Belle Sauvage Child Pullman

* * * * *


Dale E. Bredesen The end of Alzheimer's: the first program to prevent & reverse cognitive decline CD 616.831 B831
Holger Hoock Scars of independence: America's violent birth CD 973.31 H776
Elizabeth Norton The hidden lives of Tudor women: a social history CD 942.05 N882

* * * * *

Jessica Bruder Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century
Corson, Trevor The Secret Life of Lobsters
Jonathan Cott (editor) Bob Dylan, the essential interviews
Dominique Crenn Atelier Crenn: metamorphosis of taste
Noah Feldman The three lives of James Madison: genius, partisan, president
Hannah Fry The mathematics of love: patterns, proofs & the search for the ultimate equation
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 100 amazing facts about the Negro
Jeff Goodell The water will come: rising seas, sinking cities & the remaking of the civilized world
David George Haskell The songs of trees: stories from nature's great connectors
William B. Helmreich Brooklyn Nobody Knows
Walter Isaacson Leonardo da Vinci
Paul Kingsnorth Confessions of a recovering environmentalist & other essays
Amy Knight Orders to kill: the Putin regime & political murder
Alfred W. McCoy In the shadows of the American century: the rise & decline of US global power
New York Magazine Highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, despicable: 50 years of New York
Richard Lloyd Parry Ghosts of the tsunami: death & life in Japan's disaster zone
Diana Preston Paradise in Chains: The Bounty Mutiny & the Founding of Australia
Dan Rather What unites us: reflections on patriotism
Mark Siderits Nagarjuna's Middle way: the Mulamadhyamakakarika
Holly Tucker City of light, city of poison: murder, magic & the first police chief of Paris
Jann S. Wenner 50 Years of Rolling Stone: The Music, Politics & People that Changed Our Culture
Muhammad Yunus A world of three zeros: the new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment & zero net carbon emissions

* * * * *

Joseph Haydn The seasons: 1801 CD Classical Haydn
Sergei Rachmaninoff Preghiera: Rachmaninov Piano Trios CD Classical Rachmaninoff

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