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New Titles List for the Week of September 17


Richard Brautigan The Hawkline monster
John Foyt Homeward bound

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Delia Owens Where the crawdads sing
Nancy Tingley A head in Cambodia

Short Stories
McSweeney's. 53 SS M175
Olga Tokarczuk Flights Fic Tokarczuk

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
L. Nichols Flocks 92 N515f comics

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Applied Sciences
Loren R. Graham The ghost of the executed engineer: technology & the fall of the Soviet Union 609 G739g
Jason Ryan Race to Hawaii: the 1927 Dole Air Derby & the thrilling first flights that opened the Pacific 629.1309 R988r
John Briscoe Crush: the triumph of California wine 663.2 B774

Biography & Genealogy
James Delbourgo Collecting the world: Hans Sloane & the origins of the British Museum 92 S526c

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Margot Rosenberg The care & feeding of books old & new: a simple repair manual for book lovers 025.7 R723

Business & Economics
Steve Blank The four steps to the epiphany: successful strategies for products that win 658.8 B642
Rand Fishkin Lost & founder: a painfully honest field guide to the startup world 658.11 F539
Mariana Mazzucato The value of everything: making & taking in the global economy 330.9 M459
Bethany McLean Saudi America: the truth about fracking & how it's changing the world 333.823 M459
Mike Michalowicz Profit first: transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine 658.15 M582

Health & Medicine
Barbara K. Lipska The neuroscientist who lost her mind: my tale of madness & recovery 616.994 L669
Beth Macy Dopesick: dealers, doctors & the drug company that addicted America 362.29 M259
Satchin Panda The circadian code: lose weight, supercharge your energy & transform your health from morning to midnight 612 P192

Karen M. Inouye The Long Afterlife of Nikkei Wartime Incarceration 940.5317 I713
Marc Perrusquia A spy in Canaan: how the FBI used a famous photographer to infiltrate the civil rights movement 351.74 P429
Julian D. Richards The Vikings: a very short introduction 948.022 R390

Literature & Writing
The Battle within: stories of struggle & strength by the students of ida b. wells high school 810.8 B336
Bryan Kozlowski What the Dickens?!: distinctly Dickensian words & how to use them 803 K849
Michael Slater The genius of Dickens: the ideas & inspiration of Britain's greatest novelist 823 D5482g

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Michael R. Canfield (editor) Field notes on science & nature 570.72 F453

Performing Arts & Music
Orson Welles in focus: texts & contexts 791.43 W44o
Eliot Wilder Endtroducing-- 782.421 W645

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
A little book of Sufi stories: ancient wisdom to nourish the heart 297.4 L721
Hal Elrod The miracle morning: the not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8AM 158.1 E74
Steven Johnson Farsighted: how we make the decisions that matter the most 153.8 J661f
Samuel Noah Kramer Sumerian mythology: a study of spiritual & literary achievement in the third millennium B.C. 299.92 K894

Politics & Government
Stephanie Woodard American apartheid: the Native American struggle for self-determination & inclusion 323.1197 W850

Social Sciences & Current Events
Kwame Anthony Appiah The lies that bind: rethinking identity, creed, country, color, class, culture 302.5 A49
Marcia Bjornerud Timefulness: how thinking like a geologist can help save the world 304.2 B557
Michael T. Gengler We can do it: a community takes on the challenge of school desegregation 379.26 G287
Eric Klinenberg Palaces for the people: how social infrastructure can help fight inequality, polarization & the decline of civic life 307.14 K685
Mikael Krogerus The communication book: 44 ideas for better conversations every day 302.346 K914
Sharmila Sen Not quite not white: losing & finding race in America 305.8 S551
Richard C. Trexler Sex & conquest: gendered violence, political order & the European conquest of the Americas 392.6 T817
Sarah Weinman The real Lolita: the kidnapping of Sally Horner & the novel that scandalized the world 362.88 W432
Pendarvis Harshaw OG told me 302.3 H324

Travel & Geography
Lonely Planet Alaska 917.98 L847
Lonely Planet Austria 914.36 L847
Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok 915.986 L847
Lonely Planet Bhutan 915.498 L847
Lonely Planet Buenos Aires 918.211 L847
Lonely Planet Canada 917.1 L847
Lonely Planet Central Asia 915.8 L847
Lonely Planet Coastal California 917.94 L847
Lonely Planet China 915.1 L847
Lonely Planet Coastal Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef 919.43 L847
Lonely Planet Colombia 918.6 L847
Lonely Planet Colorado 917.88 L847
Lonely Planet Croatia 914.972 L847
Lonely Planet Cuba 917.291 L847
Lonely Planet Cyprus 915.693 L847
Lonely Planet Denmark 914.89 L847
Lonely Planet California: top sights, authentic experiences 917.94 L847d
Lonely Planet Italy: top sights, authentic experiences 914.5 L847d
Lonely Planet Dominican Republic 917.293 L847
Lonely Planet East Coast Australia 919.404 L847
Lonely Planet Eastern Europe 914.7 L847e
Lonely Planet Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands 918.66 L847
Lonely Planet Egypt 916.2 L847
Lonely Planet England 914.2 L847
Lonely Planet Europe 914 L847
Lonely Planet Finland 914.897 L847
Lonely Planet Florida 917.59 L847
Lonely Planet France 914.4 L847
Lonely Planet Great Britain 914.1 L847
Lonely Planet Guatemala 917.281 L847
Lonely Planet Hong Kong 915.125 L847
Lonely Planet Iceland 914.91 L847
Lonely Planet India 915.4 L847
Lonely Planet Jamaica 917.292 L847
Lonely planet Jordan 915.695 L847
Lonely Planet Kenya 916.762 L847
Lonely Planet Kyoto 915.2186 L847
Lonely Planet Laos 915.94 L847
Lonely Planet Mallorca 914.675 L847
Lonely Planet Miami & the Keys 917.59 L847
Lonely Planet Mongolia 915.17 L847
Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma) 915.91 L847
Lonely Planet Nepal 915.496 L847
Lonely Planet New England 917.4 L847
Lonely Planet Norway 914.81 L847
Lonely Planet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island 917.15 L847
Lonely Planet Philippines 915.99 L847
Lonely Planet Pocket Las Vegas: top sights, local life, made easy 917.931 L847p
Lonely Planet Portugal 914.69 L847
Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra 915.45 L847
Lonely Planet Russia 914.7 L847
Lonely Planet Sardinia 914.59 L847
Lonely Planet Scotland 914.11 L847
Lonely Planet Shanghai 915.113 L847
Lonely Planet Sicily 914.58 L847
Lonely Planet Singapore 915.957 L847
Lonely Planet South India & Kerala 915.48 L847
Lonely Planet Southwest USA 917.9 L847
Lonely Planet Sri Lanka 915.493 L847
Lonely Planet Sweden 914.85 L847
Lonely Planet Switzerland 914.94 L847
Lonely Planet Tanzania 916.78 L847
Lonely Planet Texas 917.64 L847
Lonely Planet Tokyo 915.213 L847
Lonely Planet Trans-Siberian Railway 915.7 L847
Lonely Planet Ukraine 914.77 L847
Lonely Planet USA 917.3 L847
Lonely Planet Vancouver 917.1133 L847
Lonely Planet Wales 914.29 L847
Lonely Planet West Coast Australia 919.41 L847
Lonely Planet Western Europe 914 L847w

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Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Inspector Morse. Cherubim & seraphim

Cirque du Soleil: Corteo DVD 791.3 C818

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