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New Titles List for the Week of May 28


Judy Blundell The high season
Kenneth Bonert The Mandela plot
Elisabeth Cohen The glitch
Ceridwen Dovey In the garden of the fugitives
Mary Alice Monroe Beach house reunion

Historical Fiction
Elisabeth Payne Rosen Hallam's war

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Holly Brown How far she's come
Nir Hezroni Last instructions
D.B. John Star of the North
Fuminori Nakamura Cult X

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Stephen King The outsider

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Gipi Land of the sons 741.5 G514L comics
Hartley Lin Young Frances 741.5 L735 comics
Max de Radiguès WEEGEE: serial photographer 779.2 R129 comics
Rick Remender Tokyo ghost 741.5 T646 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
David H. Dudley Aquaponic design plans: everything you need to know from backyard to profitable business 635.048 D847
Meg Stout The complete idiot's guide to aquaponic gardening 635.048 S889

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Emily Katz Modern macramé: 33 stylish projects for your handmade home 746.42 K197
Monet's Impression sunrise: the biography of a painting 759.4 M742i

Biography & Genealogy
Joyce Bulifant My four Hollywood husbands 92 B934
James Hatch Touching the dragon: & other techniques for surviving life's wars 92 H361
Elizabeth Barlow Rogers Saving Central Park: a history & a memoir 92 R724

Business & Economics
Tobias E. Carlisle The acquirer's multiple: how the billionaire contrarians of deep value beat the market 332.6 C283
John Carreyrou Bad blood: secrets & lies in a Silicon Valley startup 338.768 C315
Philippe Silberzahn A manager's guide to disruptive innovation: why great companies fail in the face of disruption & how to make sure your company doesn't 658.4 S582

Computer Science
Wes McKinney Python for data analysis: data wrangling with pandas, NumPy & IPython 005.13 M158
Stuart J. Russell Artificial intelligence: a modern approach 006.3 R961

Food & Drink
Gina Homolka The skinnytaste cookbook: light on calories, big on flavor 641.563 H768s

Health & Medicine
Ann Weiser Cornell The radical acceptance of everything: living a focusing life 616.89 C814
Michael S. Gazzaniga The consciousness instinct: unraveling the mystery of how the brain makes the mind 612.82 G291

Richard Overy RAF: the birth of the world's first air force 940.44 O968
Professional genealogy: preparation, practice & standards 929.1 P964
Ingrid Rossellini Know Thyself: Western identity from classical Greece to the Renaissance 909.0982 R828
Kurt C. Schlichting Waterfront Manhattan: from Henry Hudson to the high line 387.1 S344
Peter Turchin Ultrasociety: how 10,000 years of war made humans the greatest cooperators on Earth 909 T932
Matthew Kneale Rome: a history in seven sackings 945.6 K681

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Richard Orlando Weeds in the urban landscape: where they come from, why they're here & how to live with them 632.5 O712

Performing Arts & Music
Steven Hyden Twilight of the gods: a journey to the end of classic rock 781.66 H995
Damon Wood Working for the man, playing in the band 782.421 W873

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Wayne W. Dyer The shift: taking your life from ambition to meaning 204.4 D996
Paula Fredriksen Paul: the pagans' apostle 225.92 F852
Thomas W. Malone Superminds: the surprising power of people & computers thinking together 006.3 M257
Dennis Prager The rational Bible. Exodus: God, slavery & freedom 222.12 P898
The mythology book 201.3 M999

Politics & Government
Frederick D. Barton Peace works: America's peacebuilding role in a turbulent world 327.17 B293
Taylor Downing 1983: Reagan, Andropov & a world on the brink 327.73 D751
Bill Schneider Standoff: how America became ungovernable 320.973 S358

Social Sciences & Current Events
David Graeber Bullshit jobs 306.36 G734
Thomas J. Osborne Coastal sage: Peter Douglas & the fight to save California's shore 333.72 O814
Salena Zito The great revolt: inside the populist coalition reshaping American politics 306.2 Z821

Travel & Geography
Alice Stevenson Ways to see Great Britain: curious places & surprising perspectives 914.1 S847

* * * * *


Simon Winchester The perfectionists: how precision engineers created the modern world CD 620 W759

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