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New Titles List for the Week of October 9


Jenny Erpenbeck Go, went, gone
Ruth Hogan The keeper of lost things
Christopher Meades Hanna who fell from the sky

Historical Fiction
James L. Haley The shores of Tripoli

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Archer Mayor Trace
Kate Moretti The blackbird season
Harlan Coben Don't let go
Charles Todd A casualty of war

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Peter Clines Paradox bound
Stephen King Sleeping beauties
Ann Leckie Provenance

Short Stories
James McBride Five-carat soul Fic McBride

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Kazu Kibuishi (editor) Flight Volume one 741.5 F621 comics
Kazu Kibuishi (editor) Flight Volume two 741.5 F621 comics
Kazu Kibuishi (editor) Flight Volume four 741.5 F621 comics
Kazu Kibuishi (editor) Flight Volume five 741.5 F621 comics
Kazu Kibuishi (editor) Flight Volume seven 741.5 F621 comics

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Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Anna-Sophie Springer (editor) Fantasies of the library 027 S769

Business & Economics
Blaire Briody The new wild west: black gold, fracking & life in a North Dakota boomtown 338.2728 B858
Annie McKee How to be happy at work: the power of purpose, hope & friendships 650.1 M154
Ellen K. Pao Reset: my fight for inclusion & lasting change 331.4 P211
Brian Patrick Eha How money got free: Bitcoin & the fight for the future of finance 332.4 E331
Bhu Srinivasan Americana: a 400-year history of American capitalism 330.973 S774
Muhammad Yunus A world of three zeros: the new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment & zero net carbon emissions 330 Y956

Computer Science
John Ray Sams Teach Yourself iOS 9 application development in 24 hours 005.258 R263

Food & Drink
Georgeanne Brennan My culinary journey: food & fêtes of Provence with recipes 641.5944 B838
Leanne Brown Good & cheap: eat well on $4/day 641.552 B877
The Moosewood Restaurant table: 250 brand-new recipes from the natural foods restaurant that revolutionized eating in America 641.5636 M825

Health & Medicine
Tom Brady The TB12 method: how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance 613.71 B812

Paul R. Gregory Women of the Gulag 365.45 G822
Krishan Kumar Visions of empire: how five imperial regimes shaped the world 904 K963
John Prevas Hannibal's oath: the life & wars of Rome's greatest enemy 937.04 P944
Margaret Willes The curious world of Samuel Pepys & John Evelyn 941.06 W713

Barbara A. Radnofsky A citizen's guide to impeachment 342.73 R129

Literature & Writing
Toni Morrison The origin of others 809.93 M878

Performing Arts & Music
Eric Lax Start to finish: Woody Allen & the art of moviemaking 791.43 A425

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
James L Kugel The great shift: encountering God in biblical times 296.3 K959

Politics & Government
Alfred W. McCoy In the shadows of the American century: the rise & decline of US global power 327.73 M131

Social Sciences & Current Events
Alexander Betts Refuge: rethinking refugee policy in a changing world 362.87 B565
Daniel Koretz The testing charade: pretending to make schools better 371.26 K844
Ma'ikwe Ludwig Together resilient: building community in the age of climate disruption 363.735 L948
David Downie A taste of Paris: a history of the Parisian love affair with food 394.12 D751
Brian Fagan Fishing: how the sea fed civilization 338.3727 F151
Robert H. Latiff Future war: preparing for the new global battlefield 355.02 L356

Posted on Oct. 5, 2017 by Cherilyn Banson