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New Titles List for the Week of January 28


Chris Cander The weight of a piano

Historical Fiction
Terry Gamble The eulogist
Steph Post Miraculum
Imogen Hermes Gowar The mermaid & Mrs. Hancock: a history in three volumes
Daniel Mason The winter soldier

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
JoAnn Chaney As long as we both shall live
Tim Johnston The current
John Lescroart The rule of law
Wil Medearis Restoration heights
Ben H. Winters Golden State

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
S.A. Chakraborty The kingdom of copper

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Laurent Queyssi Philip K. Dick: a comics biography 92 D54q comics

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Applied Sciences
Lillian Hoddeson The man who saw tomorrow: the life & inventions of Stanford R. Ovshinsky 621.309 O7h

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Ian Castello-Cortes Desperately seeking Frida 750.92 K12c
Ángel Rafael Colón Iconography: an irreverent introduction 704.946 C718
Peggy Phelan Contact Warhol: photography without end 769.92 W27c
James R. Cothran Grave landscapes: the nineteenth-century rural cemetery movement 718 C826
Amy S. Landau (editor) Pearls on a string: artists, patrons & poets at the great Islamic courts 700.9 P316

Biography & Genealogy
Ha Jin The banished immortal: a life of Li Bai (Li Po) 92 L69h
Wittgenstein's family letters: corresponding with Ludwig 929.2 W831wa
Robert J. Brown You can't go wrong doing right: how a child of poverty rose to the White House & helped change the world 92 B812y
Jackie Hogan Roots quest: inside America's genealogy boom 929.1 H678

Business & Economics
Gary P. Pisano Creative construction: the DNA of sustained innovation 658.4 P672
Steven G. Rogelberg The surprising science of meetings: how you can lead your team to peak performance 658.456 R63
Howard Schultz From the ground up: a journey to reimagine the promise of America 338.766 S387f

Computer Science
Seppe vanden Broucke Practical web scraping for data science: best practices & examples with Python 005.1 P99b
Dimitrios Kouzis-Loukas Learning Scrapy: learn the art of efficient web scraping & crawling with Python 005.1 P99k

Food & Drink
Hervé This Molecular gastronomy: exploring the science of flavor 641.01 T448m
Nik Sharma Season: big flavors, beautiful food 641.63 S233

Keith Lowe The fear & the freedom: how the Second World War changed us 940.55 L913f
Tim Mohr Burning down the Haus: punk rock, revolution & the fall of the Berlin Wall 943.155 M726
Tony Perrottet Cuba libre!: Che, Fidel & the improbable revolution that changed world history 972.91 P461c
David Treuer The heartbeat of Wounded Knee: native America from 1890 to the present 970.004 T726
Nick Barratt The restless kings: Henry II, his sons & the wars for the Plantagenet crown 942.03 B273
Gordon Corera Operation Columba: the Secret Pigeon Service: the untold story of World War II resistance in Europe 940.5486 C79o
Robert E. Hannigan The Great War & American foreign policy, 1914-24 940.373 H196
Robert Holland The warm south: how the Mediterranean shaped the British imagination 909.0982 H73w
Richard Huscroft Making England, 796-1042 942.01 H96m

Kelly J. Beard An imperfect rapture 340.092 B380

Literature & Writing
Honoré de Balzac Treatise on modern stimulants 844 B198t
Lucia Berlin Welcome home: a memoir with selected photographs & letters 813.54 B455
Maya Angelou Celebrations: rituals of peace & prayer 811.54 A584ce
Miguel de Cervantes The bagnios of Algiers ; and, the great Sultana: two plays of captivity 862.3 C419b
The collected essays of Elizabeth Hardwick 814 H26c

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Mohamed A.F. Noor Live long & evolve: what Star Trek can teach us about evolution, genetics & life on other worlds 576 N818

Performing Arts & Music
W.R. Wilkerson III Hollywood godfather: the life & crimes of Billy Wilkerson 791.4 W652w

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Jane Brox Silence: a social history of one of the least understood elements of our lives 204.47 B885s
Bhiḳṣu Tenzin Gyatso Samsāra, Nirvāna & Buddha Nature 294.3 B917s
Edith Hall Aristotle's way: how ancient wisdom can change your life 170.44 H174a
Michael Muhammad Knight Muhammad: forty introductions 297.63 K711m
Steven R. Weisman The chosen wars: how Judaism became an American religion 296 W42c

Politics & Government
Kent Blansett A journey to freedom: Richard Oakes, Alcatraz & the Red Power movement 323.1197 O42b
Richard Gergel Unexampled courage: the blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard & the awakening of President Harry S. Truman & Judge J. Waties Waring 323.1196 G314
Steven T. Usdin Bureau of spies: the secret connections between espionage & journalism in Washington 327.12 U19
Jon Ward Camelot's end: Kennedy vs. Carter & the fight that broke the Democratic Party 324.973 W210
Keisha N. Blain Set the world on fire: black nationalist women & the global struggle for freedom 320.54 B573
William Blum America's deadliest export: democracy: the truth about US foreign policy & everything else 327.73 B65a

Social Sciences & Current Events
Christopher Burchfield Choose your weapon: the duel in California, 1847-1861 394.8 B893
Susan Crawford Fiber: the coming tech revolution & why America might miss it 384.3 C856
Nora A. Draper The identity trade: selling privacy & reputation online 323.448 D791
Jack Kelly The edge of anarchy: the railroad barons, the Gilded Age & the greatest labor uprising in America 331.89 K29e
Elizabeth Kolbert Field notes from a catastrophe: man, nature & climate change 363.738 K81f
Dan Lyons Lab rats: how Silicon Valley made work miserable for the rest of us 331.0973 L991
Adam Plantinga Police craft: what cops know about crime, community & violence 363.2 P714p
Jason Rezaian Prisoner: my 544 days in an Iranian prison--solitary confinement, a sham trial, high-stakes diplomacy & the extraordinary efforts it took to get me out 365.45 R467
Joel Simon We want to negotiate: the secret world of kidnapping, hostages & ransom 364.154 S531
P.W. Singer Likewar: the weaponization of social media 302.23 S617L
Lynn R. Sykes Silencing the bomb: one scientist's quest to halt nuclear testing 355.02 S44
Shoshana Zuboff The age of surveillance capitalism: the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power 306.3 Z81a
Peter McNeil Pretty gentlemen: macaroni men & the eighteenth-century fashion world 391 M169p

Sports & Games
Catra Corbett Reborn on the run: my journey from addiction to ultramarathons 796.42 C810
The story of baseball in 100 photographs 796.357 S761
Eric B. Forsyth An inexplicable attraction: my fifty years of ocean sailing 797.124 F775

Travel & Geography
Fodor's 2019 essential Spain 914.6 F653
Fodor's 2019 Paris 914.436 F653
Fodor's Chicago 917.731 F653
Fodor's essential Hawaii 919.69 F653
Fodor's New Orleans 917.63 F653
Fodor's Northern California 917.94 F653
Fodor's Scotland 914.11 F653
Fodor's Toronto: with Niagara falls & the Niagara wine region 917.1354 F65
Kate Harris Lands of lost borders: a journey on the Silk Road 915.8 H240
The rough guide to Barcelona 914.672 R856
The Rough Guide to Budapest 914.391 R856
The rough guide to Japan 915.2 R856
The rough guide to Peru 918.5 R856
The rough guide to Portugal 914.69 R856
The rough guide to Shanghai 915.113 R856
The rough guide to Sicily 914.58 R856
The rough guide to the Scottish Highlands & Islands 914.115 R856

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Karen Leggett Abouraya Malala Yousafzai: warrior with words Child 371.82 Y82a
Emily Arnold McCully She did it!: 21 women who changed the way we think Child 920.72 M459

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Alan I. Abramowitz The great alignment: race, party transformation & the rise of Donald Trump CD 324.273 A161

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Action & Adventure
Stalag 17

Leave no trace
Reversal of fortune

The secret DVD 158.1 S44

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Cat Power Wanderer CD Pop Power

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