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New Titles List for the Week of September 24


Graham Greene The power & the glory

Historical Fiction
F.M. Jennings The Annals of Little Francis

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Christopher Bush The case of the dead shepherd
Ausma Zehanat Khan A dangerous crossing
Val McDermid Insidious intent
Brian McGilloway Someone you know
Brian McGilloway The forgotten ones
Harri Nykänen Holy ceremony
Amy Stewart Miss Kopp just won't quit

Short Stories
Mikhail Zoshchenko Sentimental tales Fic Zoshchenko

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Michael DeForge A western world 741.5 D315w comics
Aminder Dhaliwal Woman world 741.5 D535w comics
Jacques Tardi Fog over Tolbiac Bridge 741.5 T173f comics
Brian K. Vaughan Saga. Volume nine 741.5 S1289 comics
Liana Finck Passing for human 741.5973 F491 comics
Ken Krimstein The three escapes of Hannah Arendt: a tyranny of truth 92 A334k comcis

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Chris Hackett The big book of maker skills: tools & techniques for building great tech projects 621.9 H121
David Mas Masumoto Changing season: a father, a daughter, a family farm 630.9794 M397
Anastasia Cole Plakias The farm on the roof: what Brooklyn Grange taught us about entrepreneurship, community & growing a sustainable business 635.9671 P691
Whitney Cranshaw Garden insects of North America: the ultimate guide to backyard bugs 635 C891

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Mary Beard How do we look: the body, the divine & the question of civilisation 704.942 B368h
Bill Cunningham Fashion climbing 746.92 C917
Nell Painter Old in art school: a memoir of starting over 700.92 P166
Mary Gabriel Ninth Street women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell & Helen Frankenthaler: five painters & the movement that changed modern art 709.2 G114
Eric Kenneway Complete origami 736.982 K394

Biography & Genealogy
David Levering Lewis The improbable Wendell Willkie: the businessman who saved the Republican Party & his country & conceived a new world order 92 W679

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
RDA: Resource Description & Access 025.32 R219

Business & Economics
Mark W. Johnson Reinvent your business model: how to seize the white space for transformative growth 658.4 J630
Karla Sasser Friggin' bean counters: navigating the BS infested cubicles of the accounting department 657 S252
Jesse Norman Adam Smith: father of economics 330.153 N781
Maynard Webb Dear founder: letters of advice for anyone who leads, manages, or wants to start a business 658.11 W381d

David Hooper A pocket guide to chess endgames 794.124 H785

Food & Drink
Emily Dilling My Paris market cookbook: a culinary tour of French flavors & seasonal recipes 641.5944 D584
Sarit Packer Golden: sweet & savory baked delights from the ovens of London's Honey & Co. 641.815 P127
Michael W. Twitty The cooking gene: a journey through African American culinary history in the Old South 641.5929 T929
Alain Ducasse Bistro: classic French comfort food 641.5944 D824b
Aglaia Kremezi Mediterranean vegetarian feasts 641.5918 K881

Marcello Di Cintio Pay no heed to the rockets: life in contemporary Palestine 956.94 D549
John Bellamy Foster Trump in the White House: tragedy & farce 973.933 F811
Joanne B. Freeman The field of blood: violence in Congress & the road to civil war 973.7 F877
Helen Fry The London cage: the secret history of Britain's World War II interrogation centre 940.5486 F945
Doris Kearns Goodwin Leadership in turbulent times 973.09 G656le
Scott Horton Fool's errand: time to end the war in Afghanistan 958.1 H789
Jeanne Marie Laskas To Obama: with love, joy, anger & hope 973.932 L334
Nick McDonell The bodies in person: an account of civilian casualties in American wars 355 M459
Patrick Spero Frontier rebels: the fight for independence in the American west, 1765-1776 973.27 S36
Neil deGrasse Tyson Accessory to war: the unspoken alliance between astrophysics & the military 358.8 T944a
Antony Beevor The battle of Arnhem: the deadliest airborne operation of World War II 940.542 B393b
Jill Lepore These truths: a history of the United States 973 L598t
Mary McAuliffe Paris on the brink: the 1930s Paris of Jean Renoir, Salvador Dalí, Simone de Beauvoir, André Gide, Sylvia Beach, Léon Blum & their friends 944.36 M459
Ken Starr Contempt: a memoir of the Clinton investigation 973.929 S286
Brian VanDemark Road to disaster: a new history of America's descent into Vietnam 959.7 V22r
Geoffrey Wawro Sons of freedom: the forgotten American soldiers who defeated Germany in World War I 940.41 W362
Bob Woodward Fear: Trump in the White House 973.933 W899f

Linda R. Monk The Bill of Rights: a user's guide 342.73 M749

Literature & Writing
Philip Pullman Daemon voices: on stories & storytelling 809.93 P967
James Salter Don't save anything: uncollected essays, articles & profiles 818.54 S177d
Michelle Tea Against memoir: complaints, confessions & criticisms 813.54 T253a

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Kari Byron Crash test girl: an unlikely experiment in using the scientific method to answer life's toughest questions 500 B996c
Sara Evans When the last lion roars 599.757 E151
Ryan North How to invent everything: a survival guide for the stranded time traveler 500 N811
Elizabeth Rush Rising: dispatches from the new American shore 551.457 R895

Performing Arts & Music
Judith Chernaik Schumann: the faces & the masks 780.92 S392c
Sally Field In pieces 792.092 F453
Pat Gilbert (editor) Never mind the bollocks: 1977: the bollocks diaries 781.66 S518n
Helen Rappaport Victoria: the heart & mind of a young queen: official companion to the Masterpiece presentation on PBS 791.45 R182

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Jonathan P. Berkey The formation of Islam: religion & society in the Near East, 600-1800 297 B455
Paul Bloom Against empathy: the case for rational compassion 152.41 B655a
Eugenia Chen The art of logic in an illogical world 160 C421
Merve Emre The personality brokers: the strange history of Myers-Briggs & the birth of personality testing 155.28 E78p
John Fea Believe me: the evangelical road to Donald Trump 261.7 F31
Febe Armanios Halal food: a history 297.5 A543
Pseudoscience: the conspiracy against science 001.9 P958

Politics & Government
Carol Anderson One person, no vote: how voter suppression is destroying our democracy 324.6 A231
Nic Cheeseman How to rig an election 324.66 C415
Francis Fukuyama Identity: the demand for dignity & the politics of resentment 320.01 F955
Daniel Golden Spy schools: how the CIA, FBI & foreign intelligence secretly exploit America's universities 327.12 G61s
Terry Golway Frank & Al: FDR, Al Smith & the unlikely alliance that created the modern Democratic Party 324.273 G584
Allan J. Lichtman The embattled vote in America: from the founding to the present 324.6 L617
Craig Unger House of Trump, house of Putin: the untold story of Donald Trump & the Russian mafia 327.73 U57h
Sarah E. Igo The known citizen: a history of privacy in modern America 323.448 I24k

John B. Bryans (editor) Library & book trade almanac 020.5 L697
Robert Lee Brewer (editor) Writer's market 2019 808.025 W956

Social Sciences & Current Events
José Andrés We fed an island: the true story of rebuilding Puerto Rico, one meal at a time 363.34 A256
Shane Bauer American prison: a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment 365.973 B344
Brooke Bessesen Vaquita: science, politics & crime in the Sea of Cortez 333.95 B464
Stefan M. Bradley Upending the ivory tower: civil rights, black power & the ivy league 378.12 B728
Soraya L. Chemaly Rage becomes her: the power of women's anger 305.42 C420
William Egginton The splintering of the American mind: identity politics, inequality & community on today's college campuses 305.8 E34
Hannah Fry Hello world: being human in the age of algorithms 303.483 F946h
Greg Lukianoff The coddling of the American mind: how good intentions & bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure 306.874 L969
Sarah Smarsh Heartland: a memoir of working hard & being broke in the richest country on Earth 305.562 S27h
Sallie Tisdale Advice for future corpses * & those who love them: a practical perspective on death & dying 306.9 T524
Jose Antonio Vargas Dear America: notes of an undocumented citizen 304.873 V426
Zachary R. Wood Uncensored: my life & uncomfortable conversations at the intersection of Black & White America 305.896 W850
John W. Creswell Research design: qualitative, quantitative & mixed methods approaches 300.72 C865

Travel & Geography
Alexandra Brown A year off 910.4 B812
Amy Chavez Amy's guide to best behavior in Japan: do it right & be polite! 915.2 C398a
Robert E. Johnson Berkeley walks 917.9467 J688
John Lee British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies 917.11 L847

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Jeanne Walker Harvey Boats on the bay Child Harvey

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