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New Titles List for the Week of February 18


Ayesha Harruna Attah The hundred wells of Salaga
Sandra Newman The heavens
Yuko Tsushima Territory of light
Khaled Khalifa Death is hard work
Valeria Luiselli Lost children archive
Olga Slavnikova The man who couldn't die: the tale of an authentic human being

Historical Fiction
Yangsze Choo The night tiger

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Douglas Preston Verses for the dead
Jenny Rogneby Any means necessary
Charles Cumming The Moroccan girl
Martin Limón Buddha's money
Peter May Runaway
Yrsa Sigurdardottir The reckoning

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Sylvain Neuvel The test
Jasper Fforde Early riser

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison's 7 against chaos 741.5 E597 comics
Ted Fox Showtime at the Apollo: the epic tale of Harlem's legendary theater 792.0974 F830 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Marietta O'Byrne A tapestry garden: the art of weaving plants & place 635 O9t

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
John J. Curley Global art & the Cold War 701 C928
Oscar P. Fitzgerald Little book of wooden boxes: wooden boxes created by the masters 745.51 F576
Ellen Lupton Design is storytelling 745.4 L966d
Sandy Black Knitting: fashion, industry, craft 746.432 B561

Biography & Genealogy
Adina Hoffman Ben Hecht: fighting words, moving pictures 92 H447h
Dani Shapiro Inheritance: a memoir of genealogy, paternity & love 92 S222i
Alison Singh Gee Where the peacocks sing: a palace, a prince & the search for home 070.92 G27

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Jill Abramson Merchants of truth: the business of news & the fight for facts 071.3 A837

Business & Economics
Jenny Blake Pivot: the only move that matters is your next one 650.14 B581
Parag Khanna The future is Asian: commerce, conflict & culture in the 21st century 330.95 K45f
William L. Silber The story of silver: how the white metal shaped America & the modern world 332.422 S58s
Alan Stein Jr. Raise your game: high-performance secrets from the best of the best 650.1 S341
Timothy A. Wise Eating tomorrow: agribusiness, family farmers & the battle for the future of food 338.1 W754
David Airey Identity designed: the definitive guide to visual branding 658.827 A76

Thomas Engqvist 300 most important chess positions: study five a week to be a better chess player 794.12 E369t

Food & Drink
Linda Miller Nicholson Pasta, pretty please: a vibrant approach to handmade noodles 641.822 N52

Health & Medicine
Christie Aschwanden Good to go: what the athlete in all of us can learn from the strange science of recovery 617.1 A24
Nick Chen Rx for hope: an integrative approach to cancer care 616.994 C420
B. Brett Finlay The whole-body microbiome: how to harness microbes-- inside & out-- for lifelong health 616.9 F496
Heather Dawn Godfrey Essential oils for mindfulness & meditation: relax, replenish & rejuvenate 615.321 G543
Ilana Jacqueline Surviving & thriving with an invisible chronic illness: how to stay sane & live one step ahead of your symptoms 616.044 J162
Randolph M. Nesse Good reasons for bad feelings: insights from the frontier of evolutionary psychiatry 616.89 N373
Melanie Warner The magic feather effect: the science of alternative medicine & the surprising power of belief 615.5 W242

Peter M. Field The Tenderloin District of San Francisco through time 979.461 F453
Sven-Eric Liedman A world to win: the life & works of Karl Marx 335.4 L623
Brad Meltzer The first conspiracy: the secret plot to kill George Washington 973.4 M496
Amin Saikal Iran rising: the survival & future of the Islamic Republic 955 S13i
Jon Wilson The Chaos of Empire: the British Raj & the Conquest of India 954.03 W691
Lawrence Wright God save Texas: a journey into the soul of the Lone Star State 976.4 W951g
Carrie Gibson El Norte: the epic & forgotten story of Hispanic North America 973.0468 G448e
David Wengrow What makes civilization?: the ancient near East & the future of the West 932 W485

Home & Family Management
Katrina Rodabaugh Mending matters: stitch, patch & repair your favorite denim & more 646.6 R61

Steve Luxenberg Separate: the story of Plessy v. Ferguson & America's journey from slavery to segregation 342.7308 L979

Literature & Writing
Kathleen Collins Notes from a black woman's diary: selected works of Kathleen Collins 813.54 C692
Stephen Greenblatt Tyrant: Shakespeare on politics 822.3 G79t
John Warner The writer's practice: building confidence in your nonfiction writing 808.02 W242
Ytasha L. Womack Afrofuturism: the world of black sci-fi & fantasy culture 809.3876 W872

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Dane Huckelbridge No beast so fierce: the terrifying true story of the Champawat Tiger, the deadliest animal in history 599.756 H865

Performing Arts & Music
W.K. Stratton The wild bunch: Sam Peckinpah, a revolution in Hollywood & the making of a legendary film 791.43 S825
Hanif Abdurraqib Go ahead in the rain: notes to A Tribe Called Quest 782.421 T731

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Dominic Done When faith fails: finding God in the shadow of doubt 234.2 D716
A. J. Jacobs Thanks a thousand: a gratitude journey 179.9 J171t
Ram Dass How can I help?: stories & reflections on service 158 R165h
Randy Pausch The last lecture 158.1 P287

Politics & Government
Helena Rosenblatt The lost history of liberalism: from ancient Rome to the twenty-first century 320.51 R723
Michael Tomasky If we can keep it: how the republic collapsed & how it might be saved 320.973 T591

U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational outlook handbook Ref 331.702 O14

Social Sciences & Current Events
Ben Barres The autobiography of a transgender scientist 306.76 B274
Akiko Busch How to disappear: notes on invisibility in a time of transparency 304.2 B92h
Heike Geissler Seasonal associate 331.25 G278
Bruce Cannon Gibney A generation of sociopaths: how the baby boomers betrayed America 306.0973 G356
Matthew Hindman The internet trap: how the digital economy builds monopolies & undermines democracy 303.4833 H586
Cal Newport Digital minimalism: choosing a focused life in a noisy world 303.4833 N472
Mary Pipher Women rowing north: navigating life's currents & flourishing as we age 305.26 P665w
Marc Reisner Cadillac desert: the American West & its disappearing water 333.91 R37c
Shani Robinson None of the above: the untold story of the Atlanta public schools cheating scandal, corporate greed & the criminalization of educators 370.9758 R560
Wendy Willis These are strange times, my dear: field notes from the republic 306.2 W679
Caitlyn Collins Making motherhood work: how women manage careers & caregiving 306.874 C692
Adam Higginbotham Midnight in Chernobyl: the untold story of the world's greatest nuclear disaster 363.1799 H535

Travel & Geography
Lonely Planet London 914.21 L847
Lonely Planet Madrid 914.641 L847

* * * * *

Margot Lee Shetterly Hidden figures: the true story of four Black women & the space race Child 510.92 S594

* * * * *

Action & Adventure
The shootist

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
The forgotten

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