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New Titles List for the Week of March 5


Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir Hotel Silence
Lydia Davis The end of the story
Brandon Hobson Where the dead sit talking
Herman Melville Moby-Dick, or, The whale
Patrick Nathan Some hell
Peter Stenson Thirty-seven

Historical Fiction
Janet Beard The atomic city girls
Rhys Bowen The Tuscan child

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
M.C. Beaton Death of an honest man
Arthur Conan Doyle The hound of the Baskervilles
Lexie Elliott The French girl
Charles Finch The woman in the water
Mark Greaney Agent in place
Gary Inbinder The man upon the stair
Joseph Knox Sirens
Walter Mosley Down the river unto the sea
Steven Saylor The throne of Caesar
Jim Thompson The kill-off

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Nnedi Okorafor Binti: home
Chuck Wendig Unclean spirits

Short Stories
Anjali Sachdeva All the names they used for God
Greg Sarris How a mountain was made

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Michio Kaku The future of humanity: terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality & our destiny beyond Earth 629.45 K139

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Ed Bartlett (editor) Street art 751.73 L847

Biography & Genealogy
Warren Hinckle (editor) Who killed Hunter S. Thompson?: the picaresque story of the birth of gonzo 92 T468
Maude Julien The only girl in the world: a memoir 92 J943
Bill Minutaglio The most dangerous man in America: Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon & the hunt for the fugitive king of LSD 92 L4387m
Susan Ronald A dangerous woman: American beauty, noted philanthropist, Nazi collaborator: the life of Florence Gould 92 G696

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Michael Idov Dressed up for a riot: misadventures in Putin's Moscow 070.92 I21

Business & Economics
Jason Hickel The divide: global inequality from conquest to free markets 330.9 H628
Mike Steib The career manifesto: discover your calling & create an extraordinary life 650.1 S818

Computer Science
Anya Kamenetz The art of screen time: how your family can balance digital media & real life 004.6 K153
Al Sweigart Invent your own computer games with Python 005.1 S974
Max Tegmark Life 3.0: being human in the age of artificial intelligence 006.3 T261

Food & Drink
Mulunesh Belay Ethiopian feast: the crown jewel of African cuisine 641.5963 B426
Rhiannon Lambert Re-nourish: a simple way to eat well 641.5637 L222

Health & Medicine
Martie Haselton Hormonal: the hidden intelligence of hormones: how they drive desire, shape relationships, influence our choices & make us wiser 613 H347
A.J. Lees Mentored by a madman: the William Burroughs experiment 616.8 L487
Rocco Monto The fountain: a doctor's prescription to make 60 the new 30 612.67 M798

Misha Glenny The fall of Yugoslavia: the third Balkan war 949.7 G558
Norman M. Klein The history of forgetting: Los Angeles & the erasure of memory 979.494 K641
Sam McManis Crossing California: a cultural topography of a land of wonder & weirdness 979.4 M167
Agnès Poirier Left Bank: art, passion & the rebirth of Paris, 1940-50 944.36 P753
Noel Rae The Great Stain: witnessing American slavery 306.362 R135
Barry Stone The 50 greatest prehistoric sites of the world 930 S877
Unseen: unpublished black history from the New York Times Photo Archives 973.0496 U59
Tan Hecheng The killing wind: a Chinese county's descent into madness during the cultural revolution 951.056 T161
Joshua Zeitz Building the Great Society: inside Lyndon Johnson's White House 973.923 Z48

Home & Family Management
Jules Yap 25 biggest & best projects: DIY hacks for multi-functional furniture, clever storage upgrades, space-saving solutions & more 684.1 Y25

Literature & Writing
Malcolm Kushner Public speaking for dummies 808.51 K972
Leïla Slimani Chanson douce: roman 843 S633c

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
William E. Glassley A wilder time: notes from a geologist at the edge of the Greenland ice. 559.8 G549
Sang-Hee Lee Close encounters with humankind: a paleoanthropologist investigates our evolving species 569.9 L477
Daniel Stone The food explorer: the true adventures of the globe-trotting botanist who transformed what America eats 580.92 S877

Performing Arts & Music
Lamont "U-God" Hawkins Raw: my journey into the Wu-Tang 782.421 U27

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
David A. Hollinger Protestants abroad: how missionaries tried to change the world but changed America 266 H741
Thich Nhat Hanh The other shore: a new translation of the Heart sutra with commentaries 294.38 N576
Daniel H. Pink When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing 153.7 P655
Skip Prichard The book of mistakes: 9 secrets to creating a successful future 158 P947
Gregory Smithsimon Cause: & how it doesn't always equal effect 153.43 S664
Derek K. Wilson A magical world: superstition & science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment 201.65 W746
Oprah Winfrey The wisdom of Sundays: life-changing insights from Super Soul conversations 204 W768

Politics & Government
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz Loaded: a disarming history of the Second Amendment 323.43 D899
Steven Levitsky How democracies die 321.8 L666
Jefferson Morley The ghost: the secret life of CIA spymaster James Jesus Angleton 327.12 M864
Robert B. Reich The common good 323.6 R347

Social Sciences & Current Events
Emily Chang Brotopia: breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley 331.4 C45
Zak Dychtwald Young China: how the restless generation will change their country & the world 305.2 D994
Alondra Nelson Body & soul: the Black Panther Party & the fight against medical discrimination 362.1 N424

* * * * *

George Orwell 1984 Large Print Orwell
Charles Todd The gate keeper Large Print Todd

* * * * *


Goodbye Christopher Robin
Your name = Kimi no na wa

* * * * *

Christopher H. Achen Democracy for realists: why elections do not produce responsive government
Kevin Allocca Videocracy: How YouTube Is Changing the World . . . with Double Rainbows, Singing Foxes & Other Trends We Can't Stop Watching
Nir Baram ; A land without borders: my journey around East Jerusalem & the West Bank
Susan Wise Bauer Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education
David Callahan The moral center: how progressives can unite america around our shared values
Stephen Davis Gold dust woman: a biography of Stevie Nicks
Mark Epstein Advice not given: a guide to getting over yourself
John Freeman How to Read a Novelist
David Frum Trumpocracy: the corruption of the American republic
Eric Hazan The Invention of Paris: a history in footsteps
Wendy Marie Hoofnagle The continuity of the conquest: Charlemagne & Anglo-Norman imperialism
David Cay Johnston It's even worse than you think: what the Trump administration is doing to America
Mike Lewis When to jump: if the job you have isn't the life you want
Robert H. Lustig The hacking of the American mind: the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies & brains
Kevin D. Murphy (editor) Skyscraper gothic: medieval style & modernist buildings
The California Garden Tour: the 50 Best Gardens to Visit in the Golden State
Ijeoma Oluo So you want to talk about race
Matthew Pollard The introvert's edge: how the quiet & shy can outsell anyone
Julia Samuel Grief works: stories of life, death & surviving
Carl J. Schramm Burn the business plan: what great entrepreneurs really do
Philip Stokes Philosophy: 100 essential thinkers: the ideas that have shaped our world
The tao of Charlie Munger: a compilation of quotes from Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman on life, business & the pursuit of wealth
Michael Wolff Fire & fury: inside the Trump White House
Miles Young Ogilvy on advertising in the digital age

* * * * *


Loving Vincent

Battle of the sexes

Victoria & Abdul

Foreign Language
A touch of spice = Politiki kouzina DVD European
The death of Louis XIV DVD French

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Crooked house

My journey through French cinema = Voyage à travers le cinéma français DVD 791.43 M995j
Walk with me DVD 294.34 W177

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