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New Titles List for the Week of September 9


K. Sello Duiker Thirteen cents
Tupelo Hassman Gods with a little g
Michelle Ruiz Keil All of us with wings
Elias Khoury Children of the ghetto: my name is Adam
Stéphane Larue The dishwasher
Geovani Martins The sun on my head
Alix Ohlin Dual citizens

Historical Fiction
Patrice Nganang When the plums are ripe

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Elizabeth Daly And dangerous to know
Elizabeth Daly Arrow pointing nowhere
Elizabeth Daly Deadly nightshade
Elizabeth Daly Night walk
Elizabeth Daly Nothing can rescue me
Elizabeth Daly The book of the lion
Elizabeth Daly The house without the door
Elizabeth Daly Unexpected Night

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
C.D. Kerr City bird song: a fable
Kimi Eisele The lightest object in the universe

Short Stories
Etgar Keret Fly already
Elise Levine This wicked tongue
Kimberly King Parsons Black light
Gregory Spatz What could be saved: bookmatched

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Gina Rippon Gender & our brains: how new neuroscience explodes the myths of the male & female minds 612.82 R486

Biography & Genealogy
Tom Segev A state at any cost: the life of David Ben-Gurion 92 B456s

Business & Economics
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr. Openness to creative destruction: sustaining innovative dynamism 658 D537
April Dunford Obv!ously awesome: how to nail product positioning so customers get it, buy it, love it 658.82 D915
John Mullins The customer-funded business: start, finance, or grow your company with your customers' cash 658.152 M917
William S. Young Scary business: investing the sudden large lump sum 332.6 Y681

Milos Perunovic The modernized Benko 794.1225 A57 P47

Julia Blackburn Time song: journeys in search of a submerged land 909 B62
Daniel Burnham & Frederick Law Olmstead: The Two Architects Behind the Success of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago 606 B821
Mike Thomson Syria's secret library: reading & redemption in a town under siege 956.91 T382
Marie Arana Silver, sword & stone: three crucibles in the Latin American story 980 A141

Home & Family Management
Sarah Archer The midcentury kitchen: America's favorite room: from workspace to dreamscape, 1940s-1970s 643.3 A23

Ian Urbina The outlaw ocean: journeys across the last untamed frontier 387.5 U19

Literature & Writing
Carl Boon Places & names 811 B724
Shapes of Native nonfiction: collected essays by contemporary writers 814 S221
Duncan White Cold warriors: writers who waged the literary cold war 809.04 W582

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Adrian Tinniswood The Royal Society: & the invention of modern science 506.041 T591r

Performing Arts & Music
Dayton Duncan Country music: an illustrated history 781.642 D91

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Donald Hoffman The case against reality: why evolution hid the truth from our eyes 121.34 H699
Andrea S. Kramer It's not you, it's the workplace: women's conflict at work & the bias that built it 158.2 K860
Bina Venkataraman The optimist's telescope: thinking ahead in a reckless age 153.83 V559

Politics & Government
Kyle Burke Revolutionaries for the right: anticommunist internationalism & paramilitary warfare in the Cold War 324.13 B917
Peter Kagel Advice, trials & tribulations of a country lawyer: Calistoga, California, 1973-1983 979.405 K119

Social Sciences & Current Events
Susan Ashline Without a prayer: the death of Lucas Leonard & how one church became a cult 364.152 A359
Billy Jensen Chase darkness with me: how one true-crime writer started solving murders 363.259 J453
Joanna Jolly Red River girl: the life & death of Tina Fontaine 364.152 J685
Maria McGrath Food for dissent: natural foods & the consumer counterculture since the 1960s 394.12 M178

Travel & Geography
Anna Sherman The bells of old Tokyo: meditations on time & a city 915.2 S551

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The Lion King 2: Simba's pride DVD Children's

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Foreign Language
Goodbye to language DVD French

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Alita: battle angel

The unruly mystic: John Muir, prophet, author, poet, radical, conservationist, mystic DVD 92 M953

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